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Senior Systems Engineer Resume


Versatile, detail - oriented, and reliable with 8+ years supporting federal customers in a variety of roles and responsibilities.


Cisco ID#: CSCO1174967 (CCNA, CCNAS - Expired)

Coding: Bash (Novice), Python (Novice), Infoblox (SME) (NIOS 6.12.7, 8.0.3, 8.2.6)

Active Directory: Cisco ESA (E-mail Security Appliance) and SMA (Secure Management Appliance) (SME)



Senior Systems Engineer


  • 1 of 2 “team leads” providing training and guidance to new employees, in addition to serving as an escalation point for tickets and troubleshooting 24/7
  • Primary responsibility is maintaining the health and wellness of a geographically distributed Infoblox grids utilized for DNS and IPAM by the entirety of the federal Judiciary.
  • From basics like add/mod/removals of DNS records and advising to more complex global load-balancing efforts with F5 and Confidential, and scripting against the WAPI.
  • Deployed Infoblox DNS Firewall, Threat Insight, and Advanced DNS Protection (ADP) in monitoring mode to the Judiciary’s gateway DNS infrastructure.
  • Deployed Infoblox Reporting server and created custom dashboards for network and security teams review in correlation with the DNS firewall.
  • Confidential times troubleshoot down to the packet and analyze via Wireshark to view how the queries are being processed.
  • Received Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting certificate with Infoblox to enable immediate escalation with IBX Tier III for trouble tickets. The CDAT assures that Infoblox Tier III only receives calls when a recognized Infoblox expert has already assured the matter is not a mis-configuration and is truly abnormal behavior.
  • Replaced and upgraded 50+ DNS and SMTP appliances with new hardware and software from legacy, unsupported versions - both physically and remotely by talking administrators through the process.
  • Both satellite IBX 550-A appliances (replaced with the latest Trinzic 820 appliances) and the core 1050-A appliances (replaced with Trinzic 2200 appliances) without service disruption by utilizing the High Availability (HA) connections.
  • Database testing and change scripts were tested by deploying Infoblox VMs with temporary licenses.
  • Re-designed the architecture of the Judiciary’s outside facing DNS presence - shifting 500+ zones from a
  • Database testing and change scripts were tested by deploying Infoblox VMs with temporary licenses.
  • Monitor and maintain the Cisco E-mail Security Appliances (ESAs) and the supporting Secure Management Appliance (SMA) for analyzing, tracking, and relaying e-mail inbound and outbound Confidential the Judiciary’s perimeter.
  • Along with this responsibility comes maintaining the public reputation for the relays supporting all e-mail to the Judiciary to assure deliverability of important, court-related notices.
  • Familiar with e-mail security best practices (TLS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, etc.) and the deployment methods for each - having deployed TLS, DKIM, and DMARC and modified existing SPF policies extensively.
  • Regularly perform “NOC Mentoring” sessions in which Clerks of court and local network administrators from across the U.S. come to learn about the architecture of gateway the Administrative Office maintains and voice any possible issues / concerns.
  • Maintain the Linux & Windows hosts that support the DNS and SMTP environment by providing syslogging, mail forwarding for DMARC-responses, and jumphosts to network-isolated systems.


Tier II Network Engineer


  • Monitored, troubleshot, and, as necessary, escalated to Tier III engineering for a variety of network-related issues primarily with Cisco-based equipment (missing route, bad ACL, firewall block, etc.)
  • Perform detailed analytics of Courts’ bandwidth usage and provide recommendations to improve performance utilizing a combination of packet capture analysis tools (Wireshark) and traffic monitoring systems (Solarwinds, Confidential, NetScout)..
  • Perform project-based work to upgrade and migrate Judiciary systems during an effort to service providers from Sprint to Confidential & Confidential ; including reporting and tracking configuration errors and updating monitoring systems on a nightly basis.
  • Administrated the small-scale SolarWinds and Confidential implementation utilized to monitor network traffic and uptime for all sites within the Judiciary.
  • Operated as part of an on-call schedule providing 24/7 365 support for maintaining network operations of federal judiciary networks across the United States.


Network Technician


  • Monitored, troubleshot, and, as necessary, escalated to Tier II and Tier III engineering for a variety of network-related issues (duplicate MAC, interface & cabling issues, etc.)
  • Track, report, and escalated with the vendor (Sprint) on circuit errors and outages within the Confidential WAN. Line errors, flapping, and downed interfaces were all major concern points for the helpdesk and escalation was required on the hour if no significant progress was made with the vendor.
  • Provided proactive support by monitoring errors and bandwidth thresholds using a variety of SNMP network monitoring tools such as NetScout, SolarWinds, and Confidential . Notified customers
  • Proficient with SQL-based event management systems such as HEAT; including administrative responsibilities. Utilized Confidential & Confidential proprietary tools for ticket management on the vendors end; including administrative responsibilities.
  • Provide excellent communication and customer service skills to both (a) assure that the customer is as happy and informed as possible and (b) save dollars associated with contractual uptime by providing updates on hour intervals for network outages / impairments in service.

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