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Systems Engineer/infrastructure Architect/automation Engineer Resume

Phoenix, AZ


System and software support engineer with 20 years’ experience providing highly stable and integrated computing environments. Adapts rapidly to changing situations and successfully manages multiple high priority tasks. Works well in both team and individual environments.


Operating Systems: AIX, LINUX, HP - UX, Solaris, Windows

Programming Languages: bash shell scripting, Python, Ruby, Perl, Groovy, and Java

Application middle-ware: Apache web, WebLogic, Tomcat, Geronimo, Cassandra, MongDB, JMS, ActiveMQ

Monitoring / BSM stacks: HP Omi, HP BSM, HP UCMDB, Zabbix, OpenNMS, ZenOSS, SNMP, MS-SCOM

Automation / Integration: REST API, Soap API, WSDL API


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Systems Engineer/Infrastructure Architect/Automation Engineer


  • Architected, deployed and maintained system management solutions including Ansible and Puppet.
  • Designed and implemented a centralized logging solution for Confidential .
  • Architected and performed POC of IPA based centralized authentication solution.
  • Assisted with the planning and implementation of Software Defined Datacenter architecture using a Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure Process based on Git,Puppet and Jenkins.
  • Evangelized ITIL oriented Service Management Framework including providing 1on1 manager and director training sessions across multiple IT organizations.
  • Managed patch deployment for all Unix systems.
  • Substantially improved security and audit compliance posture resulting in successful PCI compliance assessment for 2015.

Confidential, Tempe, AZ

Technical Designer


  • Integrated HP BSM OMi into HP Service Manager
  • Administration of HP BSM, NNMi, SiteScope, Operations Manager for Windows, OVOU
  • Administration of HP uCMDB and DDMa probe systems.
  • Design CI topology service maps
  • Created Health Indicators mapping from events to CI’s
  • Integrated NNMi into OMW for Layer2 & 3 monitoring
  • Integrated NNMi topology information into RTSM
  • Supported and Maintained HP Service Manager
  • Created and build out CI (Configuration Item) Data and mappings
  • Integrated HP uCMDB into HP Service Manager
  • Mapped CI types between HP uCMDB and HP SM

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Linux administrator


  • Hired as a Linux system engineer to support the Blink network. Additional roles were to improve storage and backup performance.
  • Implement monitoring and performance reporting system to allow management better understanding of environment.
  • Worked heavily with network engineer for moving existing environment to new datacenter and to troubleshoot layer 2 & 3 networking issues.
  • Updated and maintained Xen Center system containing corporate VM systems.
  • Monitored and repaired Netapp Iscsi and CIFS performance by re-balancing volumes across aggregate groups.
  • Administrated RedHat RHEL v. 5, Windows Server 2008r2
  • Administrated Netapp FAS2240 cluster
  • Maintained Commvault backup system
  • Worked with teams to understand application requirements

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

Sr., System Engineer


  • Hired as site support engineer to maintain site stability and troubleshoot real-time application issues. Implemented messaging bus to collect and insert data into a database to analyze application health and status. Implemented real time transaction monitoring for both web and middle-ware applications. Installed and manage HP’s uCMDB solution in multiple data centers.
  • Responsibilities include performance and crisis resolution management for 24 businesses critical for web based applications.
  • Administrated RedHat RHEL v. 5 and 6, Windows Server 2008, Solaris v. 8 and 10, and AIX 5.0
  • Worked with LDAP directory services across UNIX and Windows platforms
  • Troubleshot issues with Tomcat, Apache, WebLogic and C based applications
  • Worked with various Release team to ensure smooth integration to live site operations.
  • Developed Java based JMS applications using ActiveMQ to insert into a clustered Cassandra database system
  • Developed Perl and Python scripts to improve administration and management of Linux and Solaris systems
  • Worked as Liaison between teams to help with critical integration efforts
  • Helped coordinate application deployment and monitoring for a major data-center migration
  • Troubleshot NFS v3 and NFS v4 issues with WebLogic applications.
  • Developed application monitoring using SNMP,Java,Python, and ActiveMQ to a central monitoring console
  • Wrote remote 'polling' agents in Python to collect application status and metrics for real-time monitoring
  • Administrated and monitored F5 and NetScaler load balancers in a multi-data center environment
  • Troubleshot TCP/IP network issues through multiple load balancers impacting applications

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

Sr. System Engineer


  • Responsibilities include performance and crisis resolution management for 24 business critical applications.
  • Install, setup, and define data transport system by moving data for core Confidential applications for package tracking
  • Worked with software development to enhance existing application architectures to improve mean time to recovery.
  • Migrated and documented the messaging middle ware systems from HP-UX 10.20 to 11.11I
  • Supported and created monitoring for the data movement systems to insure that data was being processed and not dropped.
  • Developed Perl scripts to archive and index shipping tracking data
  • Maintained Korn and Bash scripts that cleaned and maintained filesystems used by applications.
  • Worked in the HP Open View team implementing new monitors and automatons for critical applications
  • Developed and monitored WebSphere MQ series application to move shipping data to different applications
  • Work closely with other application support personal to help troubleshoot data quality issues
  • Work with new projects to integrate applications using C and Java interfaces using Confidential messaging standards to talk to back end messaging applications.
  • Presented quarterly product service delivery reviews to business and senior IT management.
  • Developed Perl scripts for monitoring and automaton to create self-healing applications based on SLA failures
  • Supported global customer reference Java application that used WebLogic containers.
  • Wrote a Java customer lookup application that used RMI querys to a WebLogic backend.
  • Liaison with multiple support teams for end to end testing during critical integration efforts.

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