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Lead Configuration Engineer Resume

San Antonio, TexaS


  • To IT Hiring ManagerI am writing to apply for the position of Mainframes Developer Remote.
  • I will consider the following remote (work from home) opportunities:
  • I have over 25 years of experience providing expert mainframe application development and process improvement tooling for a Confidential 100 company on one of the largest Confidential mainframe systems worldwide. I developed automation for 1,000+ Host/mainframe developers through complete reengineering of the Host platform Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) resulting in $50M of Return on Investment.
  • I have a proven record of software process improvement/efficiency expertise providing rapid deployment of process automation. I can provide leadership and precision, delivering work products under budget and beating deadline requirements regardless of project complexity or scope. I possess exceptional systems knowledge and communication skills, with the ability to liaise with staff at all levels. I have significant experience briefing and training complex IT concepts to all levels of IT personnel from application developers to the CIO in both oral and written formats.
  • My commitment to outstanding customer service is the hallmark of my professional career. I make Host developers more effective through automation with complete commitment to the customer’s needs, requirements and concerns.
  • If you are willing to take a chance on me I feel I would be a great asset in your organization and would love the opportunity to work with your team. Attached you will find my resume and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss any opportunity further.
  • Expert IT Host/Mainframe software engineer seeking subcontracting opportunities to complete process improvement, SDLC and tooling projects to provide application teams with speed and efficiency.


  • REXX
  • JCL
  • PL1
  • IMS
  • DB2
  • Dialog Manager
  • VSAM
  • RACF


Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Lead Configuration Engineer


  • Lead Engineer/developer on all major enterprise Host process improvements (ROI: $40M). Responsible for support/process improvement of primary SDLC toolset supporting 1,000+ Host users.
  • Lead expert in tooling, process improvement and SDLC lifecycle efficiency on the Host platform:
  • Led development of over 400 projects.
  • Reduced SDLC for highest rigor projects from 49 steps to 7 developer steps with 100% integration, 100% self - servicing and 75% conveyor belt processing.
  • Fully integrated SDLC to all internal (custom) and vendor processes ( Confidential RDZ, Sharepoint, Service Manager, JCLSCAN, etc.).
  • Scaled SDLC to any project size required and/or number of users with a DB2 backbone (largest single project in 2015 contained 70,000+ components).
  • Lead expert in Confidential REXX/Dialog Manager languages, tools and processes at Confidential the past 20 years (implemented over 1,000 changes/projects).
  • Led team that supported/implemented the 3 largest releases ever at Confidential .
  • Designed, standardized and implemented the enterprise RACF Host security infrastructure that services the entire Host SDLC process.
  • Developed a single REXX module that entirely REPLACES the Confidential RDZ/CARMA middleware and allows RDZ to directly connect to your Host backend functions/tools.
  • Major Host platform process improvement projects included:
  • A component checkout function that presented all related components for checkout inclusion (COPYBOOK to SOURCE to LOAD to JCL relationships).
  • A self-service build function that included the following options executing in the proper sequence (Compile Source, Bind DBRM, Link Load Program, Deploy Load Program to CICS runtime, Refresh Load Program in CICS runtime).
  • Automated validation of components when being promoted to a higher environment (Source and Object synchronized, JCL scanned, Tables verified, Load Program verified, signoffs, etc.).
  • Conveyor belt automation that included promotion of components and automated Build/Bind/Link/Deploy/Refresh of components into System Test.
  • Conveyor belt automation that included promotion of components from System Test into final staging environment with appropriate verification/signoff checks
  • Auto generation/identification of components in final stage when releasing to production.
  • Component baseline verification/automation/communication that guaranteed all components are confirmed implemented with no orphans (missing components).
  • Automated cleanup of IMS/CICS runtime environments post implementation
  • Automated identification/communication of ALL component merge conflicts across all active releases.
  • Full integration of Confidential RDZ client to the host platform SDLC processes (Checkout, Build).

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Senior Configuration Engineer/Programmer Technical Specialist


  • Designed, standardized and implemented the RACF Host security infrastructure that services the P&C Host development teams.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a new Host platform tooling workbench with 150+ functions to service 400+ P&C Automobile/Claims developers.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the DB2 Host security infrastructure and tooling that services the P&C line of business (200 tables across 6 DB2 subsystem environments).
  • Invented UNLOAD/RELOAD/BIND self-service tooling for the P&C developers to manage the 200 DB2 tables.
  • Designed, developed and implemented 100+ tooling/workbench functions/features to service 100+ P&C Automobile developers.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Senior Programmer


  • Senior Programmer on team supporting new development of IMS transactions for Automobile Quote processing.
  • Senior Programmer on team supporting new development of IMS transactions for Renters processing.
  • Senior Programmer on team supporting Automobile Assigned Risk processing.

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