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It Engineer Resume

Rochester, NY


  • Computer languages of C++, Perl (over 12 years experience), including 3 rd party libraries (3 yr.).
  • Use of Python, C# .Net with Microsoft Visual Studio (self training plus 1 yr. use at work).
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery. Visual Studio, SQL/mySQL/Oracle database, Java, .NET. (through classes, work, and/or self training), automation, PHP.
  • Familiar with large databases and projects. UNIX scripting, agile, and continuous integration experience.
  • Networking - interact with DSLAMs in field via telnet/snmp, and file copy/login over network.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and des. (OOP/OOD), UML, TDD, Client-Server Architecture. (10 yr.)
  • Experience with Systems Eng. and CMM process through Software Eng. (10 yr.)
  • Problem diagnosis and solving experience (15 yr.).
  • Experience with Agile Scrum, Facebook API, multi-threaded processing. Use of Eclipse, GIT, perforce source control, Visual Studio, Jenkins.
  • Design for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt obtained 2007. Multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) experience.


IT Engineer

Confidential, Rochester, NY


  • Develop PHP scripts to query mySQL and Oracle databases, copy files generated with network data between servers, planned crons.
  • Telnet/snmp to DSLAM hardware in field, coordinated with contractor for their needs.
  • Responsible for Nokia Network Analyzer, including specifying server requirements for internal team, obtaining info to ensure correct server specs, and coordinating lab access.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Rochester, NY


  • Responsible for C++ and Python software analysis, design, and development, for large Confidential product in multi-platform environment (Windows, Linux, Mac).

TASK MANAGER AND Software Engineer

Confidential, Webster, NY


  • Responsible for software analysis, design, development, implementation/software coding, and writing test plans, unit testing, and debug of technical issues related to sub-systems for highly complex realtime embedded Confidential Family of print engines. Software Development includes estimates, design plan, debug, document reviews, pairwise integration lead, and release to integration baseline using engineering standards, principles, theories, concepts and techniques. Support included both existing products and also new products under development. Subject Matter Expert for Fuser, Decurler, and Install in UNIX system.
  • C++ development including software for 5 different machine subsystem areas. Delivered 74 features per planned schedule over 10 years.
  • C# development for RFID/USB app including GUI and architecture, and PHP app development for Supplies. PowerShell scripts for SQL server; helped with design and move to new server; maintenance of legacy PHP/SQL program. (2 years)
  • C++ design and development for printer drivers of multi-platform system (Windows, Linux, Mac).(1.5 yrs)
  • Task management for printer driver, including work assignment, estimation, overview of escalations, guidance, and documenting system knowledge. Attended manager meetings for overall group. Provided information to team on upcoming deadlines for work and guided them on priorities. (2 yrs.)
  • Managed technical Software Integration of multiple, parallel baselines, in a product development environment. Responsible for problem debug, merging content between parallel releases, and ensuring proper level problems were merged as per the program schedule. Investigated stacker NVM map problem with the team, and determined source and solution of the problem. (2 yrs.)
  • Developed Perl Scripts in order to facilitate the Integration Process and pattern matching.
  • Led IP group to brainstorm, choose best ideas for patents, and submit ideas to review committee. Three patents have completed the patent process, and six ideas are currently under review at the US Patent Office or are being prepared to be sent to Confidential .

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