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Principal Design Software Engineer And Technical Leader Resume


  • Seasoned, detail - oriented, and accomplished professional, with extensive years of experience in developing, maintaining, and enhancing both hardware and software.
  • Recognized as a talented developer and designer with adeptness in establishing effective solutions for both embedded software to enterprise system-wide.
  • Highly regarded for exceptional management team skills, combined with the ability to work efficiently with diverse team members and lead large-scale projects and teams.
  • SCRUM Master and TL9000 trained. Highly capable of interfacing with customers and determining their requirements resolving issues in a timely manner.
  • Adaptable and quick learner, able to keep pace with fast changing technologies trends.


  • Software and Hardware Design
  • Embedded Design and Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Design
  • Telecommunication
  • Problem Resolution
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Information Technologies
  • Project Configuration
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Development
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Software Automation


  • ANSI C/C++, Shell Scripting, Perl, Python, C#, .NET, Java and Assembly Languages
  • LAMP Technologies, JSON, CGI, JavaScipt, XML, SOAP
  • Object - Oriented Analysis and Design, and ROOM
  • Service Layers, Middleware, and SOA
  • PMI Project Management, TL9000, and ISO9001
  • Agile, Scrum master, Rally, TFS and AtTask
  • SCM Setup and Maintenance (TFS, SVN, GIT, SourceSafe, Perforce, and ClearCase)
  • Network Protocols
  • Embedded Control/Driver Software Architecture and Design (ARM, 68hc11,8051, PLC)
  • QNX, Linux 2.4 /2.6, RTXC, VxWorks, PSOS, PowerTV, UNIX, and WindowsCE
  • SOC and Linux Toolchains (Sigma 8634, Broadcom, and Intel Sodaville)
  • UNIX (Non-stop Tandem, SunOS, Solaris, SCO, Linux, and AIX) and DEC/VMS
  • Computer System Communication
  • OpenCan, RS 422,232,485 Fiber, Broadband, T1, VSAT, 802.11, ATM, SNMP and Cable
  • Confidential, DVT, OCAP, and Cables Networks
  • Microprocessor and Controller (Motorola/freescale, MIPS, Zilog, and Intel)
  • Video and Audio systems
  • Software Diagnostics OS Systems Design and Architecture
  • Software and Hardware Automation Solutions
  • Manufacturing ODM Startup Support
  • SQA and Software Development Life Cycles, MIL-STD-2167, and ISO 12207
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, EC2)


Principal Design Software Engineer and Technical Leader



  • Architected and design and deployed an Automation tools interface controller over the network via XML/RPC connector to the feature software s architecture and embedded subsystem blocks to controller behavior with python/C#/LabView automation applications.
  • Automation of embedded subsystems windows CE, CANbus, UI and industrial controllers. TFS and SCCM
  • Imports and exports good ideas: builds relationships (internal and external) that result in plans/solutions for the business.
  • Work with partners to design and engineer a conveyer filling station for micro dosing of products.
  • Software interface for New Product Introduction (NPI) with Manufacturing Partners
  • Development and Integration Contractor
  • Developing solutions with OpanSpan Studio/Tools, leveraging .NET environment for enterprise deployment.
  • Developed and coded a Multi Windowing/Monitor and Docking Component for Openspan solution using C# and dockpanel suite allowing an end user to arrange applications and web windows over multiple monitors persisting the layout for the next startup of the Openspan solution or computer.
  • Program Management consultant
  • Developed (python windows) a PMO Project Dashboard using REstiful APIs (application programming interface) to excel spreadsheet and ISS website.
  • Various IT Project management planning
  • Contractor Turn point Solution onsite@Jamaican Public Service Electric utilities
  • Designed end-to-end solution using C, SNMP Python, Bash, and Restful APIs (application programming interface); facilitated training for the Network Engineer Team regarding functions and operations.




  • Served as technical leader and manager for cable and Confidential video (Agile/Scrum projects) systems development and collaborated with off-shore teams in developing the Linux SOC system infrastructure.
  • Functioned as embedded driver development manager, responsible for 12 direct human resource reports for a Design Software Team handling the DVR (digital video recorder), EBIF 
  • Managed both hardware and software for the Confidential Linux/ Confidential set top products as project technical leader; cooperated with customers and development partners in resolving issues; and established scheduling and integration of software and hardware.
  • Administrated the Confidential Brownfield migration from Confidential to ISDP Confidential Client in close collaboration with five Telco companies, ensuring appropriate field migration. Successfully obtained a .005% failure rate in 20,000 Confidential migrations.
  • Spearheaded the development of SNMP/XML and NetConf Diagnostics Screens for the ISDP Confidential Client.
  • Streamlined the design and implementation of software system to all secured client data based on cause type, offender identification, and time of reboot to be collected by an automated system in the head end ( Confidential ) to measure the health and performance of cable system network and given software release.

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