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Solutions Architect Consultant Resume

New, JerseY


To join a highly technical team to design, support and set technical standards in the area of designing enterprise data networks and data center infrastructure.


  • Experience in designing and deploying Data Center Networks utilizing Confidential Application Centric Infrastructure and Nexus 9k platforms
  • Experience in developing migration plan from traditional datacenter network designs to Confidential .
  • Integrate services appliances to Confidential deployments to include Application Delivery Controllers and Firewalls
  • Experience in creating of Bill of Materials (BOM), Low Level Designs, High Level Designs, Network Implementation Plans, and Acceptance - Test Plans documents in accordance with standard architectures.
  • As a Confidential engineer, I contributed to the development and engineering of a migration plan from traditional data center network to Confidential data center network. I built Confidential BOM, created Visio diagrams, created Confidential documents for step-by-step implementation of the Confidential network. Currently, I am the Operational technical point of contact and provide design, migration and deployment guidance to engineering team and hardware services teams.


  • Fabric Setup, Layer 2 Connectivity, Connecting Confidential to External L3 Networks, Integrating Hypervisors with Confidential, Configuring Confidential for Remote Authentication, Deploying the ASAv with Confidential, Deploying the AVS with Confidential, Fabric Access Policies, Confidential Unicast Forwarding, Confidential Layer 3 External Connectivity, deploying VLAN Based EPGs in Confidential, Confidential Transit Routing, Confidential Performance Troubleshooting and Optimization, Contracts in Confidential, APIC Clustering and Upgrade data center migration technical team lead. My team was tasked to:
  • Gather and analyze servers and network inventory information driving the overall relocation strategy.
  • Perform physical inventory of all assets and determine how each will be handled (move, virtualize, retire, etc.)
  • Application inventory and individual servers’ migration plan.
  • Determine the interdependencies between applications, servers, storage, etc. and generate dependency chart.
  • In addition to Confidential, I have an extensive data center knowledge and years of experience with data centers migration and build up. SME in DC technologies such as Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN), Virtual Port Channel (vPC), Virtual Switching Systems (VSS), Fiber Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE), Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), Virtualized Servers Design, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), UCS system architecture. LLDP, LACP, HSRP, GLBP, WCCP, QoS, DLSw, Confidential Nexus OS and Confidential WAAS.
  • Installed, upgraded and configured Nexus switches 2000, 5000, 7000 and 9000. Knowledge of Nexus 7000 & 9000 hardware architecture including M1, M2 and I/O Modules features and capabilities and difference between them. FEXs connections design options to N5K and N7K.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) on designing and installing UCS systems using UCS 5108 chassis, UCS IO Modules 22XX, and Fabric Interconnect 61XX and 62XX. Design and configure interoperability with LAN switches and Storage switches from different venders. installed and build VMWare switched infrastructure using VMWare vCenter, VMWare ESXi 5.5, Nexus 1000v distributed switch, and UCS B-Series and C-Series switches. Expert knowledge with 1000v architecture (VSM and VEM) worked within a team to implement an MPLS network. Designed and configured all aspect of the network devices from CE, PE and P routers. MP-BGP was used for creating MPLS VPNs for various customer sites. Confidential was used as an internal routing protocol for the MPLS cloud. nstalled, configured and managed redundant Confidential ACS servers as a way to control and manage access to network devices using Confidential +. Monthly and weekly reports were generated to management and IT security team. RSA Token Card Servers and Windows Active Directory. Enable per-user-level access restriction (RBAC) and Device Administration Policy.
  • Extensive work with Confidential GSR 12K and CRS routers. Work included design and deployments of PE and P routers in the core of ISPs. Also troubleshooting of GSRs line cards and CRS fabric cards and physical modules. more than 10 years of work experience with Confidential 6500 products line. 6500 Chassis Slot Options, Supervisor Engines options, Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC), Policy Feature Card (PFC), Line Cards types and operation (Classic, CEF256, CEF720, dCEF256, and dCEF720), Shared Bus & and Crossbar Switching Fabric.
  • A team-lead in the design and implementation of a large scale Confidential network in NJ. The backbone of the network was running over an ATM cloud and small branches were connected to 2 redundant Data Centers using Frame Relay Connections. The network spanned 5 cities and branched to more than 50 frame relay sites. 7206 VXRs were used Confidential the core, Catalyst 650X Confidential the distribution of the DC and Catalyst 35XX Confidential the access layer of the DCs and Confidential the branches.
  • Installed and maintained a redundant Ciscoworks 2000 infrastructure that provided network services such as Syslog services, software and hardware inventories, and network configuration changes for the support team.
  • Upgraded and installed load balancing infrastructures to several e-commerce web sites. These projects were designed based on client’s needs and end users behavior (Health Monitoring, High Availability, Layer 3, 4, and 7 Load Balancing, Designing ACE Contexts, Configuring Server Farms, configured PKI and SSL proxy services)
  • Installed and configured NGenius appliances and Netscout probes for tier 2 support. They were used for capacity planning, application monitoring, network monitoring, troubleshooting, and fault prevention.


Hardware: data center product line: Nexus 9000, Nexus 7700, Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000, and Nexus 2000.

Internet Routers: Extensive work with Confidential GSR and CRS routers.

Confidential Catalyst switches: Catalyst 2900, 3500, 4000, 5500 and hyper and native mode of Catalyst 650X.

Confidential Routers: 2500 Series, 2600 Series, 7200 Series, 7500 Series, 7600 Series and 8540 Series Routers.

Confidential ATM WAN switches: BPX 8600 Series, IGX 8400 Series, and MGX 8850 (PXM1, PXM1E, and PXM45)

Confidential PIX and ASA Firewalls: PIX 506, 515E, 520 and 535. ASA 55XXs.

650X and 760X service Modules: IDS, SFM and SFM2, FWSM, NAM and CSM. nGenius and Netscreen appliances.

Confidential ACE: 4710 Appliance Control Engine Appliance

ACE Application: Control Engine Module for Confidential Catalyst 6500 Series Switches and Confidential 7600 Series Routers.


TCP/IP: very strong knowledge of routing protocols such as EIGRP, Confidential, RIP, BGP4 and MP-BGP.

Confidential IOS: familiar with Confidential codes features and vulnerabilities. Configured and supported version 11.X through 12.3.

CatOS: various versions of the Catalyst OS.

Ciscoworks2000: Netscout Performance Manger. NAI sniffer. CA NSM. Unix/Linux and different flavor of Windows operating systems.


Confidential, New Jersey

Solutions Architect Consultant


  • Meet with different teams to identify business drivers and gather technical requirements
  • Create high-level solution designs/architecture and present to clients.
  • Create Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Write technical high level design documents ( Confidential )
  • Write technical low level design documents ( Confidential )
  • Troubleshooting network complex issues if needed.

Confidential, New Jersey

Network Consulting Engineer - Consultant


  • Perform analysis and diagnosis of highly complex networking problems for Confidential customers. Customers included Dell Computers, METLIFE, Confidential & Confidential and CHS.
  • Act as a technical expert with other team members, as well as with other Confidential worldwide teams.
  • Provide improvement opportunities and recommendations in Data Center products and Nexus OS.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology products, to provide high-quality support in current and future services
  • Support the development and delivery of deliverables- design, configure, and implement
  • Performs analysis of highly complex network designs.
  • Builds simulated networks in test labs to resolve highly complex problems and compatibility issues.
  • Conduct Network Assessment, develop remediation plans
  • Generates standard project documentation including Customer Requirements Documents, High Level Design, Low-Level designs or detailed test plan for highly complex networks.
  • Generates network configurations from Low Level Design for highly complex networks.
  • Plans and executes highly complex Network Upgrade and Network Migration activity.
  • Provide informal knowledge training on technical topics or related deliverables
  • Lead Software Strategy, Proactive Software Recommendations and periodic critical defect analysis reviews
  • Troubleshoots and resolves highly complex customer network problems across a broad range of technologies.

Confidential, New York

Solutions Architect - Consultant


  • Working on a 2 year project to move two current data centers from their current location to new two new locations in NY and New Jersey.
  • Working closely with venders such as Confidential, F5 Technologies, Palo Alto, IBM and others on design issues and best practices.
  • Responsible with the other members of the Data Center Acquisition & Expansion Team to provide timely updates on the progress of the build schedule.
  • Creating data center Designs and Standards for new datacenter.
  • Provide technical expertise and end to end engineering solutions for all Data Center mission critical infrastructures including electrical utilities, UPS systems, and networking equipment.


Enterprise Data Network Architect


  • Works closely with the appropriate Confidential teams on HTTS customers' new network designs, and design change proposals.
  • Assist in the prevention of major network problems, and ensure the scalability of product performance in future.
  • Work with the Confidential & Confidential Cell team to solves product and network problems of high complexity.
  • Provides Confidential & Confidential engineers with consultation to independently solve problems in broad, complex & unique networks with mixed media, mixed software and protocols as well as advising on design and implementation of these complex networks.
  • Effectively utilizes CALO and labs to recreate customers’ issues.
  • Provides systems/product training both internally and externally individuals and teams.
  • Work experience and deep understanding of networking protocols and concepts such as Confidential, BGP, and MPLS networking.
  • Provides substantial input to internal engineering and product organizations on future product development.
  • Submits correct and complete Confidential reports, monitors and maintains standards for Confidential reporting quality in all areas.
  • Acts as interface between the BU & SDE teams to provide NPI training and information to HTTS CSE's.
  • Drives reduction of team's backlog by providing technical assistance to meet team metrics.
  • Engages as HTTS technical representative on CAP cases, working closely with the CAP team, AS teams, and the Account Team, to achieve the Customer's confidence in Confidential 's solution and products.


Sr. Network Analyst, New York


  • Provide third level support for data WAN and content switch infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting advanced data transmission issues through the utilization of network sniffers and other related network traffic monitoring technologies.
  • Provide technical leadership to Tier 2 team on high severity incidents and chronic problems.
  • Proactively solve problems identified through monitoring processes.
  • React to problems identified by users who call via the Call Center.
  • Provide in-depth analysis and diagnosis of network issues.
  • Support Level I and Level II Customer Support Technicians.
  • Perform routine maintenance activities.


Sr. Network Engineer, New Jersey


  • Responsible for the maintaining and troubleshooting of the IP network.
  • Communication of network design and architecture concepts to senior management and subordinates.
  • Supporting corporate and production environments.
  • Create supporting network documentation and provide detailed Visio drawings.
  • Analyze network configuration, utilization and performance and produce reports.
  • Support network infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Interact with Network Operations Center, System Administration, Product Support, Field Service, Desktop Services, etc. as well as vendors and service providers to diagnose and resolve outages.
  • Implement new network equipment and services. Document all procedures. Provide mentoring and formal training for all team members. Support department management with budgets and forecasts.
  • Attend Change Management Review Board Meetings.


Systems Engineer, New York


  • Implementation and support of all networking needs of two large campuses of about 3000 workstations each. This included, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Firewall, Proxy and caching servers.
  • VoIP pilot project for 150 test users using Confidential IP phones, Confidential Call Manager and in-line power using Confidential 6509 catalyst switches.
  • WAN connectivity between the two campuses in NJ and the main campus in NYC in coordination with Confidential & Confidential solutions, the provider of the WAN services for Merrill Lynch.

Software: Windows NT 4.0 server and workstations, Confidential Call manager, Microsoft Proxy 2.0 and Checkpoint firewall 4.0.

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