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Senior Systems Development Specialist Resume

El Segundo, CA


To work for a business leader company where I can utilize and enhance my analytical and technical skills.



Hardware: PC, UNIX, VAX, ALPHA, IBM Mainframe

Database: MYSQL 5.6, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, Microsoft Access, IMS, DB2, RDB

Software: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio versions 2005, 2008, and 2010Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server 2008Microsoft SQL Server Report, Crystal Report, Filenet Panagon workflow softwareFilenet Panagon eProcess, Filenet IDM, Reflection, ASP, ACMS, VAX Editor, RDB/VMSMVS, IBM OS/390, TSO/ISPF, CA7, Endevor, Panvalet, Xpediter, FileAid, IMS - XPERTQMF, Red Hat 6.7


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Senior Systems Development Specialist


  • Provide support for any missing program images for movies and shows. These may include analyzing and researching the data, uploading a new image into the system, or updating the image with an existing image, processing the image, and ensuring that the processed files required by the downstream systems are created and sent to them on a timely basis. Some may also requires working and coordinating with the several teams, since this data is passing through several systems and is processed by several systems, before it is reflected in the Confidential channels and website.
  • Provide support for any missing program descriptions for movies and shows. These may include analyzing and researching the data, acquiring updated data from the vendors, and ensuring that the data are processed and files are sent to the downstream systems on a timely basis.
  • Responsible in ensuring that sports “team vs team” images are created and available for scheduled sports programs on a timely basis. Also maintains league information, team information, team logos, and any component needed to create the team vs team images.
  • Monitor important programs closely like PPV and special events to ensure that those programs have images/images until the airing time is over.
  • Monitor important channels and VOD programs to ensure that those programs have images and images.
  • Perform research and data analysis on XML files and image files.
  • Perform extensive database queries for research. Performs database record updates as well.
  • Work and coordinate with other teams to ensure the availability of program images/images on a timely manner.
  • Create and maintain system documentations, including the MAD Systems Operations Guide, which documents the MAD system and the daily operations tasks that supports the system, user guide for new applications, and any other documentations on MAD that are requested by other groups.


Senior Systems Development Specialist, Long Beach, CA


  • Identified, investigated, analyzed, and resolved software application problems and/or data problems.
  • Tailored and enhanced applications to user specifications and provided consulting support and on-call support to users.
  • Created new programs, and maintained existing programs which utilize Visual Basic, ASP pages, Oracle, Filenet Panagon Workflow and eProcess, and Reflection.
  • Created new reports and maintained existing reports which utilize Crystal Reports and Oracle.
  • Performed the role as an integration tester/quality assurance tester on several major projects, which includes the integration testing of the Department of Education’s five CSB applications in Phase 1 and all of its enhancement projects following Phase 1.
  • Ability to work in a team environment or work independently. Ability to learn new skills to meet company goals.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained Department of Education’s Loan Verification Certification (LVC) application which utilizes Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server for its front-end, and COBOL, Alpha/ACMS, RDB/VMS for its back-end. Responsibilities and accomplishments include:
  • Identified, investigated, analyzed, and resolved software application problems and/or data anomalies.
  • Tailored and enhanced Visual Basic front-end applications to user specifications, while provided consulting support to the users.
  • Created and maintained reports utilizing Crystal Reports and SQL Server.
  • Created and maintained VAX COBOL programs and VAX components used by the Visual Basic LVC front-end application to communicate with the back-end VAX system, in order to retrieve borrower’s financial information stored in the VAX.
  • Developed and maintained portions of JP Morgan Chase’s mortgage software application utilizing VB.NET, SQL Server database, and SQL Server reports. Responsibilities and accomplishments include:
  • Designed, developed, and maintained the VB.NET Confidential User Administration program.
  • Identified, investigated, analyzed, and resolved software application problems and/or data anomalies.
  • Created and maintained reports utilizing SQL Reports and SQL Server.


Confidential, Long Beach, CA


  • Identified, investigated, analyzed, and resolved software application problems and/or data anomalies.
  • Created new or updated existing COBOL, COBOLII, JCL, IMS, and DB2 programs.
  • Maintained Property applications’ test and production DB2 databases.
  • Tailored applications to customer’s specifications.
  • Enhanced applications for better performance, and to prevent future application problems.
  • Provided consulting support to users. Provided on-call support twenty-four hours, seven days a week.
  • Developed, tested, integrated, and implemented new or enhanced existing software.
  • Created and maintained system documentation.

Project Leader



  • Knowledge of System Development Life Cycle: analysis, developing project plans including estimating and scheduling, gathering and documenting requirements, designing, coding, developing test plans and conducting system and integration testing, and implementation.
  • Monitored project status, cost and schedule against estimates and presented project status to management.
  • Managed the following projects: Electronic Warfare/CMS Data Conversion Project; CIP Data Transition Project; Redesign CMS Database Spool Enhancement Project.

Quality Engineer



  • Created Quality Assurance plans for projects, conducted audits to ensure that projects complied with the Confidential standard procedures; presented findings to upper management; mentored project managers on Confidential standard procedure.
  • Participated in multiple successful Confidential Western Region SEI Level II projects.

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