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Security Solutions Architect Resume

Phoenix, ArizonA


  • IT Director Security Director Confidential Virtual CSO (Advisor) Senior Security Solutions Architect Corporate IT / Government / Contract Budgeting and Implementation Vendor Management Incident Response Cyber security Load Balancer Optimization Firewall Policy Optimization Intrusion Prevention Remote Access SIEM NAC Maximized Reliability and Function of current and proposed infrastructure
  • Over twenty years of diversified management and security experience in various compliance managerial, advisory and program management positions.
  • Proven extensive experience with energy industry, healthcare, government standards and regulations, incident response, penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, analysis, design, implementation, support, and secure architecture design. Experience discovering and securing networks hosted international locations, COLO’s, cloud and makeshift server closets.
  • Experience ranges from Start - ups, Small Business, Healthcare, Government and Fortune 100 companies, providing services from assessment, management, budgeting, program design to implementation including secure redesign after incident response. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, good under pressure and proven team development skills.
  • Provided emergency response support for global network breach, building a multi-tier deployment plan to KLO business requirements while maintaining breach to a minimum. Provide a Proactive Network, Security and Applications plan interfacing several vendors and advising C-level and management with solutions for cloud, colocation and onsite rebuilds. Advised C-level on ongoing security threats plus provided security advisory support for Global operations during recovery.
  • Experience as Director/Security and technical adviser with a multi-server and hardware platform implementation of entire back office infrastructure including MAN/WAN/LAN, Email, Security, SIP, Database servers for multiple companies from 30 to over 10000 clients (employees/contactors and 3rd parties).
  • Executive duties over budgeting, personnel management, strategic planning, design, developed and implementation over network infrastructure, security and compliance that helped grow the company from 150 to over 10000 clients, to over $100M revenue and market cap of $1B.
  • Division Manager / Consultant for large scale (Fortune 100 data center) for equipment and service identification, decommission process planning, support decommission of outdated data centers while developing new infrastructure to new DC’s and cloud solutions.
  • Managed teams and programs that provide support for Multiple Managed Services Contracts. Managing the overall support for their Servers, UCS, Networking, and Data Center / cloud environments.
  • IT Director and Technical lead for daily infrastructure operations, security, troubleshooting, capacity, migration, and deployment of security devices and policies for production and disaster recovery data centers.
  • Program Management and Technical Lead for regulatory compliance programs such OFAC, FERC, SCADA, PCI DSS v3.2, RISC, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, HITRUST, FFIEC, NIST, and CSF, including internal penetration tests and vulnerability assessments
  • Implemented and managed security infrastructures to support both domestic and International locations, multiple network operation centers. (F5, Juniper, Checkpoint, Fortinet (NAC) and Confidential and Security tools)
  • Analyzed, designed and implemented various network and data infrastructure program requirements, programions and funding for various DoS and Army groups (101st Airborne, 404th, 416th, 4th ID, 1st Armor and Striker Brigade), Civilian Contractors (Bearing Point, Raytheon, SAIC, Bell South, KBR) and local Iraqi Ministries.
  • Developed and implemented Program Plan to repair, replace and create a Country Dual Fiber Optic Ring from Baghdad thru Northern Iraq (Kirkuk, Suli, DaHuk, Mosul, Tikrit, Arbil and BaQuba).
  • Supported several small business startups, educating and assisted building a secure affordable Network / Data storage architecture with growth planning based on company revenue. Hands of approach using cloud services, and reliable vetted hosted services.


Security design, Incident response, Virtual Confidential, migration, Security Reports and Log analysis Network statistics and alerting including hotfix deployments, Solarwinds, NetBrain custom deployments, support and migrate Checkpoint, Juniper, Confidential and Confidential ASA, Multi factor authentication, SSL VPN, Router, Switches, NAC Security Deployments, Management of migrations, Deploy cyber security and Malware tools, Confidential Sourcefire / Fire Power, SIEM Syslog and Netflow design and support Security assessments conducted for companies based on individual compliances regulations (OFAC, FERC, SCADA, PCI DSS v3.2, RISC, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, HITRUST, FFIEC, NIST, and CSF)


Security Solutions Architect

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Security Solutions Architect providing analysis, design, deployment and support for F5 LTM, ASM and VPN deployments. Lead Network, Security and troubleshooting process for several Data Centers to cloud services
  • Security Solutions Architect providing analysis, design, deployment and support for F5 LTM, ASM and VPN deployments. Lead Network, Security and troubleshooting process for several Data Centers to cloud services
  • Provide F5, Checkpoint, Juniper and Confidential ASA design, troubleshoot and support for multiple clients’ data center locations. (Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Singapore, Ireland, Macao, Japan and more)
  • Advise, evaluation and implementation of hardware, software, recommended tools and policy for Confidential and security group.
  • Design and deploy F5 LTM, ASM and GTM standards for refreshed DMZ Application program.
  • Assess, document and update policy and procedures to meet current best practice.
  • Upgrade F5 APM VPN environment and implement certificate-based authentication for mobile deployments.
  • Design and Migrate Confidential ASA and ACL’s program to replacement Checkpoint Firewalls
  • Provide Confidential and CIO with support during DDoS attacks and other security incidents (Incident response)
  • Provide Data Center, Application, Networking and Security team support and recommendations on current and planned deployments. Advise on best practice as it fits the client's onsite and cloud planning. Suggest new policy, architecture and migration paths related to (AWS, Google, IBM, AZURE and SwitchNap)
  • Provide expertise, design and support for Checkpoint, F5, Confidential, Juniper, Confidential, Fortinet and other Security products. (Cloud assessments, Cloud Vendor validation and Migration planning)

Senior Data Center Architect / Senior Security Solution Architect

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Data Center Architect led several engagements with a variety of clients, both local and international, providing expertise in multiple environments during active cyber-attacks.
  • Development of vendor strategies and best practices within the information technology environment during cyber-attacks.
  • Provide technical pre-sales and customer relationship management for growing IT industry segment centered around data agility and private and public cloud architectures.
  • Development of data center transformation strategies and recommendations for clients looking to improve their data center operations reliability and budget planning.
  • Disaster Recovery strategies, planning and implementation and testing of the implemented strategies.
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange deployments internally hosted as well as cloud-based implementations with two factor authentications.
  • Data network design and implementation for existing, retrofitted and new facility with Visio and CAD documented builds including power, cooling and airflow optimization cloud-based implementations with two factor authentications.
  • Data network design and implementation for existing, retrofitted and new facility with Visio and CAD documented builds including power, cooling and airflow optimization.
  • Senior Security Architect, redesign, build and support multi international location VPN infrastructure. (Checkpoint, Confidential, Confidential, Juniper, FireEye, LogRhythm, Splunk and other security tools)
  • Assess and redesign firewall stability based on network traffic; optimize Firewalls to meet required 10-gigabit infrastructure requirements.
  • Technical lead for the analysis, design, deployment and migration of substandard data center consisting of unknown variables to a modern and advanced data center and a new off-site data centers.
  • Reduced annual security hardware and software license renewal rate by 45% and created a scheduled upgrade process for a 3-year hardware life cycle.

Senior Security Architect / Southwest Practice Manager

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Senior Security Consultant, assisting business development in growth of Southwest practice
  • Increased Southwest division profits by adding additional client in Arizona, California, Texas, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Utah support region.
  • Manager / Technical lead for the analysis, design, deployment and migration of substandard data center consisting of undocumented, outdated configurations and hardware to current compliant data center standards with validated and tested disaster recovery plan.
  • Technical lead for vendor review and analysis for all software, hardware, and network requirements to meet multiple client needs. Providing Fortune 100, Energy, Education (k-12 and University), Healthcare and local State Government vendor contract review and recommendations based on industry regulations and suggested best practice that meet current and future budget and required growth needs.
  • Adviser / Technical lead for evaluation of required client supported applications / servers / hardware needs. Architect plan for upgrades and migrate programs, consolidate tools and design cloud, DR solutions.
  • Technical lead for security assessments base on customers regulations, compliance, design, deploy solutions for multiple environments. Best practice is used with consideration of customer culture, adapt and learn.
  • Screening candidates for Networking and Security positions. Building consultant teams and develop customer FTE teams. Reduced client interview time and turnover evaluate personality and skill sets.
  • Program / Technical lead for the deployment of Syslog monitoring of Events and Incidents (Nitro, Splunk, LogRythm, ARC) Develop usable alerts, dashboards reducing the daily noise created by baseline installs.
  • Program / Technical lead for the deployment and migration of Security Firewalls and policy to Checkpoint, Juniper Netscreens, Confidential ASA, Fortinet, and Confidential )
  • Program / Technical lead for the deployment and migration of Load Balancers and policy to F5, Netscaler, and Confidential CSS. Discover, Document and migrate 10000 web URL’s to F5 LTM.
  • Program / Technical lead for the support, planning, and migration of Confidential Networks including routing, switching, and IPAM management
  • Program / Technical lead for multiple clients, assisting team members by making sure the client expectations are meet and consultants are productive.

Network Security Consultant / SCADA Team Lead

Confidential, Houston, Texas


  • Program / Technical lead for the design, deployment, and maintenance of Websense Triton appliance, Bluecoat reverse proxy for E-Commerce trading, external user single sign on for several load balanced URL links and servers. Evaluated and deployed Citrix password manager for all HR, Financial, and internal websites. US and Canada locations supporting 7500 users
  • Program / Technical security Lead for the deployment and migration of Confidential IP phone systems from Mitel Confidential . Specialized on the CUPS migration from Microsoft IM solution to Confidential /Jabber open source federation solution.
  • Provided security evaluation and documented migration plan from telecom TDM to SIP.
  • Technical lead for design, deploy and support for Firewall and load balance infrastructure (Checkpoint, Confidential ASA, F5, Citrix Netscaler and Juniper Netscreen) to support multi user zone network based on business, SCADA and SCADA support requirements.
  • Technical lead for the deployment of RSA two factor appliances for employee, customer and vendors. Implemented Splunk syslog tracking for user successful, failed and retries authentication attempts. Documented and validate to meet future compliance requirements.
  • Technical lead for FERC compliance, Security assessments internal and external. SCADA network development solutions, budget and implement to meet current and upcoming compliance requirements. Evaluated, design and deployed DR data and office facility in Austin to meet FERC disaster recovery requirements.
  • Vendors evaluation review in custom built internal lab that allowed us to test and validate all software, hardware, and SCADA network requirements and compliance needs.

Director of IT

Confidential, Pasadena, CA


  • Management of IT personnel, financial planning, network architecture design, implementation and development of location expansions.
  • Director and Security Technical lead of IT group overseeing planning, implementations, supporting and maintenance of networks ( Confidential, Checkpoint, F5, Firepass, Fortinet, Netscaler and Netscreen, Windows, UNIX, Linux, AS400).
  • Deployed remote DC for DR functions and to include secure backup solution. Second DR site built in California to meet active - active customer data requirements.
  • Director / Security Technical lead for the support and maintenance of proper function of development platforms to include PeopleSoft, SAP, Sales Force and Microsoft CRM. Overall support for internal infrastructure needs and partner shared needs and data security.
  • Designed WAN network stretching to California to Houston location via MPLS, with dedicated VPN to Germany, UK and Vendors. VPN and logins logged in a custom syslog with alerting for failed attempts or multiple reties auto blocked to avoid misuse of user accounts.
  • Created email alerting for partner, customer and vendor accounts sent to customer support in order to provide proactive customer service.
  • Discover, document, duplicate and implement customer environments in order to deploy local lab simulation for developers and support teams. This was accomplished by doing an assessment of particular customer, documenting findings, purchasing hardware and software and building a Lab to mimic the critical hardware and software requirements to develop or test. (eBay and Dell Hardware and VM’s)
  • Director and security lead for company acquisitions and evaluations to SAP or transformation to Confidential .

Confidential A

Program Manager and Technical lead


  • Provided fast criminal data search solution for CONOUS and OCOUNUS Confidential users.
  • Technical lead for the build, develop and support Biometric device hardware-software, to include support for Confidential entities, develop test, production and demonstration platforms for TMEC LAB ( Confidential -DHS shared facility)
  • Manager and Technical lead for the deployment, training and support fielded Confidential system in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and HOA
  • Manager and Technical lead for the deployment, training and Server deployments in Middle east, Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence software, Integrate COTS and GOTS packages in a packaged server rack platform enabling turn key deployments.
  • Penetration and vulnerability testing of developed software modules and regression testing Confidential software and packages on multiple Microsoft Windows Platforms and a multitude of hardware platforms.
  • Technical lead for the deployment and testing of DITSCAP system and software IAVA and security requirements.
  • Provide software developers with current security guidance for best-business practice in code development and data storage.
  • Windows Server 2000/2003 - Active Directory, XP Pro XP Tablet, XP Embedded, Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server 2000/2005 Beta2, Exchange 2003, SharePoint 2003 Services, Symantec Live State Recovery and Ghost Solution Suite.
  • Provide recommendations, documentation and solution for new hardware, software. Develop network architecture based around restricted access by region and Confidential secure networks for current and upcoming development.
  • Technical lead for design, deploy and support for Firewall and load balance infrastructure ( Confidential, F5, Netscaler and Netscreen)

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