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Information Security Consultant Resume

Woodbridge, NJ


  • Knowledge and understanding of protocols, DNS, SNMP, FTP, SSH, SSL, Network routing protocols, SMTP, and all OSI layer protocols.
  • Knowledge, experience, testing of all Github related Computer, malware, Network & Host forensic tools regulations PCI, HIPPA, HITEC, Cloud Architecture, AWS, NIST, FFIEC, CIS.
  • Experience with computer & Network forensics tools, legal procedurals, SIEM management, log management, creating & customizing logs
  • Perform/Experience analysis of log files Includes forensic analysis of system resource access, developing appropriate responses to security events
  • Strong Knowledge of Routing Protocols OSPF, BGP, Cisco 2600 Routers, switches, ASA firewall 5505, data analytics, statistical patterns
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols, IP network services and configuration, Carrier of wireless and wirelines technologies, IP routing, Cloud environments


  • Network Fundamental
  • Accessing the WAN
  • Network Routing Protocols and concepts
  • Cisco LAN Switching and Wireless
  • Cisco’s Cyber Security Specialist
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Fundamentals of Securities
  • Management
  • Advanced Network Securities
  • Managerial Accounting


Confidential, WoodBridge, NJ

Information Security Consultant


  • Identify, collect, Investigate, analyze, and attack mitigation, and provide real time Security operations monitoring of alerts, dashboards, Netflow Data, from SIEM (LogRhythm) system, from data sources (Firewalls, endpoint protection AV, AD/Window logs, IBM Reports, BlueCoat, Dell SecureWorks, End user reported, SCOM, Varonis, Oracle Security logs), conducting research on threat actors and their methodologies, resolve incidents or events, provide recommendations for remediation and determine the root cause.
  • Manage, Maintain, and develop the security management services for SecOps, Vulnerability assets, Incident Response, and train other personnel in Security Operations, and functions.
  • Perform cyber threat intelligence analysis, correlate actionable security events, perform network traffic analysis using raw packet data, net flow, IDS, IPS, and custom sensor output as it pertains to the cyber security of communication networks, and participate in the coordination of resources during incident response efforts
  • Perform, maintain, Vulnerability management & scanning against all network, server, and endpoint assets using Nexpose, identify, investigate and analyze level of threat on findings on what assets should be cleaned, patched up, or remediated first based on Business importance and setting time tables on when to be fixed, experience with executing incident response in virtual and containerized environments.
  • Create, refine, maintain all processes and procedural documentation on handling Incident response issues, alerts, dashboard views, Regulated & Mandated report findings, Malware analysis, email Phishing Scams, URL analysis, Data theft, Unauthorized access, Improper usage, Virus OutBreak, elevation of privilege, DOS attacks, Root access, etc.
  • Create and configure customize logs and dashboards for all data sources and manage logs in the SIEM.
  • Coordinate resources during enterprise incident response efforts, driving incidents to timely and complete resolution.
  • Perform, investigate, and analyze computer & Digital against forensics against network devices, servers, desktops/laptops, malware, executables, PDF, Word, and all documents, etc.
  • Knowledge and understanding of protocols, DNS, SNMP, FTP, SSH, SSL, Network routing protocols, SMTP, and all OSI layer protocols.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Information Security (Information Security Analyst)


  • Perform network and host vulnerability assessments and penetration tests using manual and automated approaches.
  • Conduct Computer Incident Response Team ( Confidential ) activities, including forensic analysis .
  • Provide real - time response to incidents (Using AlienVault, SPLUNK, BlueCoat, etc.)
  • Track and monitor network, host, and desktop activities for suspicious behavior (Using OSSEC, Symantec, etc.)
  • Generate formal, actionable security assessment reports to be provided to various IT teams after the completion of a vulnerability assessment.
  • Track vulnerability remediation.
  • Improve and maintain secure development policies and standards.
  • Produce metrics reporting the state of the security programs and performance of IT teams against target requirements.

Confidential, Branchburg, NJ

Network Security Analysis, Engineer


  • Proficient with security tools and platforms such as IDS/IPS, SIEM, A/V, Proxy services, Access-List Controls, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Protocol Analyzers, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, event monitoring and log review Troubleshooting Routers.
  • Experience with Wireshark, SQL, IDA Pro, and a SIEM
  • Experience with security information systems (firewalls, IDS/IPS, DLP, anti-malware, etc.), identifying and investigating abnormalities to determine whether a security breach has occurred.
  • Experience with network intrusion detection, extrusion detection and network analysis tools such as Snort and IDS and network traffic analytic tools such Wireshark along with active intrusion prevention methods and technologies. Conduct in-depth research on attacker profiles and infrastructure to better predict and prevent future attacks.
  • Experience with detecting and assessing threats such as network and upper laver vulnerabilities with the ability to coordinate and facilitate containment and remediation efforts. Solid understanding of Networking and Operating Systems.
  • Monitoring 11 thousand infected endpoints including PC's, laptops, and servers.
  • Develop and maintain standard operating procedures using workflow tools (Resilient Systems)
  • Participate in investigations and incident response activity.
  • Document security equipment configurations and procedures.
  • Broad Experience and understanding of multiple technical platforms - Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Protocol Analyzers, Sourcefire, firewalls, proxies, SPLUNK, Archer, Damballa:CSP/FailSafe, Malwarebytes Enterprise Software, and Anti-malware.
  • Manage the overall Information Security strategy for the company, thereby protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company information assets and services.
  • Identify protection goals, objectives and metrics consistent with corporate strategic plan and work with leadership to prioritize security initiatives and spending based on appropriate risk management methodology
  • Host based Computer forensics using open source tools
  • Completing trouble tickets to document alarms; and answering incoming telephone calls, Tools: Remedy ticketing system, Verizon Ops Portal site information, VSM Alert Navigator/Monitoring system
  • Troubleshooting Routers, Motorola, Ericcson, Lucent, Cisco Network Architectures, and Network Cellular sites
  • Effectively communicating and escalating alarms ensuring quick resolution; utilizing a network management Sys
  • Monitoring Telecom Wireless switching network environmental alarms from a centralized NOC ensuring high availability and attainment of service levels Create and close out trouble tickets and Monitor Alarms
  • Strong understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, common networking ports and protocols, traffic flow, system administration, OSI model, defense-in-depth and common cybersecurity elements
  • Working knowledge of TCP\IP, ports and protocols, and the ability to articulate analytical findings and defensive measures in a cohesive report.
  • The ability to articulate analytical findings and technical analysis to Leadership at all levels

Confidential, Goshen, NY



  • Designed, installed, configured, tested, secured, HIPPA compliance, and documented new wireless environment.
  • Configuring, tested, and secured Cisco Aironet Wireless AP, Wireless LAN controller, Switch’s and Router’s
  • Conduct security assessments in identifying vulnerabilities and solutions for networking equipment, weak passwords, security misconfiguration, unnecessary, excessive and unpatched or vulnerability internet services, wireless network vulnerabilities, data analysis, IT Governance controls, All 7 layers of the OSI model.
  • Knowledge, understanding, and experience of open source analytical tools, Conducting Site Surveys, and protocols (ex. NMAP, WireShark, Netstumbler, and password cracking tools,) LAN’s, WAN’s, VPN, VLAN’s, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, STP, QoS, VTP, and RIP

Confidential, New York, NY

IT Network Engineer


  • Recalibrate mistuned T.V. stations to their correct Channel and maintaining the network
  • Proactively, identify and resolve system issues to maintain operations and prevent systems outages
  • Monitor, Maintain, and troubleshooting network equipment (proprietary equipment systems)
  • Maintain the IT network infrastructure Cisco router 2600 series and Cisco 24 port switch
  • Conduct a Security Audit of Cisco Routers and Switches every 60 days
  • Maintain, troubleshot, and Conduct a security risk assessment for the LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Identified network vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, hardening systems, and applications
  • Provide end user support for desktop applications (Microsoft Office, e-mail, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of applicable methodologies, tools, standards, and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of information systems concepts
  • Provide server and desktop solutions
  • Server installation, maintenance, repair, and support

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