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Splunk Architect/sme Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • Offering 15 years of experience in Splunk Solutions, Software Engineering/development, Configuration, Upgrade, System setup, and Integration of new products, services and tool on *nix platform.
  • Extensive experience in system engineering, integration, development, analysis and performance measurement of software and enterprise systems.
  • Current 5 years of experience in SPLUNK Solutions, Architecture and development for large scale Splunk deployments.
  • Introduced latest Splunk tools and technologies - Splunk-ITSI, HTTP-Event Collector, Mondo-DB, DB-connect, etc.
  • Integrated and updated several security and APM tools to Splunk - ServiceNow, PaloAlto, CheckPoint, CiscoASA, Windows Events Logs etc.
  • Expert knowledge of data normalization and data modeling using the Splunk CIMs.
  • Installed and configured search-head cluster using deployer Splunk server.
  • Installed several universal forwarders, deployment server and configured data inputs to distributed Splunk Indexers.
  • Hands on experience with Splunk Application and Advance Dashboard Development. Well versed with Splunk integration, configuration, technical add-ons and apps deployment.
  • Many years of IT experience in software design, development and maintenance using Python, Perl, Bash, Expect and Shell scripting.
  • Working knowledge of Networking, TCP/IP and network traffic analysis tools - Ixia, Smartbit, Wireshark, tcpdump and UNIX tools.
  • Experience in configuration of large storage system - JBOD and RAID systems.
  • Experienced with Build Release Management, Creation of automated build scripts, Clear Case - Source Code Control System.
  • Comfortable operating in a wide range of Linux based environments.
  • Proven ability to create and deliver solutions that meet corporate objectives tied to software engineering and technology.


Programming: Python, XML, Perl, and C/C++

Web: Xml, JavaScript, HTML, JOSN

Database: MySQL, working knowledge of SQL queries.

Scripting: Bash, Expect, and shell scripting

Tools: and Technologies:: Splunk, ITSI, Hunk, Selenium, ClearCase, CVS, CMVC ( Confidential Build management tool), UNIX tools (Linux Gdb, Make, diff, patch, etc.), Intel IXA SDK-2.01 (Micro code Development tool), Cross-Compilation Tool (Arm-Linux), Minitab (Statistical tool)

Operating Systems: RHEL, CentOS, FreeBSD, Linux, UNIX, Confidential AIX, Solaris and Arm-Linux

Hardware and Platforms: IXIA Traffic Generator, Smart-Bit traffic gen, IXP1200 Network Processor, Intel’ and Confidential ’s Enterprise class Servers platform, and JBOD


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Splunk Architect/SME


  • Currently Managing and upgrading Confidential ’ Splunk infrastructure and security applications and dashboards for Splunk.
  • Build several custom dashboard for security data analysis and incident management.
  • Integrated and configured several security Splunk apps - ServiceNow, PaloAlto, CheckPoint, CiscoASA, Windows Events Logs etc.
  • Build and remapped of APM and security data to Splunk app’s CIM data models.
  • Implemented Indexer’s data backup and recovery for multiple Splunk sites.
  • Reconstructed and restore the Splunk Indexers after a disk sub-system (RAID10)

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Splunk Architect/Developer


  • Managed and enhance the Confidential ’s Splunk Systems of more than 30 Clusters which includes hundreds of Splunk search-heads, indexers and thousands of forwarders collecting TB’s of data every day.
  • Developed and enhance 100’s of Splunk dashboards/Views, and configured data ingestion to a centralized Splunk monitoring application.
  • Developed a new framework for Splunk ITSI - premium solution to generate KPIs and alerts to monitor overall performance and health of Confidential ’s Splunk cluster systems.
  • Developed and integrated open source inventory management software - Consul to Splunk. The Consul provided data was used to manage the Splunk inventory and Splunk systems information.
  • Setup and test the pilot run for HTTP Event-Collector and measure the workload and performance for millions of http event injected to Splunk indexers.
  • Integrated and tested the Mongo-DB with Splunk to store large lookup files and tables for efficient retrieval, dynamic modification, and storage.
  • Created thousands of complex Splunk queries, backend python custom commands, dynamic lookups and search macros to build many charts, tables and dashboard panels.
  • Converted many flat file data inputs and scripted inputs to JSON structured inputs and modified the Dashboards and panels for JSON Indexed DATA.
  • Worked with spunk team to upgrade Splunk search-heads, indexers, and forwarders.

Language used: Python, XML, Bash, SPL, html and JSON

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Splunk Developer


  • Worked as a Splunk Application developer to design and develop several Dashboards and Splunk application as an OEM product for Redshiftnetworks.
  • Centralized Splunk Analytical System was designed to collect VOIP security alerts and SIP session data generated from Confidential UCTM appliance to Splunk system using Splunk custom app and dB connect.
  • Build and configured several Splunk dashboards and Views to dice and drill the SIP session and security alert data from multiple Confidential -UCTM appliances.
  • Designed and build customized Splunk application to generate Toll Fraud Alerts for the VOIP calls that are deviated from normal call flow using Splunk Alerting System.
  • Build several Splunk views to correlate the SIP session and alert data indexed from different UCTM appliance.
  • The project was to develop a centralized analytical application from ground-up and as OEM product based on Splunk web framework and advance xml.
  • Deployment environment was involved several Splunk components - Splunk forwarder, Indexer and Search head to collect and feed the alerts data, SIP session and system logs to Indexer.
  • Developed an automated UI testing framework base on Selenium: (Selenium and Python)
  • Build and designed Selenium test suits for UCTM frontend test.
  • Developed Selenium test scripts to automate testing of UI changes and enhancements.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Senior Engineer


  • Senior Software Engineer for Platform engineering group: Main responsibility is to Develop, integrate and enhance Fault Management application based on Confidential, IPMI and FreeBSD. (Perl and Free-IPMI libraries)
  • Developed and enhanced performance test bed and libraries wrappers to collect network traffic statistics. (Perl and shell script)
  • Developed Net- Confidential based framework for processes monitoring, alerts, Trap, Notification and enhanced in-house Fault Management application to monitor critical processes and appliance functionality. (NetSNMP, Perl, shell scripts)
  • Ported and integrated Free-IPMI libraries to the Fault Management application on FreeBSD-7.2 base OS environment. (C/C++ and Perl)
  • Upgraded the Fault Management application from community based Confidential -V2 to Confidential -V3.
  • Secondary responsibility is to develop and support performance Test-Bed to measure appliances’ sustains rates and application GUI performance. The test-bed involved extensive Perl and Expect programming.
  • Operating knowledge of various traffic generation tools like IXIA, Smart-Bit, and Wireshark.
  • Configuration Knowledge of several high-end system interface card, such as 10Gige, ATM, Frame Relay, Enhance Giga-bit Ethernet cards, storage controller cards and RAID cards.
  • Familiarity of storage configuration and RAID setup for large storage devices such as Raid system and JBOD.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

System Engineer


  • Worked as a Library Services Team member and supported Confidential ’s Build Release tool, CMVC, and AIX Build servers.
  • Maintained and support tool used for build release management. Work involved extensive Perl and UNIX shell scripting and system management.
  • Provide customer support for build release (CMVC) and build management tools.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Software Developer


  • Developed User Interface and Channel Guide for STB using Python.
  • Developed UI package builder using make files and shell scripts.
  • Build custom tools to compile source code and measure STB performance.

Confidential, Milpitas, CA

Software Engineer


  • Developed Confidential based module to configure interfaces for edge routers SER. Designed and implemented Confidential MIBs and MIBs method-routines. (C, Confidential, MIBs)
  • Enhanced SER router Configuration parameters - persistent store in flash memory using MIB structure that can be update using Confidential manager. (C and Shell scripts)
  • Worked as a team member for offshore development activities; Developed remote software build tools using Clear Case ( Confidential -Rational) and provide technical help for configuration management of software build process. (Perl, shell script)
  • Worked with Build team to manage build release process and VOBs management and Multi-site Clear-Case support at Confidential Networks.
  • Developed CLI in C for a small networking device based on 8051-microprocessor. The project involved compiling and building software using cross-compilation GNU tool chain.
  • Set up IXP1200 Network processor workbench. Installed and customized Linux on a number of computers
  • Installed LAN and VNC interconnectivity between Windows and Linux. System Administration Linux and Windows 98/NT systems and assisted students with problems involving UNIX, PC’s.

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