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Unix/linux Support Administrator Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Over 7+ years of IT experience specialized in UNIX System Administration working on server - based operating system; kernel configurations on Red Hat Linux, Centos, Solaris, AIX and Trouble Shooting System & Performance Issues, Package Management.
  • Extensive experience in installation, configuration and administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and physical and virtual machines for versions 5.x and 6.x.
  • Expert in building Red Hat Linux physical and virtual servers & migrating and/or upgrading Linux servers from one OS release to another.
  • Experience in implementation and maintenance of VMware, DNS, DHCP, NIS, NFS and SMTP.
  • Proficient in Linux Utilities: KICKSTART, SSH, FTP, AUTOFS, Quota Management, User Management, Process Management, Memory Management, and Text processing tools, Log Management, Package Management, Disk Management and Swap Partition/Files Management.
  • Expertise in file system concepts like LVM, SVM, VxVM. Creating new file systems, increasing and decreasing file systems, mounting file systems, un-mounting file systems and troubleshooting Disk space issues and proficient in SAN / NAS technologies.
  • Package management using RPM, satellite management and YUM tools.
  • Experience into NetApp FAS 2020, 2050, 3040, 3140, 6040 series Filers, IBM N-SERIES.
  • Coordinating with SAN team for allocation of LUN’s in order to increase filesystem space.
  • Experience working in NFS/NAS, Storage Area Networks (SAN), SSA disk storage environment. Extensively performed SAN Migration.
  • Experienced with Storage Administration like EMCSAN Administration. Worked on EMC disk storage to allocate disk space, configuring LUNS on server side, Backup maintenance through TSM using Tape libraries.
  • Administration of Netapps infrastructure using Filer view, system manager and CLI.
  • Knowledge on Planning, preparation and implementing data ontap upgrades and configuring Quotas for particular qtree and users on NetApp Filer.
  • Expertise in Creating and Managing the Aggregates, volumes and managing the Qtrees
  • Knowledge on working with snap drive for LUN management on windows environment and good work exposure on protocols CIFS, NFS, ISCSI.
  • Hands on Experience in Installation, configuration, maintenance and Administration of HACMP on AIX V 5.1/5.2/5.3.
  • Experienced in configuring and supporting Logical Partitions/Micro Partitions (LPAR/DLPAR), via HMC (Hardware Management Console).
  • Installation, administration, configuration and testing of VIO Server and VIO client LPAR’S.
  • Good understanding of error logging subsystem and Performance Monitoring tools like vmstat, iostat, netstat, topas, and lparstat on AIX Version 4.3/5L.
  • Extensive use of Resolved Application Startup problems, PATH problems, Name conflicts, TCP/IP and Networking Problems in AIX.
  • Experience in administrating ESXi servers and applying security patches to the ESXi servers.
  • Expert in ESXi servers using the Vsphere client and Vcenter for managing the multiple ESXi servers and performing the vmotion.
  • Experience in applying patches to the AIX servers at various TL and Service pack Levels.
  • Experience in NIM installation, setting up NIMservers. Defined NIM clients on Nim master server, and defined resource, installing.
  • Expert in troubleshooting the Linux server’s, resolving the boot issues using rescue methods.
  • Experience in using various network protocols like HTTP, UDP, POP, FTP, TCP/IP, and SMTP.
  • Worked on Creating, Upgrading and Maintaining user accounts, profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • Experience in Installing, configuring and maintaining apache/tomcat, samba & sendmail, Web Sphere Application Servers and configuring splunk agent on unix platforms.
  • Experience in writing Shell scripts using ksh, bash, perl, for process automation of databases, applications, backup and scheduling to reduce both human intervention and man hours.
  • Worked on Linux based systems administration skills in a Cloud Computing and Virtualized environment for AWS
  • Expertise in AWS, experience in implementing new AWS systems and migration of existing systems to AWS
  • Experience supporting 24*7 production computing environments. Experience providing on-call and weekend support.


Operating Systems: RHEL 7.x,6.x/5.x/4.x/3.x, DATA ONTAP 7.3 and 8.1versions, IBM AIX 5.x, Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA, VMWARE ESX/ESXi.

Hardware: Netapp filers FAS series, IBM N-SERIES, EMC clarion cx seriesTape Libraries - Sun StorEdge L20/L40/L60, L180 and Storagetek’s 9840 A/B/C Fibrechannel, Sun Fire Servers - E25k, E15k, 12k, E280R, E480R

Arrays: Sun StorEdge 3130, A1000/D1000, EMC DMX 800 and 1000

IBM: DS4K, DS5K and DS8K, SVC and Storwize V7000

Languages: Shell scripting, PERL

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, NIS, SSH, DHCP, HTTP, CIFS, Cisco Routers / Switches and LAN

Tools: Sun Cluster 3.2,Netapp CLI, Netapp GUI (filer view & system manager),VERITAS Netbackup 6.0,VERITAS Storage Foundation Suite, Solaris Volume Manager.

Web Technologies: Lotus Domino 5 / 6, Apache 2.0, Tomcat, WebLogic 8.1/10, WebSphere, JBoss, IPlanet, IIS, HIS.


Confidential, Columbus, OH

Unix/Linux Support Administrator


  • Installed, configured and Administrated of all UNIX/LINUX servers, includes the design and selection of relevant hardware to Support the installation/upgrades of Red Hat (5/6), CenOS 5/6, Ubuntu operating systems
  • Upgrades on Linux operating systems and hardware maintenance on HP and POWER servers like increasing memory, disk, replacing failed hardware.
  • Installed and maintain puppet-based configuration management system, configure and managing LVM on Linux using tools like lvextend, lvcreate, resize2fs etc
  • Performed daily housekeeping functions, such as establishing new accounts, creating and resetting passwords, developing, scripts, performing system backups and recovery, and installing software patches and updates.
  • Worked on installation of Power path on all Linux, AIX and Solaris boxes.
  • Creating and managing new LUNs (ISCSI) and assigned to Windows and UNIX hosts, Configuring snapshots and scheduling them accordingly, providing Data protection using Snapshot management.
  • Participate in installing and configuring of UNIX/Linux based Oracle 10g products
  • Experience on configuring Asynchronous, Synchronous Snap Mirror and configuring Snap Vault .
  • Converting snap vault destination copy into snap mirror copy on client request or for disaster recovery, managing takeover and giveback for Active/Active Configuration.
  • Performed server new builds installation and application deployment on AIX and Solaris boxes, functional and unit manual and automated testing.
  • Installation of patches, Security fixes, packages on AIX, Linux and Sun Solaris Servers
  • Developed automation scripts to install AIX operating system and Oracle components
  • Monitoring the replication daily basis&performing Snap restore for volume and files based on client request and working with Flex Clone and LUN clone for test & development environment.
  • Checking the Logs for errors in the NAS boxes, having knowledge on snaplock volumes, thin provisioning and Fabric switch zoning (Brocade).
  • Performed SAN migration on 75+ database server from DS8300 to NetApp disks storage.
  • Install golden image of AIX 5.3, 6.1, 7.1 using Storix System Backup utility, upgrade of AIX TL and SP to latest level using NFS mount and alt disk.
  • Configuration and Administration of DNS, NIS, NIS+, NFS, DHCP, FTP, Samba Servers and clients. Security layers like SSL, SSH, HTTPS, SFTP.
  • Installed and configured AIX5.2, 5.3, on P570, 590,595, Standalone Lpars, configured and administrated Dual VIO server and Lpar clients.
  • Daily roles included dealing with LVM extensively. Performed upgrades from AIX 5.3 to 6.1 using alt disk migration and migration installation.
  • Configuration and administration of mail server, Send mail, and SNMP/POP
  • Participating in weekly change control meeting to present production changes.
  • Key participant in implementation and integration of three new data centers including physical, logical and application level testing and support and developed and executed test plans for VeritasCluster with NetappSAN.

Confidential, Englewood Cliff, NJ

Linux/Unix Systems Admin


  • Installed, configured and Administrated of all UNIX/LINUX servers, includes the design and selection of relevant hardware to Support the installation/upgrades of Red Hat (5/6), CentOS 5/6, Ubuntu operating systems.
  • Administration and support of homogeneous production and development server infrastructure of multiple flavors of Linux.
  • Performed Building up of servers, deployment activities, and environment support including installation, configuration diagnostics, planning and upgrades.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of IT infrastructure such as data center, servers, storage, backup, and virtualization.
  • Setup of full networking services and protocols on UNIX, including NIS/NFS, DNS, SSH, DHCP, NIDS, FTP, TCP/IP, ARP, Applications and print servers to insure optimal networking and printing functionality.
  • Worked on FTP servers for sending and receiving files between local and remote servers.
  • Systems log management, Data backup and restoration with UNIX native tools (tar/dd).
  • Managed DNS server. Updated forward and reverse lookup files for all the new machines added in the domain. Created reverse lookup files for the new subnets added into the network.
  • Configure Quotas for particular qtree and users on NetApp Filer and Supporting NetApp storage infrastructure for global customers.
  • Physical Storage Management: Assigning disk ownership, RAID-DP, Disk sanitization, De-duplication etc.
  • Design and Deploy In house (Private Cloud) using eucalyptus and Openstack on Centos and Ubuntu Operating system.
  • Developed Cron jobs and Shell Scripts (Shell, Python) for automating administration tasks like file system management, process management, backup and restore.
  • Support for Linux/Unix systems administration, operational support and problem resolution for server systems. Created shared NFS file system, mounting and un-mounting NFS server, NFS client on remote machine, sharing remote file folder, starting &Stopping the NFS services.
  • Responsible for Installation, configuration, Maintenance, Deployments, Update,, Monitoring, performance tuning on Linux.
  • Designing System Requirements, Designing Storage requirements, Configuration Management/Change control/Release management.
  • Installing Veritas Volume Manager 4.0 and configuring Disk Groups, Volume Groups and Logical volumes to manage the storage resources.
  • Creating, Resizing and managing online JFS File system for users upon user request using Veritas Volume manager and LVM.
  • Experienced in monitoring and debug performance issues on different OS Linux (RHEL & Centos).

Confidential, Jefferson City, MO

Unix Admin


  • Responsible for supporting Linux System Administrator customers with RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu operating systems questions and problems via telephone, FAX, and email.
  • To provide ongoing support in systems management and administration of LINUX/UNIX in global-scale environment.
  • Provisioning and support of Production, QA and Developers environment.
  • Deployment of UNIX /Linux, VERITAS and Build of various environments.
  • Provide rotational on-call Tier III support responsibilities. Production Support: Provided 24x7 supports for various divisions within the Company and resolve all production issues in a high pressure and time sensitive environment.
  • Issues related to NFS, NIS, LVM, Grub corruption, configuration & maintenance of RAID (level 0,1,5), troubleshooting VERITAS Volume Management and cluster server environment.
  • Developing scripts in PERL and SHELL to automate the process.
  • Built more than 1000 servers from scratch and applied relevant patches on existing servers.
  • Built 25+ Red Hat Linux 8.0 servers from scratch and provide 24*7 production support.
  • Planned, designed and implemented 4 Node Veritas Cluster on E6800. Troubleshoot Veritas Cluster & issues which arose because of different cluster versions 3.2 & 3.5.
  • Researched the data base for known problems or tested the customers’ problem on a test system in the same environment. Aided customer in resolving their problem using the tools in the Linux OS or from the command line.
  • Responsible for configuration of AIX servers, for maximum performance in a production environment, including kernel tuning and compiling, configuring systems with various raid, strip and mirroring configurations.
  • Performing System Storage management/LVM tasks like creating volume groups, PV’s, LV’s and jfs/jfs2 File systems, mirroring, VG’s, LV’s and mounting File systems.
  • Managing the user environment by adding, modifying and removing user accounts from the environment and limiting access to appropriate nodes.
  • Test and install various patches (Fix Packs) on the servers to solve the problems encountered by the applications running on the servers.
  • Migrate application and other software modifications from the development environment to production, Used NIM to install AIX and do OS upgrades.
  • Optimized performance by tuning Unix OS, kernel, memory, I/O, Database, Applications and Networks.
  • Installed, configured and supported RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, and RAID 5 on SAN arrays.
  • Troubleshoot all hardware and software issues for Sun Enterprise Servers.
  • Decommissioned small and obsolete servers and consolidated them into one large server.
  • Installed EMC Power Path and involved in Storage Area Network (SAN) administration
  • AIX 5.x and 6.xMPIO support for multi-path Fiber Channel storage subsystems, as well as AIX servers configured with multiple Fiber Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBA) on a Storage Area Network (SAN).
  • Planned, Documented and implemented Disaster Recovery policies.
  • Used Remedy Tool in Production environment which strictly complied with Problem/Change Management policies of the organization.
  • Developed shell scripts for automating routine day-to-day tasks, management reports, set up alerts for server resources utilization (CPU, memory, disks, etc.). Also wrote scripts for auto install and sun cluster. Wrote Shell scripts for monitoring Unix servers.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Unix Admin


  • Day - to-day administration on Sun Solaris, RHEL 4/5 which includes Installation, upgrade & loading patch management & packages.
  • Assist with overall technology strategy and operational standards for the Unix domains. Manage problem tickets and service request queues, responding to monitoring alerts, execution of change controls, routine & preventative maintenance, performance tuning and emergency troubleshooting & incident support.
  • Conduct project planning and status reporting. Independently setup and administer DNS, DHCP and DDNS (Dynamic DNS) using ISC software, including DNS security using TSIG, chroot-BIND
  • Setup and administer VERITAS Volume Manager for NAS, SAN. Setup and administer VERITAS NetBackup& Cluster Server (VCS) for risk mitigation and disaster recovery.
  • Setup Solaris Custom Jumpstart server and clients and implement Jumpstart installation.
  • Worked with Telnet, FTP, TCP/IP, iLink, rlogin, used to inter-operate hosts.
  • Installing and configuring oracle 10g and coordinating with the oracle team in maintaining the database.
  • Troubleshooting of Logical Volume manager. Configuration of Red Hat Clustering, Installed & Configured HP DL380 G6,DL380 G7,Dl 580 G4,Dell r710.
  • Supported Disk Volume Management creating volumes with LVM.
  • Setup LVM. Install OS packages and patches. System security management. Worked on OS upgrade plan for Solaris on development and production servers.
  • Installation, administration of VIO Server and VIO client LPAR’s, Upgrading VIO Servers and AIX Servers, Upgrading AIX TL from AIX 5.3 TL8 to AIX 5.3 TL9 and from 5.4 to 6.1.
  • Designed, installed and configured HACMP cluster environment, with cascading and mutual takeover, Expertise in Troubleshooting on High Availability Clusters (HACMP).
  • Administration of multiple AIX machines, AIX clusters, and SP nodes from any client platform through WebSM.
  • Good LVM skills, used LVM, created VGs, LVs, and disk mirroring.
  • Responsible for Installing Security fixes and APAR’s in Servers, installation and configuration of NIM master server and clients.
  • Implemented PLM (Partition Load Manager) on AIX 5.3.
  • Coordinating with application and database team for troubleshooting the application or Database outages and coordinating with SAN team for allocation of LUN’s in order to increase the filesystem space.
  • Configuration and administration of Fiber card Adapter’s and handling AIX part of SAN Configuration of VIO server and VIO clients from Hardware Management Console.
  • Upgrading HMC version and Firmware.

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