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Sr. Unix/linux Administrator Resume



  • Over 9+ years of experience in Unix System Administration and Support of various applications on Sun Solaris 8, 9,10,11, RHEL 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Red Hat Linux 4, 5, 6, Debian Linux 6,7, SuSE EL 9, 10, LAMP, AIX, Confidential - UX, vSphere 4.0, 5.0, Cent OS 5/6/7 .
  • Experienced in installing, upgrading, patching, configuring and administrating Solaris OS (SPARC/x86) with proper release management.
  • Experienced in Performance Monitoring, Security, Trouble shooting, Backup, Disaster recovery, Maintenance and Support of UNIX systems.
  • Created and maintained user accounts, profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • Worked on Configuration Management tools like Puppet and Ansible.
  • Worked on version controls like GIT and SVN.
  • Have good hands on experience on some of the monitoring tools like Nagios and Zabbix.
  • Worked on shell scripts for CPU usage, Memory consumption and number of I/O to collect performance stats and troubleshoot issues if needed on Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux.
  • Have good hands on experience working on Cloud platforms like OpenStack, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services.
  • Installed and configured VMware ESX server 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, and vSphere 4.0 on Dell power edge servers and Confidential servers.
  • Deployed and configured Veritas Volume manager (VxVM) and SVM for creating mirroring, striping, parity, New File Systems, mounting and un-mounting and data replication of File Systems on Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux .
  • Managed the user accounts, partitioning, making zones, mounting and maintaining file systems, system security, change management, documents, Performance tuning of Sun Solaris Red Hat Linux servers using tools like vmstat, iostat, sar, top, pmstat, free, prtconf, syststat, iostat, netstat etc.
  • Have good experience on Devops.
  • Performed Remote system administration using Network protocol tools like ssh, http, rsh, telnet, scp, ftp, sftp, ssl, RSA secure connection and Rlogins.
  • Experienced in planning, documenting and supporting high availability, business persistence, fail-over, fail-back using Veritas Cluster Server 4.0, 5.x, Veritas cluster file systems in SAN environment.
  • Configured Networks using DNS, NIS, NFS, FTP and DHCP, troubleshooting network problems such as Sub netting, Routing, Firewall related on TCP/IP providing support for users in solving their problems.
  • Installed, upgraded and configured SUN Solaris 9, 10 on sun servers using Jumpstart installation (also manually).
  • Experience in installing and configuring Kick start in Linux.
  • Created and maintained large file systems with EMC SAN devices using VxVM on Sun Solaris.
  • Resolving system errors and crashes, huge file sizes, file system full errors.
  • Troubleshooting of NFS servers and NFS clients in auto mount Environment.
  • Deploy and configuration of Data Protection tools such as VERITAS Net Backup, Legato and other backup agents and Anti-virus agents (ESM).
  • Install and configure with recommended kernel setting for various applications such as Oracle (10i, 11g), MySQL.
  • Experience with Java Enterprise application servers such as Web Server and Apache.
  • Implementation of RAID levels using VERITAS Volume Manager.
  • Problem determination and troubleshooting, Security using SSH and Shell Scripting.
  • Exposure to couple of ticketing systems like Remedy, Clarify.
  • Working closely with other business units like deployment, DBA, SAN Admin and Backup Admin etc and other product vendors like EMC, SUN, Oracle.
  • Performed all configuration changes to software and Patching, firmware upgrades to hardware with in the maintenance window with proper change management approvals.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, inter-personal skills and self learning attitude.


Operating Systems: Red hat Linux EL 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Solaris 7/8/9/10, SuSE Linux 9, 10, Debian Linux 6,7, vSphere 4.0,5.0, CentOS 5, 6,7, AIX, Fedora, VMware ESX 3.x,4.x,5.x, Windows NT/ /2008.

Volume Management Tools: Solaris Volume Manager, Veritas Volume Manager 4.0,5.0, Logical Volume Manager, RAID, Veritas Cluster.

Server Management: Sun management console, Confidential open View, Network node manager, Compaq insight server manager.

Database Servers: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g on Solaris and Red Hat Linux and SQL 2000, 2005.


Web Technologies: Apache 2.0, WebLogic 8.1, Websphere, Jboss 4.x, IIS, VMware ESXi, ESX 2.5.1, 2.5.2.

Storage: EMC PowerPath, Symmetric/Clariion & Celerra, Hitachi, IBM Arrays, Storage-TEK L700, Dell Power Vault, Netapp V6000, FAS6000, PowerVM, VERITAS NetBackup 4.5, Hitachi, Netapp V6000, IBM Tivoli (TSM).


Confidential, MD

Sr. Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Built RedHat/CentOS/Debian Linux VM’s.
  • Configured and maintained build environment for debian installer and automated build related tasks.
  • Built new Rackspace Cloud VM’s, set up the hostnames and installed puppet on the new VMs.
  • Worked on Zabbix monitoring tool. Added all the existing hosts and classified by their environment. Added multiple templates like checking the applications status, puppet status, ping status, etc.
  • Migrated all the servers from Zabbix 2.2.3 to 2.4.5.
  • Worked on firewall rules. Provided access to the client on some of the ports.
  • Good hands on experience on creating new modules in Puppet. Created new manifests and templates according to the requirement.
  • Migrated puppet from 3.2 to 3.7 version.
  • Managed the Puppet environment through version controllers like SVN and GIT.
  • Have good hands-on experience on working on Ansible. Created the Ansible modules(Playbooks) and deployed the changes on all the required hosts.
  • Used GIT to update all the Ansible playbooks to the GIT repository.
  • Configured Jabber(Openfire) on a new Rackspace Cloud VM and authenticated with the LDAP server.
  • Involved with the Deployment teams in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production on 24/7 schedule.

Environment: RHEL 4.x/5.x/6.x, Debian Linux 6, Puppet 3x, Ansible 1.9.x, Zabbix 2.x,3.x, SVN, GIT, Apache 2.2.x, SuSE EL 9/10,VMware, Shell,Bash, Python and perl.

Confidential, VA

Sr. Systems Engineer


  • Built RedHat/Cent OS OpenStack Cloud Vm’s from scratch and puppetised them.
  • Upgraded RedHat/Cent OS Cloud VM’s from RHEL 6.4 to RHEL 6.6.
  • Worked on Nagios, to monitor all the health checks on the server. Added all the basic checks using Shell scripts like checking the Tomcat Status, HTTP connection, TCP connection, etc. on many number of VM’s.
  • Support for 3-tier OpenStack cloud application including Apache, Tomcat, Cassandra DB.
  • Implemented Nagios to monitor the Traffic Analysis, process utilization of both server and client and also set-up threshold.
  • Provided assistance to engineers on performance tuning for critical areas.
  • Provided support to deploy Cloud servers in engineering and IT organizations. Diagnosed, resolved and validated application monitoring solutions for cloud deployments.
  • Used GIT for managing the scripts and puppet recipes. Performed centralized configuration management with Puppet.
  • Used Subversion(SVN) to push deployments from Subversion on to the Nagios to set up basic monitoring checks for the servers.
  • Also worked on Zabbix monitoring tools. Created templates for all the basic checks like Puppet Status, Ping Status, Disc monitoring, Application monitoring, etc for all QA and Prod Servers.
  • Involved with the Deployment teams in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production on 24/7 schedule.
  • Built Debian repository to support their Asus700 and Asus900 platform and GPS, WIFI, GSM and 3G devices.
  • Configured Weblogic, Apache and Tomcat Servers with JAVA Application tools on Redhat servers environment.
  • Built new Cloud VM’s in the Open Stack. Migrated existing cloud VM’s from one datacenter to the other because of the redundancy in the same data centre.
  • Provided application support for the Weblogic and Tomcat.
  • Provided Level 3 Production Support (24/7) for entire environment, and was responsible for any issues which were hosted on Linux/Cent OS servers with Confidential hardware.

Environment: SUN Solaris 10, RHEL 4.x/5.x/6.x, Debian Linux 6, CentOS 6, Apache 2.2.x, SuSE EL 9/10, WebLogic 10/11g, WebLogic 8.x/9.x, Confidential Blade System,BL460c, BL420c EMC, VMware, Symmetrix, Shell,Bash, Python and perl.

Confidential - Hill Education, NJ

Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Installed, Configured and Upgraded the Solaris and CentOS operating systems running oracle Database.
  • Provided Level 3 Production Support (24/7) to businesses internally, for 700+servers, managed and maintained Solaris, Confidential -UX and Redhat/Debian Linux responsible for any issues which were hosted on Solaris and Dell servers. Also maintained F5 load balancers.
  • Implemented backup and recovery procedure for system and database on Confidential -UX servers.
  • Provided application support for the in-house applications such as Intelliconnect and SAAS, on Red Hat Linux boxes.
  • Clustered File Systems GPFS, GFS and OCFS2.
  • Installed, secured, and configured AWS cloud servers with Linux, Tomcat, MySQL, Apache, etc.
  • Provisioned EC2 instances. Have good hands on experience with writing Cloud formation Scripts. Also set up S3 Object Stores.
  • Migrated Linux and Solaris servers from MHE Infrastructure to new MHFI infrastructure.
  • Configured and managed application servers( Tomcat , Webloic ), web servers ( Apache , Nginx ), LDAP , DNS and Content delivery network. Managed content repository systems like GIT , SVN , CVS .
  • Performed Cleanup tasks on the Migrated Servers like configuring backup, removing unwanted routing information and verifying the health of the server.
  • Managed File system using VERITAS volume manager 5.0.
  • Performed Production support and implemented project based RFS work to build servers from scratch, installed application and performed lockdown across Production Servers before they go live.
  • Created and updated Puppet manifests and modules , files and packages stored in the GIT repository.
  • Installed and configured RedHat Enterprise Linux using kickstart, Sun Solaris using jumpstart and AIX Servers using NIM.
  • Design and implementation of Nagios in a multi-datacenter environment
  • Implemented Nagios to monitor the Traffic Analysis, process utilization of both server and client and also set-up threshold.
  • Prevented downtime of business critical applications by reaching out to application owners and implementing the monitoring solution for the purpose of being proactive.
  • Configured DNS, NFS, NIS & SENDMAIL services on Linux. Implemented Firewalls routing for connectivity using DHCP, TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, HTTP/s, SMTP, SOAP & SSH protocols.
  • Administered NIS, file system/network security, user accounts and backup/restore schemes.
  • Providing pre-production support to our customers to ensure their products are ready for production deployment and implementation.
  • Managed and configured the Apache web server, Tomcat, Weblogic, I-planet, JBoss, FTP server and DNS servers.
  • Created Perl and Python scripts to automatically search existing log files for errors.
  • Troubleshoot day to day issues and provide Root Cause Analysis for any Production issues.
  • Installed and configured Logical Domains across T5440, M5000 Servers from the scratch.

Environment: RHEL 4.x/5.x, Debian Linux 6/7, Solaris 8/9/10, VERITAS cluster server 5.0, VERITAS foundation suite 5.0, Apache 2.2.x, Oracle 9i,10g, JBoss 4.2, VMware, Sun Fire x4100, x4200, x4250, T2000, T5440, M3000, Dell R805, EMC Symmetric 8830, 8840,DMX

Confidential, Houston, TX

Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Installed, maintained and upgraded Redhat Linux and Solaris Servers using kickstart based network installation.
  • Performed Device management and configuration on Confidential -UX systems.
  • Configured and administered multiple production Redhat 4.0, 5.0 servers across multiple platforms.
  • Configured and maintained the volume groups, logical volumes using LVM, VERITAS Volume Manager and Solaris Volume Manager.
  • IBM GPFS clustering and HSM configuration for storage management with TSM .
  • High availability designing using VERITAS Cluster Server 5.0 on Redhat Linux and Solaris Servers.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and life-cycle management for Linux using Amazon EC2, Chef, and custom Ruby/Bash scripts.
  • Managed jBoss and Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Supported Oracle 9i, 10g database server applications and processes on Redhat 4.x, 5.x servers.
  • Installed, configured and maintained the Zones on Sun Solaris.
  • Installed the Redhat 4.0/5.0 operating system and set up the Oracle environment.
  • Installed, configured and administered Solaris 9/10 using Jumpstart.
  • Added virtual hard drives, NIC cards and memory on Guest OS on Ldoms.
  • Did centralized management of Linux boxes using Puppet.
  • Setup and configured KVM on Red hat and Xen on Suse.
  • Resolved system errors and crashes, disk space problems, huge file sizes, file system full errors.
  • Installed and configured VMware ESX server 3.5, 4.0 and Vsphere 4.0 on Dell power edge servers.
  • Performed RAID mirroring of Root disk on Solaris boxes.
  • Configured password less login between system using SSH protocol on Solaris and Linux boxes.

Environment: RHEL 4.x/5.x, Solaris 9/10, VERITAS cluster server 5.0, AIX, VERITAS foundation suite 5.0, Apache 2.2.x, Oracle 9i,10g.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Build and support cluster infrastructure (Sun Cluster 3.x, Veritas cluster, Linux RAC cluster).
  • Configured Jumpstart server for Solaris 9/10 and Kickstart Server for Redhat Linux 4.0,5.0.
  • Provided Administrative support for about 225 Solaris/Linux servers running Web logic, Web sphere Suites, Apache Web Server and Multimedia Messaging applications.
  • Performed tasks such as User, group management, adding, removing disks and creating file systems as requested on UNIX/WINDOWS Servers.
  • Installing Veritas Volume Manager and configuring Disk Groups, Volume Groups and Logical volumes to manage the storage resources.
  • Configure Web Logic and Apache and Tomcat Server with JAVA Application tools on Red hat servers environment.
  • Monitored System and Network Security by using various Security tools.
  • Ensured the data redundancy with RAID implementation.
  • Configured different Network related services such as NFS and NIS.
  • Configured send mail server in the local mail server.
  • Responsible for the configuration of DHCP server and Samba server.
  • Responsible for DNS server management, User disk quota management, Projects, Quotas management. Troubleshooted the problems regarding NIS and DNS.

Environment: Sun Solaris 9/10, RHEL 4.x/5.x, SuSe Linux 9,10, Apache, Tomcat, Samba, NFS, SSH, Perl.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Performed Systems monitoring and administration of Servers for day-to-day problems, patches, user administration, hardware failure, monitoring log files, backup, software up gradation, configuration changes and documentation.
  • Installed & configured Solaris Jumpstart server and Linux Kick Start Server.
  • Installed, Configured and Administered Web logic, Web sphere and Apache Servers in Linux and Solaris Servers.
  • Performed troubleshooting for various problems, logging call with vendors.
  • Knowledge on Packages and Patches on Solaris and Red hat 4.0.
  • Performed installation and configuration of Veritas Volume Manager, LVM, VERITAS File System and Veritas Cluster Server.
  • Performed the role of writing specifications, system designing, and developing programs using c++
  • UNIX Shell/Perl scripting for job automation. Creating zones for application.
  • Documented the in change design/Architecture diagram of Veritas Cluster Servers.
  • Disk and File system management through Veritas Volume Manager .
  • Involved in troubleshooting day to day system and user problems.
  • Performance management & Capacity planning.


Unix/Linux Administrator


  • Monitored the usage of CPU, load on CPU, checking the load on memory and various security aspects of the systems configuring the network printers.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Oracle 8i on Sun Solaris.
  • Strong experience in C programming language with extensive knowledge of database management.
  • Involved in implementation, configuration, administration of LAN, WAN, CISCO VPN, Pix Firewall and VOIP Systems.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of High Availability VERITAS Cluster Servers for failover and redundancy purpose.
  • Performed problem determination and restored service using standard procedures.
  • Used utilities like VNC, Nessus and Port Monitors.
  • Configured Jumpstart server for Solaris 8/9 and kickstart server for Red hat 4.0.
  • Responsible for Day-to-Day Backup and Recovery using tar.
  • Performed Recovery Management on tapes using Ignite-U.

Environment: Linux, Sun Solaris 8/9, Oracle 8g, NIS, DNS.

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