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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Newark, NJ


  • Highly resourceful Senior Network Engineer, with over 15 years of proven record of s in leading and working side by side with teams of engineers.
  • Primary work responsibilities include designing, deploying and supporting Confidential, Palo Alto and VMWare solutions in a multi - tenant private cloud environment based on customers’ technology and business requirements.
  • Designed and deployed a dual-DMVPN cloud overlaying across two networks, MPLS WAN and Internet, in order to provide network redundancy and load balancing.
  • Designed and deployed a full Layer 3 VPN MPLS network to separate overlapping private subnets. This solution was configured with VRF network segmentation.
  • Designed and deployed a full Nexus datacenter solution based on Nexus 5K and Nexus 7K switches with vPC, VDC and OTV features.
  • Migrated customers from legacy firewalls to multi-context Confidential ASA 5585-X’s 9.x. Configurations included segmentation, NAT, site-to-site VPN and AnyConnect VPN.
  • Deployed ASAv and Palo Alto firewalls to segment traffic between virtual hosts in vSphere.
  • Deployed a multitenant AnyConnect VPN solution integrated with RSA using SAML in an MPLS VRF network architecture.
  • Migrated customers from legacy bare metal ACS 4.x environment to fully virtualized ACS 5.x.


Confidential Platforms:

Routers: 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900, 4000, 7200, 7600, ASR1K, CSR1K

Switches: 2900, 3600, 3700, 3650, 3850, 4500, 6500, Nexus 5K, Nexus 7K

Firewalls: Palo Alto, Confidential ASA, Confidential Meraki

Network Protocols:


WAN: MPLS, Frame-Relay, PPP





Confidential, Newark, NJ

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Design network solutions for core, cloud and enterprise networks based on industry best practices and customizing solutions to accommodate customers’ specific requirements
  • Deploy, migrate and support Confidential ASA and Palo Alto firewalls for customers.
  • Worked on POC to migrate from Confidential ASA to Confidential FTD.
  • Managed ACS 5.x environment for TACACS, Radius and RSA.
  • Designed and deployed a dual DMVPN cloud with Phase 2 inter-connectivity
  • Install and support a multitenant AnyConnect VPN solution for a service provider architecture.
  • Research and specify network scaling points for products
  • Provide highest tier technical support for all network related issues
  • Research and develop new network features for customers, such as DMVPN, QoS, MPLS, business continuity, etc
  • Provide final technical approval for all network features and network changes
  • Design and configure core infrastructure components such as Confidential 6500’s, 7600’s and ASR1K
  • Work with vendors and manufacturers on workarounds and fixes for IOS defects
  • Create network design documentation and procedures for executive, marketing and technical departments
  • Developed a .NET-based application to automatically generate Confidential router and switch configurations in order to automate deployment of configuration files
  • Installed, configured and manage the network monitoring solutions called Solarwinds

Confidential, New York, NY

Network Engineer


  • Installed, configured and managed Confidential routers and switches in local and remote sites
  • Installed and tested IOS images on Confidential equipment in order to improve network performance
  • Configured IPSec tunnels on Confidential routers to establish secure connectivity between sites
  • Installed and managed Confidential Secure ACS servers to manage network users
  • Configured BRI and PRI ISDN circuits on Confidential equipment for Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Configured and troubleshot E1, T1, T3 circuits for VOIP and data transfer
  • Installed and configured several point-of-presence (POP) sites in the following states, California, Georgia, New York and Illinois
  • Traveled overseas to implement VOIP and resolve existing VOIP issues for clients
  • Tested and approved national and international network carriers for VOIP ingress and egress endpoints
  • Investigated network issues, such as connectivity, latency, flooding, routing, switching
  • Investigated VOIP issues, such as SIP signaling, RTP flow, voice quality
  • Configured Nextone’s Session Border Controller (SBC) for VOIP call routing
  • Utilized network protocol analyzer called Ethereal to troubleshoot network VOIP and data issues

Confidential, New York, NY

Network Administrator


  • Troubleshot Frame Relay and ISDN circuit issues with telcos and clients
  • Troubleshot connectivity issues between Confidential routers over T1 and T3 links for WAN and LAN networks
  • Performed administrative tasks on Confidential routers and switches, Foundry load balancers, and Windows servers
  • Created and utilized Visio diagrams to understand the infrastructure of network topologies and server farms
  • Configured and managed an HP OpenView server
  • Worked with Syslog on a daily basis to monitor and troubleshoot network problems
  • Checked and configured the following servers, IIS, BizTalk, and SQL Server
  • Developed various VB scripts to perform maintenance tasks
  • Built a production MRTG server, which collected real-time network information, such as bandwidth utilization, CRC errors, and runts
  • Designed and worked on a Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) architecture in production
  • Hired and trained Network Administrators
  • Organized a library of technical procedures and tasks

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