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Aws Devops Engineer Resume

Phoenix, AZ


Accomplished and innovative IT Professional with 8+ year’s solid experience in designing, implementing, delivering, integrating the infrastructure. Experience in performing the automation process in the CI/CD pipeline by adopting the DevOps principles and AWS services. As well as keen interest in learning new tools.


  • In depth understanding of the principles and best practices of software configuration management (SCM) in Agile, Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Create CI environment on Docker and Jenkins to achieve self service model.
  • Experience in creating the company's DevOps strategy in a mix environment of Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS) servers along with creating and implementing a cloud strategy based on Amazon Web Services.
  • Extensive work on automation of provisioning of CI infrastructure on AWS/GCP using TERRAFORM and PACKER
  • Experience in automating AWS infrastructure using cloud formation using yaml/json templates.
  • Extensive usage of cloud services in AWS and Google Cloud
  • Very good Experience in Kubernetes deployment using containers in microservice environment
  • Defined and set up service level KPI's for build and CI infrastructure on Splunk.
  • Automation and integrating of Version Control Systems for source code management. Worked extensively on Git, SVN. Maintaining branching model and security in GitHub with best practiced strategies.
  • Installing and configuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery application JENKINS. Proficient in defining build pipelines in addition to creating and maintaining multiple jobs.
  • Adept experience in automating build process, extensive knowledge on build tools like ANT, MAVEN and SBT to package into .war and .jar artifacts. Handling Nexus and Artifact repository management integrated the build tools with JENKINS, to automate builds and deployable artifacts.
  • Ability in execution of XML, Shell scripts, Python scripts and Java formatted scripts.
  • Experience in using Configuration Management tools like Ansible,Salt and Puppet. Wrote many manifests for different modules to be configured remotely. Created Playbooks for the segregated servers.
  • Experience in monitoring servers with NRPE plugin in Nagios tool. And also Nagios helps to trigger the event handlers to send a notification and Confidential according.
  • Experience in setting up of Docker and creating new images and getting images from artifactory, worked on Docker images and containers for deploying applications.
  • Experience with migration to Amazon web Services (AWS) from Datacenter.
  • Experience in Server infrastructure development on AWS Cloud, extensive usage of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Formation, RDS, S3, IAM, Security Groups, Route53 and SNS.
  • Creating alarms in CloudWatch service for monitoring the Servers Performance, CPU Utilization, Disk Usage etc.
  • Have used Confluence to create, share and discuss content and projects.
  • Working experience with ticketing tools like JIRA for resolving the issues.
  • Managed environments DEV, SIT, QA, UAT and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies.


Operating Systems: Linux( RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu ), Unix( Solaris )

Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Source Control Tools: GIT

Build Tools: ANT,MAVEN

CI&CD Tools: Container Technology, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible Docker

Tracking Tools: JIRA

Web/App Servers: Web Logic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL

Monitoring Tools: Cloud Technology, Nagios, AWS

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, Bash/Shell, Python


Confidential, PHOENIX, AZ

AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Installed Git, GitHub plug - ins in Jenkins, thus automating the CI process. Automated the build process through Web Hooks and SCM polling for various intermediate builds with Maven.
  • Constructed various Jenkins jobs from building jobs in Maven to smoke testing. The constructed jobs also send notifications for success and failure of jobs.
  • Wrote shell, couple of python scripts to automate many routine and regular timed tasks.
  • Used Puppet as an Configuration Management tool. Worked on writing puppet modules.
  • Creating and maintaining infrastructure in GCP and AWS using Terraform and Packer
  • Writing/Modifying Manifests and applying them on the nodes using Puppet.
  • Maintained and provisioned EC2 instances, S3, VPC, Route53, ELB, IAM, Cloud Watch alarms, SNS, SES.
  • Launching Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances using Amazon Web Services (Linux/ Ubuntu/Red Hat) and Configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications
  • Create the stack using Cloud Formation Template to launch multiple Instances.
  • Used Simple storage services (s3) for snapshot and Configured S3 lifecycle of Applications & Databases logs, including deleting old logs, archiving logs based on retention policy of Apps and Databases
  • Setting up the Elastic load balancer (ELB) to send traffic to all instances in the availability zone.
  • Designed a security group for maintaining the inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Auto Scaling of Web Application instances based on the Cloud Watch alarms during sudden increase in network traffic.
  • Configure AWS VPC with public and private subnets, configured Routing tables, Internet gateway, ACL’s, Security groups.
  • Generated Cron jobs to run the scripts in timely manner.
  • Empowered cloud Watch alerts utilizing custom scripts to screen host and OS level measurements and conveying the measurements to Cloud Watch dashboard. Made an IAM part for the occasion to have the consent to convey the measurements to Cloud Watch dashboard.
  • Involved in most of the Migration stages like Cloud Assessment, POC, Data Migration, Application Migration, Co-existence phase, Leverage Cloud phase and Optimization.
  • Involved in analyzing existing architecture on premise datacenters and designed to migrate complex Network architectures to AWS Public Cloud.
  • Involved in setting up of Docker and creating new images and getting images from Docker hub and performing the builds.
  • Used Docker with Jenkins while building the source code.
  • Experience in managing Ansible Playbooks with Ansible roles. Creating inventory in Ansible for automating the continuous deployment.

Confidential, IOWA, IA

DevOps Engineer


  • Implemented DevOps team style based environment providing end-to-end solution.
  • Planned, designed and developed re-usable components and strategies in cloud infrastructure to support scalability, high-availability and resiliency, monitoring, back-up and restore.
  • Managed labeling, branching strategies in Git/GitHub with best practices in addition to resolving conflicts with regards to merging and editing files in the repository.
  • Involved in installing Jenkins on Linux machine and created a master and slave configuration to implement multiple parallel builds through a build farm.
  • Integrated GITHUB into Jenkins with the help of webhooks to automate the code check-out process.
  • Used Jenkins for Automating Builds and Automating Deployments along with email notifications enabled for each success and failure of build or the process.
  • Used SonarQube for static analysis and code quality check in order to have the quality code used for deployment.
  • Monitored systems using Nagios tool. Installed plug-ins and projects to extend core functionality.
  • Configured Nagios to send notifications on events requiring immediate attention on hosts, devices and services.
  • Developed build and Deployment Scripts using Ant and Maven as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Used Artifactory Repository Managers for Ant and Maven builds.
  • Configured puppet master and puppet agents to support configuration management.
  • Wrote automation scripts in shell and python to enhance the CI-CD pipeline.
  • Installed and configured puppet master and puppet agents to support configuration management.
  • Writing/Modifying Manifests and applying them on the nodes using Puppet. Worked on writing puppet modules to better the usability and functionality of module and also installing puppet modules from puppet-forge community pages to make the best use of the existing infrastructure.
  • Wrote scripts to automate regular timed tasks.
  • Trained on various AWS services like EC2, IAM, S3, VPC, Route53, ELB, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and implemented LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack systems in agile quick scale cloud environment.

Confidential, NEW YORK CITY, NY

Build and Release Engineer


  • Monitoring and administering the automated build and performed continuous integration process to ensure correct build execution, and facilitate resolution of build failures.
  • Created the build instructions docs and install instructions docs for each application for different environments.
  • Written shell/Ant scripts to automate log rotation of multiple logs and modified Ant scripts to build the JAR's, class files, WAR files and EAR files.
  • Monitored, built and deployed software release packages.
  • Verified and implemented methods used to create and recreate software builds by making them reliable and reusable.
  • Troubleshooting experience with regards to issues faced by system users and developers team.
  • Worked closely with development team and SQA team for product releases, coordinated the build deployment bottlenecks with development team.
  • Documented release, builds and source control processes and plans and Support development engineers with Configuration Management issues.


Release Engineer


  • Maintained ANT Scripts to automate the build process. Implemented Hudson for Continuous Integration Builds, automated deployments and Notifications.
  • Designed and implemented Subversion and GIT metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks and implemented branching strategy.
  • Supported day to day build deploy related issue for QA environment.
  • Developed and maintained scripts necessary to automate the tasks associated with the build, release and deployment of Software and also developed scripts to cleanup old builds/installs.
  • Function as an interface between SCM team and development team and work with SCM team to resolve any issue that may arise in clear case hardware configuration.
  • Involved in implementing the Cron Jobs to schedule the build deploys for Dev-environment and different environments.
  • Supported the release activity by locking and unlocking the user for code delivery to the live streams.


Linux Admin


  • Installed and configured the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server 4.1.0, managing and administering remotely.
  • Configured/Maintained the NFS Server/Client.
  • Replacement of H/W (Motherboard, Memory, Media-Drives, NIC Cards, HBA) by coordinating with onsite team/vendor.
  • Maintained user accounts, loading of software and guidance to users on the network.
  • Managed backup and restoration of data.
  • Worked Shell scripts (bash) which generates reports and automated tasks also worked on Scheduling/Controlling of jobs using Cron.
  • 90-day-reboots of servers to keep machines healthy.
  • Interacting with Application Teams and resolving/planning system events.
  • Worked on both Automated and Manual Tickets.
  • Dealt regularly with various vendors as well as fellow employees, to provide prompt and reliable service to different areas of the network.

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