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System Architect Resume

New, JerseY


  • Over 18 years of network experience in Financial and Insurance industry.
  • Design and implement Cloud connectivity to O365,Azure and AWS.
  • Design and implement Enterprise DMZ infrastructures.
  • Design and implement redundant Network solutions with third parties.
  • Maintain time - critical networks for trading applications.
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Detail-oriented, multi-tasker with strong organizational skills.
  • Work effectively independently or as a part of a team.
  • My work has been recognized by regular bonuses, performance awards and promotions.


Networking: VSS,VPC,VDC,VRF,HSRP/MHSRP,STP,Trunking Private Vlans, NAT,Ether-channels,Flexwans,TCP/IP, SPAN,RSPAN,Routing protocols (Eigrp BGP OSPF and RIP),DHCP, F-5 3DNS,Multicast,SIP

Software: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Cisco IOS, Lotus notes, Exchange,MS Office, Visio 2005, Remedy, Vitalnet

Hardware: Cisco Routers (ASR, ISR,2800,7200)


System Architect

Confidential, New Jersey

  • Design and Implement Cloud connectivity to O365 and Amazon
  • Implemented dual 10 gig redundant links to Microsoft 365
  • Work with Equinix on installing hardware in their cage
  • Use Equinix portal to bring up the layer 2 connections
  • User Microsoft Portal and PowerShell to bring up layer 3
  • User Amazon Portal to bring up Layer 3 connectivity
  • Build redundant link using bi directional nats on ASA
  • Turn over the portal to business areas to enable VM
  • Design and Implement DMZ infrastructure in new Datacenters
  • Review Requirements for new build using bandwidth and port requirements and growth
  • Draft the build on Visio and review with team and Mgmt.
  • Use cisco build tool and generate a Hardware quote for Mgmt.
  • Once the Hardware arrives check codes against cisco bug report and update as necessary
  • Or ship the Hardware directly and configure using console
  • Provided a detailed network/cable diagram to site contact and troubleshoot as needed
  • Connect the infrastructure to the core implement tacacs+ and turn it over to Operations.
  • Train/Review with operation any new functionalities with new Infrastructure
  • Design and Implement B2B connections with third parties
  • Attend kick-off meeting and gather all the necessary application requirements
  • Design the b2b network using the application, network availability, bandwidth and costs in mind.
  • Implement the design and test all applications.
  • Clearly document in detail the design and turnover the connection to 24x7 operations for Tier-2 support.
  • Review all the connections periodically and look for cost savings by reducing the bandwidth on circuits, consolidating multiple circuits into two, suggesting using internet vpn as back-up instead of 50Mg Ethernet circuit.
  • Provide Tier-3 support for all Extranet WAN connections
  • Troubleshoot network issues utilizing Wireshark.
  • Trouble-shoot Mpls,10Mg Ethernet on the switches and also interpret the results
  • Trouble-shoot HSRP and routing protocols RIP EIGRP,OSPF and BGP
  • Trouble-shoot VPN issues
  • Use Vitalnet to capture bandwidth utilization on circuits
  • Document resolutions in REMEDY for all the tickets that are opened by Tier-2
  • Create ticket in REMEDY as necessary for any and all changes being implemented on devices
  • Escalate issues to Cisco using their web tool TAC Case
  • Day to day operations include firewall ACLs, switch port add/changes, diagnose wan performance issues, administer monitoring systems
  • Deployed Isolated DMZ that Isolates non-employees’ VDI behind a pair of ASA.
  • Deployed Nexus 5k pair w/ L3 module and FEX for connectivity to support VMware blades for VDI
  • Deploy CDA that links to AD and provides Firewall user identity for ACL support.
  • Implement DNS Doctoring to support vendors that do not want to route RFC1918 address
  • EOL Datacenter (DMZ) Upgrade from 6500 running FWSM to 6800 VSS switches with ASA’s
  • Perform a Major ASA code upgrade from 8.4 to 9.2 on pair of ASA with approx. 30 vendors.
  • Implement VRF’s to isolate Customers and then Leak vrf if customers need to communicate.
  • Plan and implement Hardware upgrades across the enterprise with scheduled downtime
  • Configure routers and switches to handle multicast traffic (Pim and igmp joins)
  • Configure PBR, MSRP on customer facing routers to for redundancy
  • Configure and maintain Cisco routers (7000, 262x and 3640 series) with BGP,EIGRP, and RIP as a routing Protocol
  • Configure Private Vlans, VACL, Ether channel, QOS.
  • Engineer multiple site to site VPNs to vendors over IPSEC.
  • Engineer third party connections with private leased lines (10gig,50mg,T1,T3, MPLS and ISDN)
  • Configure Virtual IP pools on 3-DNS for seamless failovers
  • Set up quarterly meetings with the team to review new technologies.

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