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Systems Administrator / Associate Systems Engineer Resume



  • Systems Administrator experienced in Installation, Administration, Configuration and support of LAN/WAN networks on multi platforms like Red Hat 5,6 and 7, SUSE 10 &11, CentOS 7, Solaris 9 & 10 and Windows environments.
  • Strong hands on experience in installing, upgrading and configuring Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x and 7 using kickstart Servers and Interactive Installation. Used server build tools like Qumulus and vSphere for automation.
  • Worked with Database administrators to tune kernel for Oracle installations and also to build mongoDB as well as Oracle RAC servers.
  • Extensive experience in managing volumes/file systems using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and also configured volumes/file systems through network using NFS, NAS, SAN methodologies, installed and configured RAID devices.
  • Good knowledge in working with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), Veritas File System (VxFS), Veritas Net Backup, Veritas Clustering with SAN, NAS environment.
  • Expertise in Backup Management and Capacity management of mixed storage system environment.
  • Experienced in configuring RAID0, RAID1 (mirroring) and RAID5 for data redundancy using Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas File System.
  • Experience in creating and managing user accounts, security, disk space and process monitoring in Red Hat Linux.
  • Ability to think outside the box for solutions.
  • Good organization skills to balance and prioritize work.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Strong hands on experience in Installing and configuring Firewalld (new dynamic firewall provided with Redhat 7).
  • Proficient in Installation, configuration and administration of systems monitoring products (Patrol, Nagios and Check MK).
  • Extensive experience on managing logical volumes with LVM on RHEL7/CentOS7 and extend the existing logical volumes.
  • Installation and configuration of Puppet agents across different environments.
  • Write Puppet manifests for deploying, configuring, metric collection and monitoring.
  • Experience working with Vblock Infrastructure to perform Virtualization using VMWare ESX 3.5, vSphere 4.0 on RHEL servers.
  • Experienced in Backup management and managing storage. Proficient in setting up all kinds of incremental backups depending upon the real time situation of the servers.
  • Experienced in Installing Firmware upgrades, kernel patches, systems configuration, performance tuning on Unix/Linux systems.
  • Proficient in performing system upgrades, installing layered products, analyzing and troubleshooting complex production systems.
  • Experience in network administration, deploying and troubleshooting of DNS, LDAP, NIS, NFS, Network Interfaces and DHCP.
  • Strong technical background and experience in Storage, Disk Management, Logical Volume Management (LVM) and logical partitioning.
  • Professional Knowledge of networking (TCP/IP, Ethernet), NIS, DNS, NFS, DHCP, SMTP and RAID.
  • Used Puppet to manage Web Applications, Configuration Files, Data Base, Commands, Users Mount points, and packages.
  • Experience in Installing and configuring web hosting administration such as FTP, SSH, Telnet, and HTTP.
  • Experienced in installation of Puppet Master and Client and their configurations.
  • Experienced in installation and configuration of SAMBA.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving network issues related to the servers.
  • Worked on Grub, PXE boot, Kickstart, Packages, Yum, RPMs, LVM, file system configuration.
  • Managed Network monitoring tool - Nagios and security through IP tables.
  • Experienced in configuring firewalls using Linux.


Operating Systems: RedHat Linux 5/6 and7, SUSE 10 &11, Windows Servers 2000/2003/2008.

Software: VERITAS Volume Manager, VERITAS Cluster Service (VCS), HP Service Manager, SSL, JIRA, vmware vRealize, VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM).

Hardware: HP Proliant DL360G8, DL380G8, DL385 and DL560 DELL Poweredge 1750, 1850, 2850, R630, R730, R730XD

Web Technologies & Databases: Tomcat, APACHE 2.x, Web Logic (11 & 12) & Web Sphere 8/9, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle.

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, NIS, NFS, DNS, DHCP, Cisco Routers/Switches, WAN, SMTP, LAN, FTP/TFTP.

Programming Languages: C, SQL, XML, Ruby, Python, Perl, Bash Scripting, HTML

Backup Management: COMMVAULT, Veritas Netbackup 4.5, 5

File System: VxFS, UFS, Ext, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ZFS, XFS.

Monitoring Tools: Patrol, Check mk, Nagios.

Configuration Management tools: Puppet, Ansible and Chef


Confidential, PA

Systems Administrator / Associate Systems Engineer


  • Full range of system administration duties including security patching and troubleshooting
  • Participation on new projects and maintaining existing Linux / AIX systems.
  • Setup, customization, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining new and existing Linux and Unix (AIX) infrastructure.
  • Building new servers in all the environments, configure file systems and install all the required tools and applications.
  • Working with Puppet scripts to get the newly built severs added to the environment and set up the server as per the company standards.
  • Built, installed, and tested Linux and VMware servers based on requirements from Design and architecture or established standards.
  • Working on vSphere Client to connect to ESXi server and perform management tasks.
  • Worked with other team members during change control activities to ensure smooth migrations and implementations, including performing change tasks.
  • Providing user accesses and working on File ownership and permissions.
  • Working with Puppet scripts to get the new severs added to the environment.
  • Worked on various modules and manifests in Puppet to manage client configurations
  • Maintaining system documentation.
  • Tuning system performance.
  • Validating and implementing critical system patches.
  • Manage systems via Red Hat Satellite Server.
  • Monitor and correct issues involving, disk, memory, and CPU.
  • Support ad hoc requests from development teams.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux /AIX operating system including scripting, deployment automation, and general system administration.
  • Strong knowledge of networking and networking protocols.
  • Strong knowledge of virtual environments.
  • Strong knowledge of Satellite for RHEL patching.
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and automate processes.
  • Ability to quickly find solutions to unfamiliar problems (research skills).
  • In depth Knowledge of security practices (PCI-DSS).
  • Ability to follow change controls and security procedures.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to troubleshoot system problems.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Environment: RHEL v5,v6,v7; CentOS 4/5; VMWare ESXi; SAN (NetApp, EMC), Tomcat, Apache, Oracle, MySQL, Postfix, Puppet, Netbackup, OEM, Nagios, SVN, Shell Scripting, COMMVAULT, Patrol, Splunk, vCM, Puppet, Qumulus, Nexpose.

Confidential, FL

Systems Admin


  • Installation, configuration, performance turning, and troubleshooting of storage environments and products in a mid-sized SaaS environment .
  • Automated configuration and deployment of Linux and Windows machines using Puppet.
  • Used Puppet to manage Web Applications, Config Files, Data Base, Commands, Users Mount Points, and Packages.
  • Capacity management of mixed storage system environment .
  • Installation, configuration, performance turning, and troubleshooting of Linux environments and products .
  • Define, develop, and manage Linux and Windows OS images for use in a VMware environment .
  • Worked on creation of puppet manifest files to install tomcat instances and to manage configuration files for multiple applications.
  • Document system environments and the development of operational support guidelines and reference material.
  • Support Java based solutions in a Linux environment .
  • Work closely with information security personnel to identify and resolve security concerns .
  • Management and operations of a data center environment , server provisioning, monitoring, performance analysis, network configuration and management .
  • Create detailed specifications for redundancy, failover, and disaster recovery need to be planned and implemented .
  • Installed and configured monitoring and management tools from Dell - OMSA(Open Management Server Administrator) and OME (Open Manage Essentials).
  • Solution design, resource provisioning, system verification, and delivery.
  • Support of 3-tiered 24/7/365 high-availability SaaS environments including 24/7 on-call rotation .
  • Configuration and maintenance of common applications such as Apache, MySQL, NFS, NTP, SSH, DNS, and SNMP .
  • Installation and configuration of Puppet agents across different environments.
  • Write Puppet manifests for deploying, configuring, metric collection and monitoring.
  • Experience in Puppet Master and Client installation and configuration.
  • Configure and troubleshooting issues with NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI storage mounts.
  • Middle-Tier administration as well as application support and deployment .
  • Self-guided triage and follow-through skills to best respond to assigned duties .
  • Apache HTTP server .
  • Large-scale backup solutions and storage technologies .
  • Linux administration of 500+ servers on enterprise level .
  • Created various modules and manifests in Puppet to manage client configurations.
  • Administration of virtualized infrastructure for non-production/production environments .
  • Configuration management tool for environment buildouts (i.e. Cobbler, Kickstart, Satellite, Puppet, Cfengine) .
  • Installation, configuration and administration of systems monitoring products (i.e. Nagios and Check MK) .
  • Automation of tools for monitoring, process and documentations .
  • SAMBA, DNS, scripting experience to automate administrative tasks .
  • Sendmail, Postfix , Apache Tomcat, BIND, MySQL, Subversion (SVN) .
  • System security techniques and best practices.
  • Regular working hours with scheduled nights and weekends .
  • On-call support rotation for after-hours support .

Environment: RHEL v5,v6,v7; CentOS 4/5; VMWare ESXi; SAN (NetApp, EMC), F5, Tomcat, Apache, Oracle, OME, OMSA, MySQL, BIND, Postfix, Puppet, Netbackup, OEM, Nagios, SVN, GIT, Shell Scripting .

Confidential, CARBONDALE.



  • Installed, upgraded and configured RHEL 4.x and Sun Solaris 10/9.0/8.0 using Kickstart, Jumpstart Installation respectively.
  • Upgraded Solaris 8 to 9 and 9 to 10 on Sun servers and workstations. Added necessary patches using patchadd utility and scripts.
  • Configuration and administration of DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS and Samba in RedHat Linux, and Sun Solaris.
  • Network trouble shooting using traceroute, netstat, nmap and ifconfig .
  • Involved in Configuring DHCP server and giving IP addressing dynamically. FTP Server configuration in Linux.
  • Communicating with hardware/Network/Storage team for ticket handling.
  • Supporting 24/7 environment.
  • Incident management - Handling the tickets escalated by 1st level. Finding the root cause for the events and escalating to problem management.
  • High level escalations - to level 3 and availability management. Taking remote login to the servers by using ssh and telnet through putty for troubleshooting.
  • Daily health checking of servers for critical errors.
  • Managing Logical volumes with LVM.
  • Extensively worked on hard disk mirroring and stripe with parity using RAID controllers.
  • NFS Management - Take care of user accounts/groups, setting up of NFS Environment.
  • Software package/patch Administration involving adding software packages/patches and deleting software packages in Sun Solaris.

Environment: Linux(RHEL 4,5), LVM, Jumpstart, Symantec Netbackup, Nagios, SVN .

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