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Level 5 Cloud Support Engineer (linux) Resume

Herndon, VA


  • I am seeking a meaningful employment with the company as a Configuration Manager/Systems Administrator. A position that will allow me to utilize my extensive experience to address and solve company’s technical needs by applying my expertise in the areas of system/network administration, IT team management, shared services management, and software configuration management. An opportunity that will allow me to make meaningful contributions and system improvements to your company.
  • 13+ years of networking, system administration, and operations management experience on Windows and Linux.
  • Expertise with the following AWS Services: VPC, EC2, ELB, EBS, EFS, S3, Autoscaling, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, ElastiCache.
  • Knowledge on product development cycle and implementation of working infrastructure.
  • Skilled in multiple OS and monitoring/management software
  • Bash scripting with a working knowledge of SQL, XML.
  • Highly skilled troubleshooting and technical support abilities with excellent communication skills.
  • Self - motivated team player
  • Able to perform well in a fast pace environment


Confidential, Herndon, VA

Level 5 Cloud Support Engineer (Linux)

  • Provide cloud and Linux expertise and support with configuration
  • Provide customers guidance, troubleshooting, best practices
  • Research on root cause analysis and solutions to AWS enterprise and business customers regarding instance, OS, networking, and storage
  • Collaborate across entire AWS cloud platform to provide the right solution to fit customer's compute, network, and storage needs.
  • Utilized variety of monitoring tools to identify performance issues and pride timely resolution and guidance to customers
  • Assist customers in migrating their on-premise servers to AWS infrastructure.

Confidential, Washington, DC

System Administrator, Configuration Manager

  • Provided support to developers with code builds and deployments.
  • Set up IBM Rational Suit (Clear Case, Clear Quest, Quality Manager, Functional Tester)
  • Provided day to day production operations support and maintenance. Supported system users and
  • Troubleshooting any server/application issues.

Confidential, Hendon, VA

System/Network/Deployment Coordinator, Share Service Manager

  • Performed initial setup of a network and server infrastructure for the mortgage division.
  • Analyzed the needs and resources needed for product development.
  • Worked with management to find reasonable resolution that reduced costs and provided improved reliability and efficiency in a structured and well-managed environment
  • Led the project to migrate all the resources and applications from multitude of servers to one powerful server running ESXi5 hypervisor
  • Implemented backup processes using NAS for data storage with weekly full/daily differential backup strategy that included document backups, subversion code, database schemas and the rest of crucial data and information
  • Set up and maintained all of the Virtual Machines and allocated resources such as CPU/RAM/HD for each of the VMs based on the server’s roles
  • Installed Operating Systems and databases, as well as development/quality assurance instances, document servers, repository servers
  • Installed Linux CentOS 5/6, and Windows Server Operating Systems; configured and tuned all the VM servers. Setup Subversion 1.6, Apache HTTP server 2.2, Tomcat 6/7, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and other important software and services
  • Provided support, maintenance, and updating/upgrading the Virtual Infrastructure
  • Worked to establish groundwork and implementation of rules for security access control related to the networks and data and client hosted
  • Managed code and deployment processes including compiling and installing the company’s software on local network and on five production environments.
  • Performed maintenance and configuration of all production servers and firewalls. Provided installation and renewal of the SSL certificates, locally and for client’s production and test sites.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

System/Network Admin, Tech Lead, Configuration Manager

  • Worked closely with software engineers and data architects to support multiple projects throughout their lifecycle,
  • Managed vital local and remote resources and promote better communication/support and resource sharing between team members
  • Provided technical support, configuration management, Windows/Linux/Mac support, database administration, and shared services management.
  • Managed a heterogeneous Operating Systems environment, installing and running applications and databases on Windows and Linux
  • Oversaw the migration of projects repository from CVS to Subversion. SVN projects repositories code maintenance and backups.
  • Defined rules for code assembly as well as deployment processes and documentation for each project.
  • Provided systems administration services for headquarters office which encompassed installation of hardware/software and maintenance of server’s security systems, and configuration for 30 local Overture servers, as well as switches and firewalls.
  • Set up Domain Controller and management with DHCP and DNS.
  • Configured VPN connection for remote employees and customers and firewall’s security rules for incoming and outgoing traffic, including port forwarding, DMZ, and other essential policies and settings
  • Documented company’s IT security guidelines and policies.
  • Supported 60+ users, local and remote.
  • Monitored various applications such as servers, applications, databases, and services using combination of: Cacti, Nagios, and Spiceworks.
  • Implemented Kaspersky Enterprise Antivirus across the network.
  • Implemented companies’ backup systems across the entire network using NAS and external storage media with monthly offsite backup.
  • Installed Databases, support, maintenance
  • Troubleshooted Postgres, Oracle 9/10/11g, and Microsoft SQL Server on various Operating Systems.
  • Analyzed and recommend to senior management servers, security appliance, and peripheral equipment modifications to existing systems to improve the overall systems performance and lower costs
  • Managed an IT team that primarily was responsible for desktop support, fixing local users’ computers, projectors, and printers
  • Trained IT team to perform local source code builds and deployments.
  • Built and deployed source code to local, development/QA environments as well as on remote sites for the customers
  • Managed new code deployments to customers live production environments
  • Provided production environments support, administration, and maintenance as well as responsibility as a first emergency contact during off business hours
  • Provided support, including planning, design, and implementation of clients’ hosted networks/servers/security infrastructures
  • Implemented automation on some of the processes using bash scripting
  • Assisted with firewall access rules and VPN setup between client’s network and hosting company.
  • Worked diligently with Rackspace and Blackmesh hosting companies to provide reliable and robust environments to our customers
  • Troubleshooted and maintained OS, WEB Servers with mod jk configuration, SSL certification for apache and code signing, Tomcat Application Servers in a cluster setup and Overture’s applications. Database backups and schemas, DDL and DML changes.

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