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Redhat System Administrator Resume

Hyattsville, MD


Self - motivated and talented system administrator, offering over three years of experience in a Unix/Linux environment and experienced in several flavors of Linux, such as Redhat, Centos and Ubuntu. Installed/deployed and support web and proprietary applications on both physical and virtual Servers. Provide ongoing management, performance-tuning and Tier 3 support for Linux and UNIX systems. Solidly credentialed -achieved Redhat systems administrator Certification. Strong grasp of computer security, assorted operating systems, numerous applications and mixed platforms.


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and customer handling skills.
  • Ability to document procedures and processes accurately.
  • Performance tuning/Configurations.
  • System Installation, configuration and upgrading.


Redhat system Administrator

Confidential, Hyattsville, MD


  • Installation of new/rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, services, settings, directories etc., in accordance with baseline and operational requirements.
  • Files permission management i.e. controls users access to system files.
  • Users account management i.e. creates, change and delete user accounts as needed.
  • Create ACL's and perform group collaboration on the system as needed.
  • Build an offline and online repository.
  • Perform packages/Software management i.e. installing and apply operating system patches/updates on a regular basis.
  • Installation and Configuration of Apache http server, vsftp server, mysql server, NFS server, ntp server, autofs, Drupal application server.
  • Installation and configuration of load balancer for distributing request to nodes/servers.
  • Develop, contribute to and maintain installation and configuration baseline as well as system standards.
  • Perform disk storage management which include physical disk and disk logical volume manager LVM i.e. use Linux utilities such as lvextend, vgextend, etc. to increase file systems as needed.
  • Installation and configuration of security systems such as AIDE in accordance with company operational Procedures.
  • Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusion.
  • Use Nagios monitoring Tool to monitor file system, Disk usage, System service, users, system applications, System Network, Infrastructure.
  • Perform daily reviewing of system and application logs, while verifying successful completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Perform troubleshooting analysis to rectify issues by instituting best practices in system log analysis and system software auditing.
  • Perform periodic file archival and purge as necessary using tar or cpio.
  • Maintain and update standard operation procedures and service maintainable manuals.
  • Monitor Linux System and Linux scripts regularly using Nagios monitoring Tool and perform troubleshooting steps.
  • Provide daily support to software developers and application team.
  • Use remedy ticketing tool to respond to and track requests.
  • Recommend innovative and where possible new approaches for system administrator tasks.
  • Test and install the latest software on server for end-users.
  • Configure and fine Tune cloud infrastructure system.
  • Implementation and managing Users Account using AWS IAM.
  • Installation and configuration of virtual cloud instances.
  • Implementation and managing AWS S3, EBS storage and AWS backup.
  • Support cloud servers including security configurations, patching, and troubleshooting
  • Establish Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network to customer environments.
  • Editing AWS policies for automating clients and Instances functions.
  • Monitor automated systems recovery solutions .

Linux system Administrator

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Installing, configuring and maintaining the Linux servers and workstations.
  • Maintaining the network environment as well as the health of the network and servers.
  • Updating and upgrading of the network hardware and software.
  • Provide solutions by complying with the security standards of the company.
  • Involved in setting up and configuring new systems Installing and maintaining the application software and coordinating the networking connectivity.
  • Remain updated with the current knowledge in Linux system.
  • Responsible for evaluating the hardware and software technologies.
  • Identify and analyze the issues that hamper the performance of the system and recommend the solutions for the issues
  • Identify the discrepancies in the system, to assess the risks, and to implement solutions by adhering to the security standards of the company.
  • Monitor important services and servers.
  • Troubleshoot the server related issues, implement solution, make sure that proper backup is provided and adhering to the security standard of the company
  • Maintain proper documentation of all the procedures, configurations, programs etc
  • Support the requests of the users and solve any problems related with the Linux servers, Workstations and technical queries.
  • Provide the much needed customer support through e-mail, telephone, knowledge based programs and other resources.

Pharmacy Technician

Confidential, Oak Park, Mi


  • Sorting pills and counts the pills.
  • Creating prescription label that display patient name, prescription name, doctor name pharmacist name etc.
  • Reviewing medication side effects.
  • Read prescriptions and take prescriptions over the phone from doctors.
  • Put or input prescriptions into the computers.
  • Greeting customers and sell the prescriptions to the customer.
  • Preparing insurance claim forms.
  • Maintaining inventory and maintaining patient profiles.
  • Tutoring the following Linux objective to the above institution:
  • Installation and Configuration of difference Linux distributions/flavors i.e. Redhat, Centos, Fedora and Debian
  • Basic Linux commands.
  • Files permission management i.e. special permission, access control list ACL
  • Users account management i.e. add and delete users account, setup group collaboration.
  • Configuration of static network and implement ways to monitor intruder to the network.
  • Build an offline and an online repository for uploading rpm packages to the system.
  • Packages/Software management i.e. installs, delete, and update or patch system software.
  • Disk storage management which include physical disk partition, creating logical volume in LVM disk and manage file system.
  • Analyzing system log files for troubleshoot system issues.
  • Setting and implementing firewall security to system services, servers and network.
  • SElinux management which include implementing SElinux state and mode, SElinux context and SElinux Boolean etc.
  • Installation and configuration of apache http, vsftp, mysl, nfs servers etc.
  • Installation and configuration of kickstart use for installing multiple machines.

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