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Network And Security Architect Resume

Columbia, MD


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) ~ Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) ~ Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) ~ Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) (Pending)Solutions - oriented Networking Architect with over 10 years of experience analyzing, designing and leading the implementation of technology solutions that meet business needs
  • Strong skills and experience in network security infrastructure design, maintenance, and support on a variety of platforms.
  • Experienced in recommending the appropriate upgrades, patches, new applications, security measures, and equipment required to ensure optimum system performance.
  • Able to provide technical support and guidance to users to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Strong business, management, organizational planning, and time management skills and a track record of implementing effective security solutions that have met business needs in highly confidential environments.
  • Capable of effectively leading cross-functional teams to complete upgrades, migrations, and data center relocation on time, under budget, and with minimal downtime.


Testing Tools: Sniffers, Protocol Analyzers, and Performance Monitors.

Software / Tools: Star, Heat, Remedy, Service Center, What’s Up Gold, Nagios, FogLight, SpotLight, SolarWinds, SevOne, SNA, VNC, OpenSSH, Tscrack, Tsgrinder, Brutus, Nmap, Snort, Nessus, IP scanners, Active Directory, RAID Manager, Think Client, SQL injections, Java, Nimbus, Netcool, Hyper-V, VMware, Apache, IIS, Citrix, SharePoint, Cain & Abel, John the Riper, Wireshark, ARP spoofing, AirCrack, AirMon, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Office Suit, Nagios ETC…


Hardware: Toshiba, Procurve, Compaq, HP, Confidential, Sony, Acer, IBM, and Custom Built PC and peripherals. Cisco equipment, SonicWALL’s, Blades, UTP, Fiber, Coax, CAT 5, 6, PCB components.

Languages: English


Confidential, Columbia, MD

Network and Security Architect


  • Planned, built and implemented a Hot Disaster Recovery site for the company (WAN)
  • Mitigated major DDoS attacks on network, working closely with FBI
  • PCI Compliance issues, Performed entire network revamp
  • Successfully planned and implemented virtualization of over 20 servers to cut back on hardware and power costs.
  • Successfully consolidated switches for backups and to re - purpose them to other networks.
  • Built and hardened a major SFTP server for banks to securely login and grab files every 5 minutes.
  • Planned and executed penetration tests on Internet facing systems using social engineering, brute forcers, SQL injections, cross site scripting, ect
  • Built VLANs for each department on a user base ID system so they can work from home but still be on their respective VLAN. This helped bring down network utilization, collisions, bandwidth, it cut back spending on hardware and time.
  • Planned and executed major ISP change from 3 T1s to Fast E on fiber, along with 3 PRIs and PBX upgrades.

Confidential, Essex, MD

Network Command Center ( Confidential ) Assistant - Manager


  • Successfully manage a group of eight staff members.
  • Monitor networking devices and core application servers for the DHRIS.
  • Played a key role for the Confidential -GNOC integration.
  • Provided support for the Confidential - Confidential data migration.
  • Assisted in identifying and resolving network issues that were delaying the data synchronization between the two facilities.
  • Promoted, built and implemented a new Intranet site using flash
  • Identified and promoted new activities that allowed members of the Confidential staff to obtain and master new skills.

Confidential, Essex, MD

Network Security Engineer


  • Evaluated networks infrastructure to identify possible trouble areas, points of failure, security risks, and recommend possible solutions for improvement. Provided consultation on new hardware and software purchases.
  • Setup, configured and maintained firewalls.
  • Setup, configured, secured, and administered Windows 2000/2003/2008 servers.
  • Deployed and managed Exchange servers and antispam solutions.
  • Deployed and managed Antivirus solutions.
  • Installed, configured and monitored backup devices.
  • Played a key role with Intrusion Detection Systems to help mitigate hacking attempts.
  • Planned and executed a disaster recovery simulation, checklist, walk through, and full outage.
  • Planned Hot and warm site recovery facilities in the event of disaster.
  • Planned and executed penetration tests on internet facing systems using social engineering, brute forcers, SQL injections, cross site scripting, ect…
  • Implemented policies to secure access to corporate data.
  • Managed corporate access system.

Confidential, Jackson, MI

Network Engineer


  • Liaison for the network upgrade\migration from a 2003 environment to Active Directory 2008. The project entailed upgrading the LAN\WAN infrastructure for the entire organization including hardware.
  • Managed site-to-site relocation for a mid-sized client.
  • The project encompassed LAN/WAN architecture redesign, server’s consolidation, identifying new service providers, implementation of a new Confidential device.
  • Ensured minimal network downtime.
  • Created new backup strategies for clients, utilizing Confidential tape drives and off site tape rotations (Depending on the client).
  • Managed and performed a major project to fix all Confidential PC’s from local school.
  • From hardware diagnostics to main board component fixes and virus removals. Also setting up multiple images and a WOL image server for easy restores.

Confidential, Jackson, MI

Network Administrator


  • Created Network Documentation: assessed network infrastructure and resources to identify potential points of failure, security breaches, and areas of improvements. Developed disaster preparedness plan.
  • Played a key role in wiring the new open heart surgery building and implementing all new networking hardware to accommodate.
  • Network Upgrade - upgraded Domain Controllers, Firewall, and Switches.
  • Upgraded phone system. Hardware and software upgrade.
  • Implemented IT Helpdesk Heat to provide a better level of service to the company employees.
  • Created new procedures: new laptop checkup list; laptop checkup program; equipment checkout list.
  • Found ways to save the hospital money by turning doctor’s dictations into electronic documents.

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