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Devops Engineer Resume


  • 7 years of cross - platform experience in system administration, with a MS degree in Applied Mathematics, including designing, installation, analyzing,maintaining and repairing hardware, software, peripherals, and networks.
  • Develop exceptional relationship with co-workers, management and end users.
  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills. Fluent in Russian and Turkish.


AWS, Cloud, Jenkins, Ansible, Automaiton, Hadoop, Docker, Mysql, Nagios, Mongo, Linux, Centos, Debian, Redhat, DNS, DHCP, FTP, SFTP, ftps,tftp, proxy server, shell bash scripting, upgrades, web servers, ubuntu, jira, tcp, udp, dhcp, bootable ISO modification, driver injection, browser testing, virsh, qemu, vmware, xen, opennebula, zenoss, RAID,LVM, vSphere, virtualization, grub, load balancer, haproxy, Hadoop, python, git.


DevOps Engineer


  • Administration Oracle Cloud infrastructure with Ansible, Jenkins and custom tools. Application layer troubleshooting and management.
  • Deploy and maintain servers (hadoop, hbase, web, DHCP, DNS, syslog, VoIP,proxy servers, firewalls) virtual machines, Oracle VM, Oracle Ravello. Configure network on Cisco switches and DNS servers.Write bash scripts for monitoring systems and system inventory, custom Nagios monitoring scripts, scripts for supporting hadoop clusters. Maintain data centers with over 300 servers. Hadoop CDH installation and maintenance.
  • Write custom cookbooks and recipes for Chef on Bash, Python.
  • Manage build deployments with Jenkins.
  • Create and support Docker, registry, provisioning. (dockerfile, docker-compose)
  • Maintain Zabbix and Nagios ( OMD: Icinga + check mk)

Linux System Administrator


  • Support AWS and automated custom autoscaling from scratch with dynamic monitoring.
  • Network troubleshooting, ACLs and Security Groups configurations.
  • Site reliability, troubleshooting and tuning.
  • Provisioning and installing updates with Chef on 200 VM and machines.
  • Write custom cookbooks for chef on Python.
  • Install Apache Tomcat, httpd, Java, maintain and troubleshoot.

DevOps Linux Administrator


  • 24/7 support of hybrid environment with physical and virtual machines in local and remote colocations and Amazon AWS
  • Monitoring and writing scripts in Bash and Perl for Nagios and Icinga, CheckMK, Monit
  • Handled provisioning for over 500 machines via Puppet and Ansible.
  • Monitoring 3 Hadoop clusters with 200+ nodes and 1+ PB storage.
  • Writing scripts for monitoring and handling issues on whole infrastructure
  • Supporting auto scaling automation of AWS instances based on QPS value and load
  • Installation and troubleshooting load balancers, internal and external DNS servers.
  • Percona MySQL server installation, backup and troubleshooting
  • Created, maintained VMs on XEN
  • Provided technical support for team like installation of OS, other software and troubleshooting
  • Managed user access for internal sites, VPN, Jira, Gmail etc
  • Kept inventory documentations for hardware and software
  • Worked with 3rd party companies for purchasing necessary equipment and software
  • Mounted new machines as needed, troubleshoot network issues, configured Dell switches

System Administrator / Web Designer


  • creating website designs producing sample sites meeting with clients to discuss requirements and/or project progress demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites keeping up to date with recent technological and software developments developing skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages such as HTML and Perl administrating Application Server, Windows Server

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