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Linux / Windows System Administrator Resume


  • Software depots and patch management. Red Hat, HP - UX, AIX, Fedora, Ubutu
  • Disaster Recovery: IGNITE, KickStart, jumpstart and home grown scripts.
  • Performance tuning.
  • 10 years field on loan to major LAB’s HP-UX, AIX, SOLARIS, VERITAS and Red Hat.
  • Scripting: shell, bash, csh, Perl and small amount of MYSQL.
  • Software platforms: HP-UX .3X Linux, UBuntu, Fedora, Red hat, Sun Solaris all supported releases. IBM AIX all supported releases. Also Suse, Centos when needed.
  • VMware, IBM, HP hard and virtual partisans.
  • HP ProLiant, ITANIUM Integrity/Superdome, and blade servers.
  • Compellent, Hitochi, EMC and IBM disk Arrays as well as HP EVA and over arrays.
  • Open View Data-protector, HP Backup products and some Tivoli.
  • HPSA and Redhat Satellite and Chef Products.
  • Hp, AIX, Red-hat and VERITAS enterprise Clustering
  • HP ServiceGaurd and clustering.
  • Pars, Vpars Lpars
  • IBM P-6,7series, and P -8.
  • Knowledge of PCI and SOX audits.
  • BMC Remedy, Clarify, CRM and other ticketing systems.
  • VMware users group member.
  • Oracle Rac and Oracle system performance tuning.
  • Familiar with Netapps both open and proprietary.
  • Apache and Tomcat stacks.
  • Samba under Solaris, Ubutu HP-UX and Fedora.
  • HP-UX, and REDHAT HITACHI and Brcade/Mcdata, Partial AIX Disk subsystems and Sun networking certifications.
  • I helped write HP-UX, REDEHAT IBM and SUN certification tests.
  • In-depth training from the following LABs. Confidential, Sun, RED HAT, IBM. Over five years assigned to these labs.
  • Certifications- HP-UX, Red-Hat Linux 4,5,6,7, Parts of AIX and Solaris.
  • Attended Century College Advanced Windows 2012 training MSME/MCSA, received 3.0.



Linux / Windows System Administrator

  • I am currently a part of a 8 person team maintaining some 2800 windows servers Mostly running Oracle SQL and home grown software packages For the internal data centers and 200 plus remote sites.
  • These servers where mostly physical until 1.5 years ago at which point we began upgrading in two ways. Moving to a majority of VMware systems or in some cases a physical with VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V. We also upgraded from .
  • Personally, I am responsible for some 80 Virtual systems and half of our 120 physical systems placed remotely across the State of Minnesota.
  • Developed a life cycle document for the state that complies with State and Federal auditors for equipment removal.
  • Instituted a. firmware upgrade policy at the state saving approximately 50K per year.
  • Instituted a new way of defragmentation of physical disks as well as VMware structures to save disk space enterprise wide.
  • Mainly worked MNsure break fix over 1000 Linux systems. Also on the State’s IBM Z series and a number of IBM P’s and Solaris8-9 and familiar with 10 systems. Also upgrades Linux 4-5 to 6.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Factory Escalation Support: HP-UX, AIX, Linux, Solaris

  • I am National/World support for the Confidential / Compellent Array division specializing in Unix/Linux bases systems along with VMWARE for L3 support (escalations). We support three call center. As well as many hundred resellers of the arrays.
  • Duties include break-fix of the Compellent line as well as repair or correction of any issues encountered on the Unix/Linux based systems.
  • Performance issues with the compellent line.
  • Reading VMware core dumps after tooling.
  • Work on Sox PCI vpn compliance issues. I helped Implemented a 4096 bit encryption key VPN system compellent the division.
  • Nas performance tuning.
  • Helping to mentor new hires and train them via best practices.
  • Interface with the Labs on both enhancements and flaws.
  • When necessary we work with customers on warranty replacements.
  • Troubleshooting both Brocade and cisco switches.
  • Tuning Iscsi and DR sites and remote copy as well as live volume.
  • Identifying performance issues as needed.
  • Helped run our Lab to reproduce problems on Red hat Linux 5,6,7, Aix 5-7, Solaris 710, Zen, ESX/VMware Windows, Linux, HP-UX 10.2-11.31.


Blue Print Engineering. Linux/ Unix System Administrator

  • We as a group provide the build team with a step by step document for their builds. This includes all


System Admin IBSS Division

  • Part of Wells Fargo Wachovia Sox remediation group, repairing 8000 plus Servers, 15000 Virtual systems to meet SOX standards. Supporting All Linux, REDHAT, SUSE,. AIX 5- current, Tandem, HP-UX and Sun. when needed we also help the Mainframe group. We are also responsible for all installs and upgrades to the O/S. In our free time we take the break fix calls in the Queue’s, and projects such as changing over the current san switches to a more powerful one’s.


Second level Unix Administrator Support

  • Contracted for IBM which in turn has been hired to supply all levels of support of the Honeywell Enterprise. Some of the other enterprises include Pratt & Whitney, Valance, Cigna and Proctor & Gamble and ING to name a few. We offer support on IMB, HP, Confidential, and Sun hardware just for a few. We also provide second and third level administration support for SUSE, AIX, HP-UX, OZ, Solaris Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, Tivoli, and McData/Brocade. San/NAS storage, also IBM, HP and VERITAS virtualizations and VMware.
  • IBM HP-UX and Red hat clustering. Sun clustering as lpars as well, but I always mix up the terms.
  • Performance tuning of systems. Including Fabre switches and disk arrays and networks.
  • Created databases under AIX to test against customer data and submitted recommendations.
  • Repair of the system security when Honeywell internal broke same example the password rule set called for a min of 10 characters in the password. This could only repeat after three hundred changes. The issue was the computer-generated password used characters not on the keyboards in India and Bosnia.
  • Wrote a script to reset the riverbed switches when hung or suspected to be hung, IBM Z series to riverbeds.
  • Tivoli support for the Twin Cities area. Including librarian duties.
  • System trouble shooting including diagnostics to the FRU level on IBM, Confidential, SUN, HP, DEC, and Tandem.
  • Repair of the passwords, and security structures.
  • Network switches I simply follow the procedures. YP (NIS), DHCP, NFS and Ldap admin as when the security team requests.
  • Installation of patches as needed per the Company policy. Example only gold bundles that have been out for more than six months.
  • Repair of broken scripts as Oracle 9.X and10.X start and stop scripts.
  • Data recovery do to the customer removing directories, files, or hardware, bugs and issue in all revision’s of Microsoft. That being if the parity does not change on a mount point Microsoft sees it as good data.
  • Aix clustering under 4, 5, and XX.
  • IBM we had over 100 AIX 4.X to 5.X P5’s P7’s and P9s we called them, P7’s and P-8 beta Suse units. Systems running HACFS and VERITAS Clustering Suite VCS with RAC and HP blades systems.
  • We had fifty plus HP Superdomes, all flavors including preproduction in running 11.x and service guard.
  • Linux Redhat from 4 to the current 6.
  • Worked on performance of the data warehousing systems.
  • Repair of O/S types Sun Solaris to rev 10, AIX, Red hat last 3., HP-UX, OSF, UBUTU to remote data centers in AZ, FL, with in the 50 states, and India. Total enterprise of 3600 plus servers. We also backed up the 15,000 workstations.
  • Note I read Solaris, AIX, Linux and HP-UX system dumps and core files.
  • Worked very hard at keeping the NFS mount points up. Since this was Department of Defense work we had to support software and any parts, or part numbers for thirty years. Do to this it was in the enterprise we had to use a combination of Samba, NFS, hardmonts and auto mounts. Do to the compatibility of the three versions of NFS.
  • Requested facilities, and union clean up z inc whisker contamination in three computer rooms as well as adhere to safety standards.

Confidential, Bloomington, MN

Sr. Systems Administrator

  • Implemented and administered NFS servers.
  • Created file systems to customer specifications. Including volume type and size HFS and Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Backed Up systems with Net backup/Omni back DATAPROTECTOR.
  • Installed new systems and readied them for production including cabling computer room.
  • Monitored tape silos.
  • Customized Oracle DBA scripts.
  • Monitored disaster recover site and tested same.
  • Maintained VMware.
  • Maintained the HDS arrays with a product called STORAGE which is like VERITAS
  • Corrected HDS array configuration. This improved performance and kept array’s from data corruption during outages
  • Corrected HDS array configuration. This improved performance and kept arrays from data corruption during outages.
  • Supported the Red Hat web servers running apache/ tomcat.
  • Limited AIX involvement when needed by KODAK.
  • Managed Team Center database
  • CNTL-M.
  • Trained in Third party on infrastructure. Donaldson had determined to OUT source all of IT to Mid-wave and India..
  • Oracle RAC 9.X tuning. Over the last few years Oracle had slowed down

Confidential, MN

HP-UX, Linux and Hardware National Technical Support

  • Assigned to HP Labs for over 5 years on the Superdome, N, P, RX, and I series of systems. Working with both Npars and Vpars and Capacity on demand issues.
  • Spent time in the following labs for support of EMC and Hitachi.
  • First non lab team to install and run Red Hat on HP blade severs.
  • Consulted on several major contracts for HP provided network and help desk support.
  • Worked with Customer Engineers, Response Center Engineers and directly with
  • Customers to quickly resolve escalated issues for HP’s full line of Servers and disk arrays.
  • Also worked on all supported operating systems, HP, and Linux Redhat both Intel, Itanium, Integrity and x86.
  • IBM AIX Sun Solaris fiber channel to EVA, EMC and HDS arrays as well as Veritas Volume Manager Storage.
  • Customized patch bundles for customers based on need. This was mostly contract dependant.
  • Engaged lab and factory to resolve customer issues when needed.
  • Customized patch bundles for customers based on need.
  • During Array installs supported AIX and Solaris as well as Red hat.
  • Read customer system software dumps and hardware dumps to resolve problems.
  • Repaired or fixed Vpars, Npars as needed.
  • Installed and configured Service Guard and Clustering.
  • Configured HDS arrays when needed.
  • Also supported True-64, Sun Solaris, and AIX.

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