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Director Of It And Security Resume

Newark, DelawarE


  • Organizational leader with experience in established firms and industries and start ups
  • Expert in the creative design and delivery of cost - effective, high performance IT & Telecom services & infrastructure.
  • Strong IT & Telecoms background with proven ability to build and manage creative, highly technical teams.
  • Resource manager able to continuously improve BAU activities and special projects
  • Trusted advisor to senior leadership on customer support & technical strategy, cost control and resource management
  • Driver of efficiencies with IT, staff and vendor performance and cost
  • Coach to staff on technical and resource management skills, enabling improved customer satisfaction and issue resolution turn around time
  • Customer driven focus, using customer satisfaction as the driver of organizational change
  • Data Center creation and operations expertise
  • Change agent able to drive improvement in different environments and corporate cultures
  • Implemented Green energy critical power purchase agreement, offsetting need to maintain legacy generators & battery systems, reducing available DC footprint & lowering overall longterm cost.
  • Drove IT costs down while upgrading refurbished hardware by leveraging vendor partnerships and understanding vendor bottom line costs.
  • Grew successful support & IT organization in limited talent pool market by identifying raw technical aptitude and relentless coaching of business and technical skills
  • Developed internal reporting mechanism used by telco leadership to identify regional bandwidth bottlenecks, proactively planning expansion without having to react to bottlenecks, ultimately improving customer sat
  • Efficiently smoothed customer incident spikes, both internal and external customers, leveraging partnership with development & sales engineers, allowing for staff growth to align with account attrition.


LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, VLAN, Wireless LAN (802.11 a/b/g)

Physical: PRI - MetroEthernet, SONET/SDH, MEF, Wireless 802.11, 802.16, 802.20 L2 MPLS, VPLS, Metro Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, PPP and ISDN, Gigabit Ethernet, 8021aq SPB L3 Routing Protocols BGP, MP-BGP OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, RIPv1/v2

QoS: Priority/Custom Queuing, traffic shaping, traffic policing

Voice/VoIP: Cisco UCM, Asterisk, Fonality, Digium, Avaya

Routers: Cisco, Juniper, ALU 7x50, Brocade, Quagga

SDN: OpenFlow, Frenetic, SD-WAN, Cisco ACI, OpenDaylight Beryllium, VMWare NSX

NMS: HP Openview, NetScout, OpenNMS, Zenoss, Nagios, NetCool, Confidential

Security: Firewall, Proxy and Gateway deployments and testing, vulnerability assessment and penetration analysis

Security Protocols: IPsec, PPTP/L2TP, PKI, SSL, 802.1x, TLS DMZ, IDS/IPS, DLP

Firewall: PaloAlto, Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA, Iptables, PF, Checkpoint

Network services: Radius, TACACS, Cisco ACS, DNS, DHCP, NTP, HTTP (Apache/nginx), SSH, TLS

Test/Modeling: Smartbits, IXIA, Protocol analyzers, Spectrum, Agilent, Riverbed/ Opnet Network Simulator, Cariden Mate

Service Management & SDLC: JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis, Redmine, Service Now ITSM, Samanage

OSS/BSS Systems: Granite, Xpercom, Syndesis, TR-069 provisioning, ALU 5620, 5520, 5523

Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, MS Windows 3-10, OSX, Free & OpenBSD All Flassh Arays, NAS, SAN

Virtulization: VMWare, KVM, Openstack, Zerto

Storage: EMC VNX, Pure Storage, NimbleStorage, NAS, FiberChannel, iSCSI

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sq-Lite

Tools: /Misc Wireshark, tcpdump, Ethereal, Nmap, Nessus, VNC, Jconsole, Open SSL

Scripting: Basic Bash shell scripting, sed, awk, learning python

Cloud VMs: Amazon AWS, MS Azure

Business SDLC Apps: Salesforce Administration, Zendesk, Jira, Confluence

Business Customer Management: Salesforce, Desk.com, Zendesk

Business Intelligence: GoodData, Domo, Tableau


Confidential, Newark, Delaware

Director of IT and Security


  • Maintained a $5 Million department budget, negotiating contracts & pricing with vendors, keeping pace with 50%+ year over year staff growth.
  • Implemented IT Service Desk policies & procedures around ITILv3 framework coupled closely with Agile methodologies.
  • Oversaw and scaled data center growth from 300 to 8500 Linux VMs, 4 racks to 25, within 4 years.
  • Closely worked with architects and contractors to launch 50k sq/ft building with Data Center facility at Confidential Campus.
  • Lead migration and development of Confidential, HQ and Delaware Tech Innovation centers - migrating hundreds of staff & systems with no business downtime.
  • Architected and executed the Tier 3 Data Center (which includes critical uninterruptable power using Bloom Energy, cooling, racks and fire suspension at cost below $50k per rack.
  • Split security team from IT, creating & deploying ISO 27001 controls, policies, & processes.

Director of Product Support and IT



  • Grew small team of 5 to 50 staff, maintaining a $6 Million combined budget for 4 departments.
  • Opened Confidential support facility, developed and launched Confidential Technical Account Manager Program: customer, partner and developer shared dedicated lab team, customer network operations group, and launched IT team.
  • Initiated and kicked off upgraded ‘powered by ebay’ datacenter components by leveraging vendor relationships, saved an average of 70% or greater discounts.
  • Scaled team by 1000% in 3 years, developed ITSM processes, training, mentored engineer graduates, and tech savants into a world class support service.
  • Improved first response times, resolution times without diminishing cust sat.
  • Implemented 24/7 staffed support model and successfully staffed two US based offices.
  • Lead service management initiative, implementing ITILv3 incident and problem management, improving incident response times, decreasing closure
  • Initiated escalation team program, performing zero data loss upgrades
  • Launched customer community and built new customer onboarding program, reducing new customer incidents & improving customer sat.
  • Developed and launched 24/7 Network Operations Center with 500k annual budget, leveraging success of customer service department.
  • Developed and launched internal lab team, improving technical sales & development environments using both simulated & hardware appliances
  • Launched IT team from support group.

Confidential, Honolulu, HI

Lead Engineer


  • Lead Engineer responsible for establishing Hawaiian Telcom's Capacity Planning, Performance Monitoring, Network Modeling and long term Traffic engineering policies after divestiture from Verizon
  • Co-engineer to design and build L2/L3 IP-VPN network capable of delivering a full triple play solution
  • Evaluated and deployed out Confidential Performance Management & OPNET modeling systems to cover both legacy ATM/TDM and next gen IP/MPLS networks
  • Team lead to develop and implement first phase IPTV solution
  • Lead engineering initiative to consolidate engineering inventory and planning records into unified DB & implement both Transport and Network modeling data
  • Engineering planner to assist in L2/L3 IP-VPN, Residential High Speed Internet, IPTV, Business VoIP and wholesale new product offerings
  • Lead technical support engineer for major and critical network operations issues
  • Established processes & policies for Engineering & Planning build thresholds
  • Work with direct yearly capacity tools budget of 500K and directly influence engineering forecast budget of $50M USD

Confidential, New York, New York

Systems Engineer


  • Lead presales engineer developing, beta testing and integrating the Network Operations Center and manager for engineering development of the security appliance S-MAN.
  • Worked with Nextel Communications through Flarion Networks to implement a mobile wireless data and voice trial network implementing Flash OFDM for wireless transport, IP routed core and mobile handoff between basestations/sectors via mobile IP.
  • Established and managed multi-tiered NOC for Nextel Communications with Flarion Technologies
  • TMobile integration engineer within CDMA 3G Lab to implement and troubleshoot voice and data test networks.
  • Designed the meshed VPN management network, provided advice on managed security solutions, wrote all SLA’s and network architect and network upgrades through to complete customer infrastructure upgrades, built large scale network deployment and element/network optimization.
  • Managed technical integration and design team. Made all final technical decisions for in-house developed managed security appliance. Final interface for customer related issues.
  • Companies worked with via consulting: T-Mobile, Flarion Technologies, NYK, Custom Computer, UPC Netherlands, SIAC/NYSE


Principle Technical Specialist


  • Managed core data network and designed/integrated over 200 ATM/IP/MPLS backbone routers and switches for Germany's largest wireless ISP. Wrote BPG policies and and implemented a meshed LSP's core network. Tested and implemented the automated provisioning system and CRM/SLM system for core backbone.
  • Made all final technical IP core and Management Network decisions. Developed low-cost DCN network based on existing core DWDM and MPLS backbone. Designed and implemented network security platform utilizing Checkpoint firewalls and RealSecure for IDS system.
  • Migrated 75 Million Euro German ATM/IP network into Confidential -21 Core Juniper based MPLS network in 6 month time frame. Migrated core ATM paths to MPLS LSP's and integrated Confidential ATM switches into Nortel managed core with minimal impact to Netcool core
  • Developed and integrated in-house DNS, NTP, DHCP, MRTG, LDAP, Kerberos, NIS, BGP peer servers, radius, Automated Provisioning System, Network Performance and Fault management systems and logging servers. Rewrote NOC core network and OSS/BSS technical design plans and procedure documentation. Provided a secure, resilient scalable management network.
  • Trained all Network Operations Staff in Basic and Intermediate ATM and IP troubleshooting skills.
  • Proposed and then won development of testing lab for Confidential -21 Networks lab. Tested multi-vendor IP, MPLS, ATM and Wireless access devices.


Principle Integration Engineer


  • Provided presales and integration expert support for ATM products. Coordinated verification and deployment of products and upgrades.
  • Lead engineer to test, design and present proof of concept to France Telecom, winning a major ATM edge network.
  • Technical point of contact for all ATM support & presales in Confidential .
  • Key Pre and Post Sales Engineer for Telefonica Mobile network, Omnitel Vodafone, France Telecom, British Telecom, KPN and Eirecomm Telecom networks.
  • Developed and coordinated one of Europe's largest integration labs worth 20 million USD
  • Worked directly with Confidential Product development and marketing to evaluate and assess high profile customers with all ATM, GSM and 3G UTRAN and future MPLS core network transport.
  • Worked on development, alpha & beta testing, of world’s first implemented compressed voice and integrated C7 signaling over AAL2. Built, tested and implemented trial network.
  • Oversaw training, product information, and release schedules. Deployed large-scale wireless network across North America. Assessed product capabilities and performed comprehensive testing for client approval.

Confidential, Jersey City, New Jersey

Systems Engineer


  • Provided project and on-call support for client LANs/WANs. Installed, integrated, and analyzed networks. Resolved network problems. Designed client-specific solutions. Coordinated bids and implementation plans.
  • Developed ATM infrastructure technology as collapse backbone using Ethernet and ATM Spanning Tree protocol implementation. Resident engineer converting broadband network to Ethernet with ATM backbones.
  • Installed routers at remote site via T1 using ISDN dial backup. Implemented ATM LANE networks and Network Management Systems with HP OpenView.
  • Developed in-house Nationwide Frame Relay/ISDN backup link between 8 remote national offices.

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