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Systems Engineer Resume

Basking Ridge, NJ


  • Over 20 years cross - platform experience in systems administration including patch and package management as well as analyzing, designing, building, configuring, installing and maintaining hardware, peripherals, software and networks.
  • Strong experience managing teams including but not limited to interviewing, hiring, training, mentoring, and supervising junior team members as well as doing performance reviews.
  • Strong experience with identifying risks and update/upgrade possibilities through proactive environment reviews.
  • Strong experience managing and executing multi-site and multi-platform technology projects.
  • Strong experience in and big proponent of automating processes to optimize efficiencies in computing environments.
  • Experienced with virtualization including but not limited to setup, cloning, resource administration.
  • Strong experience in multiple server, desktop, and mobile computing hardware.
  • Experienced in TCP/IP network management, monitoring and physical cabling.
  • Experienced in installation and maintenance of network based backup (Netbackup, ArcServe, IBM ADSM) and antivirus software packages (McAfee).
  • Very strong experience in UNIX shell scripting and Windows batch file programming as well as able to do Perl and C/C++ debugging. Have programmed in PHP, HTML/CSS, Python and JavaScript.
  • Experienced in setup and builds of disk file systems (UFS, JFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, vxfs) using native volume managers (Sun SDS, HP LVM, AIX LVM, Linux LVM) and Veritas volume manager.
  • Experienced in setup and configuration of RAID systems including onboard configurations (Wintel and UNIX hardware), EMC Clariions and NAS devices.
  • Strong experience with compliance monitoring, documentation, project management, change management and security management including Unix Security baselines.
  • Experienced with capacity management, server optimizations and consolidations as well as disaster recovery planning.
  • Experienced with performance monitoring and tuning on both UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Strong experience creating maintenance and support applications using either UNIX shell or Windows batch file programming.
  • Strong experience interfacing with diverse client populations including managing expectations and communicating issues as well as negotiating and/or providing custom solutions where possible.
  • Strong experience managing and monitoring trouble queues and service tickets for trends, recurring issues, service gaps and backlogs.
  • Experienced with automated server installs using Solaris Jumpstart and UNIX shell scripts.
  • Have experience with source code control (i.e., git, Stash, cvs, svs, etc.).
  • Experienced with DevOps tools (i.e., JIRA, Jenkins, Artifactory, Confluence, etc.)


Confidential, Basking Ridge, NJ

Systems Engineer


  • Design and develop UNIX shell scripts to automate information gathering and environment creation on VMWare, and AWS virtual machines.
  • Modify and build Java applications using Spring Tool Suite, Maven and Jenkins with source code from Stash/git. Built binaries were stored in Artifactory.
  • Create and modify Confluence documentation and JIRA tickets.
  • Create and modify Jenkins automation jobs to support CI/CD.
  • Create and modify UNIX scripts to automate checkout and checkin of sources into and out of Stash/git.
  • Design and build application environments which includes Red Hat Linux server setup as well as database setup and creation (MySQL and Oracle).
  • Determine and/or forecast system usage and storage needs based on current data and/or current application design to best utilize existing server infrastructure, optimize operational efficiencies and avoid unnecessary acquisition of additional computing resources.
  • Design, develop and create system data gathering and monitoring systems for capacity planning and performance management purposes.
  • Function as initial system administration support as well as main development environment DBA for MySQL and Oracle databases.
  • Design and build web pages for information tracking and application-related actions to help user community help themselves on a regular basis decreasing the need to contact the system administrators and/or access the application servers to obtain information or perform specific actions on the application (i.e., start, stop, restart, deploy new version, delete, etc.).
  • Institute and manage server and application security tools and practices to best comply with information security standards and corporate information security policies.
  • Install software patches and/or coordinate their installation on servers and applications with the user community and the system administration team.
  • Generate metrics on application and database usage based on application log entries.
  • Provide initial off-hours server and application support and troubleshooting.
  • Install and manage Splunk log tracking and search tool.
  • Design and develop shell scripts incorporating Python and/or PHP to generate geo-mapping as well as financial data for network planning application.
  • Design and develop shell scripts to automate information gathering and file/data downloads from internal URLs as well as database uploads to local MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and Teradata databases.
  • Design and develop shell scripts to provide server redundancies, to facilitate movement of production application operations to disaster recovery site and to increase site reliability.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

Technical Specialist


  • Design and develop PHP scripts and UNIX shell scripts for simple database-driven websites.
  • Create UNIX shell scripts to automate daily system administration tasks (i.e., server monitoring, log checking, system software patching etc.) as well as for code rollouts and file transfers.
  • Review and recommend changes for small business websites to enhance navigation, communication and usability.
  • Install software applications, updates and patches to client Windows and UNIX/Linux computers.
  • Coordinate and/or contract with service vendors regarding webhosting services and eCommerce inventory.
  • Identify, evaluate and recommend as well as install third party software applications and/or tools as well as hardware (i.e., printers, NAS devices, routers, switches, etc.) for small business clients.
  • Configure Android and Apple phones and tablets to enhance usability within small business environments.
  • Designed, developed and executed automated data upload and download processes as well as shell scripts for CentOS-based eCommerce website using UNIX shell scripts and other languages (i.e., PHP, MySQL, perl, etc.) where required.
  • Diagnosed and recommended fix for telecom client's application crash issue.
  • Designed and created small business website using online tools.
  • Installed, configured and patched virtual servers (i.e., Windows 2008 server, Ubuntu 13 server, CentOS 6.4 server, Sun Solaris 10 server, RHEL 6, etc.) on VMware ESX 4.1 hosts for client's test site.
  • Installed and configured VMware ESX servers.
  • Troubleshot DNS and DHCP issues related to supported computing environments.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior System Administrator


  • Supervised and led US branch UNIX SA support team for non-NYC Equity and Fixed Income Institutional trading sites as well as managed US Branch Windows SA support team for assigned support sites across the East Coast.
  • Managed and/or executed UNIX and/or Windows projects spanning different US branch locations with converging deadlines.
  • Served as unofficial compliance liaison for branch UNIX support group as member of corporate IT Audit Forum.
  • Designed and executed server optimization strategies for US-wide branch UNIX sites as well as branch Windows sites supported by the Boston team.
  • Designed, developed and created system data gathering and monitoring systems for capacity planning and performance management purposes.
  • Provided remote as well as local troubleshooting, application and migration support for UNIX and/or Windows users.
  • Initiated use of Sun Solaris 10 zones for UNIX server and desktop virtualization.
  • Lead branch Sun Solaris 2.5.1 to Sun Solaris 8 migration project which covered server builds, application testing and desktop builds.
  • Designed and implemented branch Sun Solaris server disk partitioning/backup scheme to increase redundancy and quick recovery from both software and hardware errors.
  • Documented procedures for implementing Veritas Netbackup on Sun Solaris and Windows servers.
  • Expedited implementation of mirror antivirus FTP servers across US branches by creating and distributing automated UNIX FTP server install script.
  • Developed quasi-clustering application for Sun Solaris servers using EMC Clariion RAID hardware and Sun Solaris SPARC servers.
  • Created and deployed UNIX shell scripts as well as Windows batch programs to automate daily administration tasks, server documentation, application/patch rollouts and compliance tasks (i.e., daily server status and log checking using emailed reports).
  • Documented, installed and configured UNIX NFS file server redundancy model for branches in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Tampa and Toronto.
  • Created automated UNIX shell script for internal clients that automated sending of pricing data directly to external clients eliminating manual printing and faxing process.
  • Created new UNIX computing environments at new sites using NIS+, Jumpstart servers and disk replication strategies.
  • Migrated local Windows NT server backups from ArcServe to Netbackup using local Sun Solaris Netbackup server.
  • Modified Windows xcopy-based batch program to be multi-directional and to increase its reliability.
  • Designed US-wide Institutional branch Windows server upgrade and replacement plan.
  • Designed and created Boston Windows Active Directory node setup to minimize resource mapping issues.
  • Managed user accounts, group policies, and resource access as well other items through Active Directory.
  • Installed and configured Windows-based document scanning and managing system.
  • Troubleshot DNS and DHCP issues related to supported branch sites and computing environments.

Confidential, NJ

Senior UNIX System Administrator


  • Installed and oversaw Y2K and other patch installations for client's UNIX servers.
  • Installed and configured hardened anonymous FTP as well as mirror FTP servers.
  • Stabilized client's UNIX environment through the performance of all UNIX system administrator functions prior to arrival of junior administrators.
  • Supervised and trained 3-5 junior UNIX system administrators.
  • Troubleshot DNS and DHCP issues related to supported computing environments.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

UNIX System Administrator


  • Helped administer multi-platform UNIX environment.
  • Served as secondary system administrator for development and backup Windows NT servers.
  • Served as primary administrator for ADSM backups on IBM AIX server and secondary administrator for ArcServe IT backups on Windows NT server.
  • Created distribution tapes for sales order desk. Interacted with software/hardware vendors regarding software and hardware support and/or purchase.
  • Designed and wrote UNIX shell scripts to support to automate daily system administration tasks (i.e., check backups, file transfers, CD creation, etc.)
  • Configured Samba on Linux and UNIX servers to accommodate UNIX-Windows file and printer sharing.
  • Documented UNIX server installation media inventory.
  • Troubleshot DNS and DHCP issues related to supported computing environments.

Confidential, Lexington, MA

Application Analyst


  • Provided second level application help desk support for clinical databases running on HP-UX servers.
  • Designed and wrote software specifications for assigned projects.
  • Designed and wrote UNIX shell scripts to support code rollouts, to automate reporting procedures, and to support application requirements.
  • Modified and debugged prior existing UNIX shell scripts and C programs for increased efficiency and increased error checking.
  • Analyzed and documented UNIX shell scripts used by cron scheduler.
  • Monitored disk space usage by data extraction processes and supported applications.
  • Monitored cron processes and troubleshoot, when necessary.
  • Served as unofficial UNIX system administrator/liaison for the team.
  • Helped train inexperienced colleagues on UNIX operating system.
  • Created test/sample datasets on new HP-UX machine for use in testing, training and demonstration.
  • Migrated application and development environment to new HP-UX machines with updated OS versions.

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