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Software Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Around 5 years of work experience in IT industry
  • Very Strong in C and Assembly language programming and debugging code.
  • Very Strong in Multi - threaded development and POSIX thread programming.
  • Very strong in IPC and writing optimized code and troubleshooting.
  • Working experience on NFV module of Ipsec.
  • Knowledge on KVM, QEMU, libvirt and SDN environments.
  • Experience and good knowledge in IPsec, WLAN, CAPWAP and DTLS protocols.
  • Working experience and good knowledge on Driver porting of different Hardware like Sec Engine, Control plane and Data plane development tool kit(DPDK) software
  • Good knowledge in Linux Kernel - Networking subsystem.
  • Good at Creating Python scripts to automate the generation of C code for various models.
  • Developed tools using Python, Shell scripting and XML to automate data flows.
  • Solid Debugging skills on Linux platforms.
  • Very good command in writing Platform and OS Independent software
  • Very Strong in understanding the system software architecture without any assistance
  • Very good problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently within tight deadlines, a self-motivator, team player


Languages: C, C++, Linux Shell Scripting, MISRA C, Python scripting.

Platforms: Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Embedded OS.

Testing Tools: CANalyzer, Oscilloscope, Vector CANOe.

Debugging Tools: TRACE 32, JTAG, Microsoft Visual studio.

Hardware tools: Real View ICE.

Protocols Awareness: RS232, TCP/IP, SPI, I2C, Bluetooth Low Energy, TCP/IP, CAN, LIN and FLEXRAY

RTOS: QNX, VxWorks 5.x, RT Linux, Nucleus, ThreadX

BUG Tracking Tools: Bugzilla, IBM Clear Quest.

Microprocessors/ Microcontrollers: Atmel 8051, ATmega328P (Arduino Board), PIC16c57c (Basic Stamp), ARM Cortex-A8, PLC (Allen Bradley)

Embedded IDEs: Kiel IDE, IAR GHS, Eclipse, SDE

Others: Good knowledge on Data structures, BSPs, Firmware, Verification and Validation (V & V)


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Software Engineer


  • Understanding the specifications & RFC’s thoroughly.
  • Validation and verification of functionality, protocol using Python Scripting.
  • Preparation of design document for the verification software and System verification and boot code development.
  • Preparation of functional test plan document for microcode verification.
  • Development of verification software in C/C++ - Coding, Unit testing & Regression testing.
  • Initialization of IPSec Vector for Cipher Block Chaining mode of operation.
  • Enhancing CAN protocol to support networking functionalities.
  • Algorithm on computer Vision.
  • ADAS camera module programming, scoring and testing.
  • Customer Support building software/hardware programming fixtures for forward facing camera modules.
  • Low Level Device driver development - A to D, I2C, SCI, RTC, GPIO
  • Freescale HC9S08RN60 / Cosmic compiler / Zap debugger.
  • Built 16-way camera module programmer using Value CAN's to program/Flash Mobil EYE
  • Vehicle evaluation/test equipment support at Chrysler Proving Grounds for lane keep assist and pedestrian warning.
  • Build vehicle test and data compiling systems.
  • Experiencing with MATLAB, OpenCV, NXP S32 Design Studio, Version Control.
  • Worked on Python script for MWD tools firmware automated tests and documented the Python library using Sphinx.
  • Designed and implemented GUI application using Python.
  • Developed Python APIs to decrypt, sign and encrypt messages between users using public and private keys.

Environment: C, C++, Linux, RT-Linux, Python.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Firmware Engineer


  • Creating a virtual machine with Ubuntu Lucid/Trusty rootfs
  • Installing Ericsson supported kernel on virtual machine
  • Creating user space applications package for Ericsson IPOS
  • Providing a mechanism to upgrade images (DFM - Distributed file manager)
  • Creating infrastructure to plug-in the existing the forwarding engine
  • Setting up system for 64 slots and programming the common attributes
  • Providing mechanism for card insert/deletion and other operations, RP redundancy role arbitration
  • Providing various configuration options for features with feature knobs
  • Setting up host bridges for chassis backplane connectivity
  • Create a general-purpose Ethernet based card with vNICs
  • Event tracking infrastructure using TIPC
  • Fast event notification (FEN) using TIPC
  • Adding logs and debug utilities
  • Hands on experience on Python, Perl, Shell and GUI Make scripting.
  • Development & Enhancement of new or existing Python based automation tools such as RFID removal and insertion using servomotors, send click events and QNX commands for testing

Environment: C, C++, MATLAB/Simulink, Linux, Python.


Embedded Developer


  • Device bring-up, add and verifying above mentioned feature support on devices.
  • Porting and Testing Hardware devices related issue from one platform to another platform.
  • Bug Fix on Driver related issue on Temperature sensor.
  • Providing assistance to the team and training the fresh engineers.
  • Developed embedded C/C++ code to interact controller according to requirements.
  • ADAS camera module programming, scoring and testing.
  • Well versed in device communication protocols such as USB, Ethernet, WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Responsible for the implementation of IEEE 802.1 a/b Standard under Ethernet based network.
  • Worked on BSP development.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Audio/Video Subsystem with respect to HD set-top Box decoder.
  • Functional testing in CANalyzer and CANOe simulation devices.
  • Implemented Low-level kernel RTOS debugging with GDB.
  • Control feedback algorithm design and testing using MATLAB
  • Developed Network, Serial, and Parallel and Mouse drivers for Linux 2.4 kernel.

Environment: ARM,Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth, CAN, CANOe, Linux kernel, IEEE, C, C++, BSP


Embedded Systems Engineer


  • Understanding the specifications & RFC’s thoroughly.
  • Preparation of design document for the verification software.
  • Preparation of functional test plan document for microcode verification.
  • Development of verification software in C/C++ - Coding, Driver porting, Unit testing & Regression testing.
  • Debugging the issues in microcode as well as verification software and bug fixing.
  • Deigned a System for Distinguishing Sound’s Frequencies and Removing Its Noises Using MATLAB

Environment: C, C++, RT-Linux.

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