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Lead Developer/ Principal Architect Resume

Vienna, VA


  • Overall 18+ years of experience in IT, among more than 3years of experience in providing Cloud based solution in AWS. Worked and provided solution in traditional and emerging system architectures like MVC, SOA, Micro - Services, Serverless architecture
  • Migrated monolithic applications to resilient Cloud computing solution. Performed Lambda migration from Python to NodeJS and Java to Python for better performance
  • Experienced in architecting, lead, design development and implementation of several J2EE frameworks like (Model View Controller) for Enterprise Applications using SOAP, Restful Service, Struts, Spring bootstrap, Hibernate, JPA, Portlets
  • Hands-on experience with AWS Service such as AWS Lambda, AWS CLI, SNS/SQS, Kinesis, S3, IAM, CloudWatch, EC2, ALB, Datapipeline, RDS and DynamoDB
  • Worked in CI/CD toolsets such as: Jenkins, Ansible, CloudFormation, BitBucket, SonarQube
  • Well versed in Web Technologies using JSON, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Servlets, NodeJS, React JSX, XML, XSLT
  • Complete life cycle development involving analysis, design, development, deployment, testing, documentation implementation & maintenance of application software in Web-based environment Distributed n-tier architecture.
  • Strong work ethics combined with a commitment to excellence in all projects undertaken, broad analytical, design and problem solving skills.
  • Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards, able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Proven ability to deliver expert solutions to complex problems under tight deadlines.
  • Received exceptional performer award, appreciation for taking ownership, flawless migration, deployment, follow-up and getting things done within limited budget
  • Received awards and appreciation from business for an excellent rollout, contribution on the projects.
  • Provided resilient architectural solution using AWS Service and components, such as NGNIX based solution to preview secure-media content in lower environments, automatic cache clearing, syncing the data and automatic archiving data, architectural solution in kinesis, Lambda to process high volume of data, Lamda-python/nodejs implementation for several usecase for rapid executions.
  • Experienced in design, build cloud service models including Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Plateform-as-a-Service that are delivered through a hybrid model on-premise infrastructure
  • Provided solution in serverless architecture to process several thousands of enrollments using S3, Lambda/Node JS, SQS, DynamoDB
  • Involved in the Technical decision to adopt right framework, used best practices, methodologies, GOF, J2EE, Web Service and Integration patterns, adopt SOA, wherever required.
  • Architect, Design & Developed the Public Facing Website using VCM, VAP and Dynamic Portal with Weblogic Application Server.
  • Object oriented design experience including UML design, OO patterns and refactoring.
  • Developed reusable Framework for Content Publish on various staging that are asynchronous, highly Cache managed and Flyway transformation using XML, XSL Transformation, Java
  • Made Performance improvement to various application with architectural changes, DB Normalization, Indexing, introducing eCache for Enterprise Services, Varnish for Front-End
  • Architectural assessment to provided .Net and J2EE based Web Services to integrate 2300 Stores across the country for one of the retail sectors.
  • Adoption of RUP practices including iterative development, UML, continuous quality assurance, inception, elaboration, construction and transition.
  • Develop and maintain elaborate services based architecture utilizing open source technologies like Hibernate ORM, iBatis and Spring Framework
  • Architecture Initiation to decompose dynamic CMS layer into independent RESTful components.
  • Engage with project teams to provide Technical direction and drive technical implementation, providing development mentoring and architecture know-how and ensure deliverables are achieved.
  • Lead and mentored the team in the development and usage of cloud technology and solutions
  • Experience in Hybrid Cloud Deployment for various applications and Blue-Green deployment for an eCommerce product.
  • Setting up environment for CMS Non-Prod and Prod, VPS, IAM Role Policy, S3, Lambda, SSL Configuration with Akamai, CloudFront - S3 Custom policies
  • Used Ansible playbook to orchestrate CloudFormation template to provision the infrastructure that are driven by DevOps pipelines
  • Developed POC in configuring custom CICD Pipeline using Docker, Concourse, SonarQube for Drupal CMS Managed Sites that are deployed in multiple stages
  • Actively participated in Hackathon and provided implementation in Catapult, React, Lambda, NodeJS solution to show student enrollment data on WebUI & chatbot voice interaction through Confidential
  • Provided solution to access secure media asset using NGNIX, ELB, AWS Cert that serves files from Preview S3 bucket for all lower environments. This helps business to preview the content in lower before publishing to Production.
  • Created Lambda/Python Script to automate Akamai Cache clearing with edge servers through CloudFront for the asset that are published as soon its updated in S3
  • Provided Serverless implementation to share Enrollment, Section, Student merge related implementation with External vendors using Lambda with Python and NodeJS for Docusign usescase
  • Analyze, Design, Developed & implemented several micro services in springboot (Java Sctack), lambda that fulfill complex business rules
  • Participated In hackathon, by provided Naïve solution to monitor security breach using kinesis, Lambda with python scripting, Kibana, SOA framework
  • Wrote Python Script to process multiple versions of objects for the period and reprocess in production for External vendors: Academic Merit and CB - Digital Portfolio.
  • Created Java AWS SDK solution to process several thousands of static Asset in S3 by retaining the path, meta-data and redirect solution
  • Provided various AWS based solution and support to Business that makes their job simple


AWS Services: DynamoDB, S3, SQS, SNS, Lambda, CloudFront, IAM, EC2, Kinesis

Scripting: Angular, NodeJS, Python, React JS

Orchestration Tool: Ansible, Cloud Formation

Build Tool: Jenkins, Codepipeline, Gradle, Maven

Middleware: Weblogic, WLI, WebSphere, Tomcat/JRun, TIB/Portal Pack, TIBCO.

Development Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Rational Rose, Rational Application Developer, CMS Drupal, Vignette Content Management, DSM/DPM, WebLogic Portal

Data Handling: JSON, XML, XSLT, XMLBean, XQuery, JAXP, JAXB, XML4J, DTD, Schema

RDBMS: Postgres, Oracle 9i, 10G, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access, MySQL

Supporting APIs: J2EE, JNI, Struts, Spring Framework, Hibernate, AntiBatis, Gradle

Modeling Tools: Atlassian Gliffy, MS PP, Lucid Chart, Rational Software Architecture

SOA: WSDL, Web services, SOAP, XSD, Schema, Restful, JSON

Methodologies: AGILE, RUP, Scrum, Kanban, Iterative, Waterfall



Lead Developer/ Principal Architect


  • During the period of my tenure, I have provided many architectural solution in serverless, micro-service based architecture that are highly available, scalable and cost effective to business sponsors
  • Worked as Lead Developer and Subject Matter Expert in developing many microservices, using Spring bootstrap for Java Stack, Lambda, python, NodeJS, Unit testing, maintain quality work, Interact/Follow-up with external vendors.
  • Production fixes due to SQS Conflict, Python Scripting, Peer programming, Actively participated in team meeting, grooming, and worked with QA to deliver the Stories within projected Confidential deadline.
  • Adopted DevOps practices, used Ansible, Cloud templates for deployments, monitored the logs for errors, debug and provided suggestion to QA for an extensive testing.
  • Actively participated in Hackathon and provided implementation in Catapult, React, Lambda, NodeJS solution to show student enrollment data on WebUI & through Confidential
  • Provided quality work, and made sure the service I have worked on has clear scope on design and development and implementation perspective
  • Migrated Java Lambda to Python based Lambda for better performance and adhering CB Standards
  • Triggered Lambda/Python from S3 through SNS to process the payload, make external call with External Vendor API and then capture the response in S3 log Bucket.
  • Configured API Gateway to invoke Lambda with Python Script, to get/put organization information stored in DynamoDB with minimal validation
  • Created Web Services using Java EE, in Spring Framework API, Spring Integration, used gradle, maven, spock, SonarLite, Flyway plugin, JPA, AWS CLI integration
  • Full stack backend development that exposes service endpoint via API Gateway to Front end React UI in JSON. Involved in core development of many business service using Spring Rest, bootstrap, DAO, DTO, Service Interceptor, Authenticator Façade, Conduct Code review, Create templates, mentoring team with best practice, Unit and Integration test cases, developing Flyway Scripts and Cache implementation. Overall I have played end-end role from analyze, architectural suggestion, development and deployment.
  • Developed Lambda with NodeJS that makes secure connection with DocuSign Webhook
  • Continuous usage of AWS services, components, scripting such as lambda, S3, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstack, Code pipeline, Kinesis, Python, NodeJS
  • Extensive use of Cloudwatch to monitor logs, and queried AWS Service log using Athena
  • Analyzed all service endpoints to identify redundant calls with external business service, provide suggestion to cache, indexing columns in RDS, Creating new GSI index for DynamoDB, and code improvements, migrating Java Lambda to Python, etc.
  • Adopted CICD process to build, deploy Java Restful Service using Bitbucket, Jenkins, Elastic Beanstack and ansible playbook, cloudformation to provision the infrastructure
  • Worked with QA Lead and team to develop automation script for edge cases, & performance testing
  • Made significant improvement with many service endpoints by introducing Cache on External Business Service, and by introducing search index in Postgres, GSI in DynamoDB

Environment: AWS S3, SQS, SNS, Lambda, DynamoDb, Python, NodeJS, Ansible, CloudFormation Templates, ElasticBeanStalk, Cloudwatch, Java, Springboot, IntelliJ, Postgres, CICD Pipeline, SonarQube, Jenkin, Bitbucket, DevOps


AWS Solution


  • Migrated Enterprise VCM to Drupal and resilient AWS Cloud based solution. Developed prototype,
  • Worked as Lead Developer, in converting requirement to design, created data model for various sites and deploying them in Preview, Staging and Production environment
  • Involved in Data Model Design, and then created Content Type Definition to manage contents for many Content Driven sites like BigFuture, AP Courses and Students, APCentral & many more
  • Developed Publish framework with improved performance per individual site, for quick content delivery Complex rendering abilities and transformation using XML, XSLT
  • Exposed the content service as XML, along with caching mechanism for better performance
  • Migrated content from Vignette to Drupal, Static Asset to S3 Bucket
  • Setup Non-Prod and Prod environments for CMS, Created IAM Policies, custom policy for S3, CloudFront and Lambda
  • Created Lambda using Python Script to automate cache clearing of objects in S3
  • After the migration, I was continue to work on AWS Cloud configuration, in setting up VPS for Non-Prod and Prod environments, IAM Roles, S3 Custom Policy to handshake with Akamai CDN, CloudFront, Lambda to automate some of the jobs, Datapipeline, NodeJS, Python Scripts
  • Configured SonarQube, prototyped CICD pipeline for continuous dev and deployment
  • Received exceptional performer award, appreciation for taking ownership, flawless migration, deployment, follow-up and getting things done.

Environment: JDK, Python, NodeJS, Lambda, Vignette Content Management 7.6.1, Dynamic Site Module/ Dynamic Portal Module 7.6, Oracle, Postgres SQL, AWS IAM, S3, SQS, Data Pipeline, Lambda, Python Scripting, AWS CLI, CloudFront, DynamoDB, EC@, ECS, ELB, NGNIX, Route 53, Docker

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Lead Technical Consultant


  • Design, develop, configured static/dynamic route policies and also used Multiple Gateway to configure HTTP, MQ as Front/Back-end Protocol in Data Power XI50.
  • Emphasized the SOA practice for all applications that make use of Data Power as ESB, MQ-Series as Communication channel with Legacy application and used XML over HTTP protocol.
  • Used HostBridge framework to generate COBOL based request & parse response to pull real time data.
  • Migrated the internal and external applications to Websphere Application Server 7 and coordinating the team to promote the MQ Series Cluster upgrade to newer version.
  • Conducted meetings and individual discussion for design approvals, code reviews, addressing technical concerns or problems.
  • Designed and Develped RESTful webservices for Rate Service, CBRPull Service and Android Quick Logon Authentication Service.
  • Middleware component and CBRPull Application Services are developed using Axis, Spring and Hibernate framework.
  • Data Power MQ Handler used as back end to integrate with Bureau Link to pull Member Credit Report from Confidential asynchronously in which the HTTPS Front Handler configured to use Restful Service.
  • Implemented Two Factor Authentication for Navy Federal Mobile Banking Quick Logon. The second Factor authentication is verified using Verisign OTP Concept over Secure protocol.
  • Proposed best practices, suggesting architectural design, documenting Functional Technical Requirement & Designs for the team to focus on development to meet the project scope & deadlines.

Environment: DataPower XI50, XML, XSLT, COBOL, J2EE, MQ Series, WAS 7, SOA, Multiple Gateway Services, RESTful Webservice, Schema, JAXB, SSL, Spring, Hibernate, Serena Dimension, Bureau Link, UML, MS Visio, Rational Software Architect, DB2, UNIX

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