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Software Engineer Resume

Warren, MI


I am a highly motivated system engineer with over 1 year of programming experience in ground vehicle systems. I have been able to find innovative and economical technical solutions to complex software integration challenges. My expertise includes Research & Development, Software Coding, Software Engineering, Embedded Software, and Linux Configuration & Management. I have excelled in working with high complexity hardware/software systems, developing programming & systems analysis utilities, and in leading junior team members. My next role will allow me to utilize my knowledge, problem solving expertise, process improvement ability, and communication skills towards the technological advancement of the company.


Programming: C/C++, Python, UNIX/Linux Bash Scripting, QtCreator, Virtual Machines, Vim

Operating Systems: Linux Redhat 6, Linux Redhat 5, Windows 7

System Tools: Project Forge, SharePoint


Confidential, Warren, MI



  • Developed a Software Loader Verifier that loads and verifies configurations onto various hardware platforms on MRAP vehicles. Said software utilizes embedded software, C++, Qt Graphics, Linux secure shell communications, serial communications, Ethernet communications, cryptographic encryption, and Linux OS scripting.
  • Developed a command line test & debugging utility written in C++ & Python named DDSReader that reads our (DDS) interprocess communication messages on our vehicle hardware systems. The code for DDSReader is generated by a Python script which analyzes the current configuration of our communications model before compilation.
  • Developed a C++ code Driver to interface with an Orientation Measurement Unit in our vehicle hardware for the NIE 16.2 event.
  • Debugged and fixed varied code issues reported to our Software Engineering team by active ground forces and our test teams.
  • Accrued extensive Command Line Interface (CLI) shell and scripting experience working on Redhat Linux (the operating system used in all of our embedded hardware).
  • Peer Reviewed development C++ and scripting code from other developers in my team.
  • Accrued extensive Virtual Machine experience, both in a development setting and on vehicle hardware.
  • Accrued extensive development experience using the Command Line editor Vim. All of my C++ coding is done in Vim.

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