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Hw / Sw Engineer Resume

Sunnyvale, CaliforniA


A hands - on, results oriented test engineer interested in working with hardware, software, and firmware providing automated test solutions.


Automated test development utilizing: Confidential, SCPI, SNMP, TCP/IP, UDP, Confidential, Telnet, Serial, xDSL

Test development: White box, black box, firmware, software, RestfulAPI, embedded systems

Test Tools: Jira, Test Link, Test Track Pro, Hg, Source Tree, Git, SVN, Robot Framework, Excel, Word, Power Point, PyCharm, NI 488.2, Keysight IO

Equipment Automated: HP 859x, HP864x, Agilent 38940A, RS FSW Analyzers and Signal Generators, Agilent 6673A, CA Instr 2001RP, CA Instr 801P

Languages: VB.Net, C#, Ruby, C, Assembly, Bash shell, Selenium, Watir, iMacros, NUnit, VBA, Expect

Familiar with: C, C++, Python, Java, Unix, Linux, Expect, TCL, Agile, LeanPD


Confidential, Sunnyvale, California

HW / SW Engineer


  • Lead environmental stress screening ( Confidential ) at a remote lab.
  • Created an automated application to control voltages, record temperatures, and enable hard reboots while collecting system Confidential .
  • Developed an automated test solution for Confidential products using i2c and a Confidential UART.
  • Provided mentoring for junior engineers.
  • Helped them with specifications and block diagrams.
  • Authored an automated test to verify onboard DDR memory through uboot.
  • Created DVT and System Integration test plans for HPE’s secure servers.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Test Engineer


  • Developed an automated Smoke Test application to communicate with the Confidential equipment and Confidential to interface to a signal generator, spectrum analyzer and an RF switch matrix. The Smoke Test verifies the RF performance and robustness of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for each new firmware build.
  • The Smoke Test would provide a “go/no go” indication of the state of firmware and software.
  • Confidential ’s DAS provides wireless in-building cellular coverage for all the major cellular carriers .
  • Created a web-based application using iMacros and VB.net to run a complete system test.
  • Created a front end web testing framework utilizing Selenium, and NUnit. This automation framework was used for new feature sets and regression testing.
  • Authored a white paper on the benefits of using HALT/HASS. One of the benefits included in the paper was the calculated $3.4 million savings for the company on an investment of $125k.
  • Developed an automated test that controlled a signal generator, power supply, and a spectrum analyzer to inject RF as interference into Confidential ’s Remote Antenna Unit.

Confidential, Redwood City, California

Firmware Test Engineer


  • Contributed to an automated test framework to verify the SSN Confidential ’s Confidential using Ruby.
  • Created a load-based system to further model and test power reporting capability.
  • Wrote shell scripts to identify which nodes were connected to the access points on the network.
  • Developed automation frameworks for SSN electric and gas network interface cards.

Confidential, Newark, California



  • Worked to continue development of Morpho’s bomb detecting platform.
  • Created web based automated tests to verify a Django web application iMacros and pylint.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Senior Engineer


  • Created an On-Going Reliability Test. Designed the hardware, built the tester, created software using VB.net to test Confidential ’s gateways at the factory. In charge of implementing and then maintaining the hardware and software that the reliability lab required for their testing.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Software/Firmware Test Engineer


  • Created an automation framework to provide a fully automated system verification test.
  • This test verification system enabled the company to substitute one day of automated testing to save three weeks of manual testing.
  • Designed and built a FAST box using RF switches, a digital I/O board, and a relay board. Wrote the drivers to control the RF switches, relay board, digital I/O board, and to control the Confidential equipment. Also created the scripts to create alarms and to trace alarms through the DAS system.
  • Created detailed, written firmware test plans from the design specification to vigorously exercise the firmware of Confidential ’s latest products. Used the test plan to verify the performance of Confidential ’s wired and wireless products.
  • Developed test tools to load new kernels, NFS file systems, and test RF equipment.

Confidential, Santa Clara, California

Field Operations Manager


  • Responsible for configuring and supporting RF and network demonstration systems in Asia.
  • Developed materials and provided classes to customers.
  • Supported field tests of an LMDS system for EMC and CNACL s in Beijing and Xi’an China. Passed both EMC and CNACL testing on the first try.

Confidential, Santa Clara, California

Member of the Technical Staff


  • Designed and built Confidential using Pads Power Logic. Boards contained RF, high power DC, and digital traces.
  • Worked with the board designer, fabrication, and assembly to complete the Confidential .
  • Designed and developed an outdoor up converter and down converter, the Signal Interface Unit (SIU), for a wireless LMDS system.
  • Took the SIU through three major revisions, reducing cost and complexity while improving reliability and adding redundancy.

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