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Outlook/exchange Administrator Resume




Outlook/Exchange Administrator

  • Email administrator for Confidential Engineering Manufacturing North America.
  • Worked on vNext upgrade of Confidential ’s NA Exchange system.
  • Support of TEMA AD objects in the Microsoft O365 Cloud via powershell and the ECP.
  • Documentation of job roles, scripts, and procedures.
  • Room/shared mailbox/equipment creation via NetIQ DRA tool, Group administration via the FIM/MIM tool.
  • KPI report generation via custom data pulls from AD.
  • Authored powershell scripts to perform environment checks/updates/fixes.
  • Level 3/4 support for user issues and ticket resolution.
  • Change control creation /submission and implementation.
  • SPAM management via Microsoft OPE / transport rules. Provided guidance to alleviate SPAM issues and implemented corrections to the environment.
  • Continued support of internal Domino open relay servers and the co - existence environment between the production environment and cloud resources.
  • Worked on Azure to Ansi-D upgrade of TEMA’s Exchange system.
  • Coordinated work between our messaging team and the AD and networking departments during planned changes and outages/issues.
  • Member of the O365 Confidential governance team to unify requirements and procedures for all tenant divisions.
  • Worked with senior executives to regain documents that were inadvertently purged due to policy changes.
  • Handled zero day virus outbreaks via temporary rules, scan/purge by powershell and submission of infected files to Microsoft and anti-virus team. Made suggestions and co-authored a new response procedure for security threats.


Notes/Domino Administrator

  • Email administrator for Confidential Engineering Manufacturing North America. Support of 3 domains covering North America. Responsibilities include User/Group creation, Access Management, Support of Quickplace sever, Support of Sametime Server, Spam Management (MIMESweeper and Postini), Traveler, BES support, SMTP gateway, Mail routing topology, DWA access, Backup/Restore co-ordination, Server creation, User file moves, Documentation, Crash diagnosis, Policy administration, Trend analysis of server resources, Clustering (high availability), Transactional logging, Implementing and maintaining a Legal Retention system, Overall monitoring, Customer support of base users and executives.
  • Stand-in lead of the 3 man Administration team during absence of Confidential Specialist.
  • Implemented stability measures that brought availability up to expected values.
  • Last major project was the design and implementation of a Legal retention system. A separate domain was set up, and control software designed to maintain, monitor and co-ordinate user creation/deletion and backup validity with all the employees under a legal hold. This allowed for continual purging of production databases, and the elimination of uncontrolled drive space usage.
  • Other Projects included R6.5 to R7 upgrade of servers and clients, Server upgrades to R8.5.1, Preliminary investigation for implementation of ID vault and Notes Shared Logon integration with Active Directory, Implementation of DAOS, Creation and admin of a Traveler server,
  • Active participation in the core team that is migrating Domino/Notes to Exchange O365.

Confidential, NY

Sr. Notes/Domino Administrator

  • Sr. Administrator / Team Lead for several domino R4/5/6 domains of 20+ servers each, with user bases of over 10,000 people, Work included new server installs, Domino upgrades, database deployment, customer problem resolution, security analysis of servers and databases design, backup, international/cross domain replication including external companies, etc.
  • Continual cost reduction assessment for the customer, including server and manpower reduction, rarely used database reduction, etc. New customer requirement sizing for both new database and server installation. Creating yearly budget proposals and service level agreements. Numerous domain consolidation and database migrations of over 100 databases.
  • Database development with LotusScript and formula language coding for internal administration tools, and to aid database owners with coding problems.
  • Co-administrator in 100+ international server domain, with 100,000+ users. Performed both day to day, and long term planning.
  • Customer interface for problem resolution, both 3rd level support, and deskside for executive level problems. Received several informal awards this year from customers for going “above and beyond”, changing their database script design when customer had no funds for DB designer help, and investigating external systems/networks for configuration problems that impacted customer.
  • The last project worked on involved the sunsetting of a 20 server legacy domain that was composed of mail relays, external network replication hubs, external web access servers, development environment servers, multiple notes servers, Notes pump servers, and a customer “rapid deploy” environment. I developed and presented a plan that highlighted the opportunity of consolidating services, and transferring data and applications to an updated environment in a method that resulted in cost savings of 20% to the customer. Once accepted, I worked with data owners and developers to create a timeline, and finished the project 2 months early.

Confidential, NY

Lab Technician / Programmer

  • Administration support of chip design lab LAN, including AIX based design workstations, and support servers. Evaluation, specification, and purchasing of design workstations.
  • Development of software tools to assist the design lab.
  • LAN Admin and OS/hardware maintenance for 500+ user environment comprised of data, print, and FAX servers.
  • DB/2 table design and SQL queries written for test data analysis.
  • Developing and performing test methodology of IC devices.
  • Evaluation of IC test machines for purchase, and later rewriting its test programs for increased accuracy when requirements increased.

Confidential, NY

Test Equipment Specialist

  • Repair and maintenance of various electronic component test machines.
  • Design and build of new test circuitry and interface hardware.
  • Writing programs to control component test machines, and perform tests.
  • Electronic failure analysis and debug.


Microsoft Exchange: O365, Powershell, SMTP troubleshootingWindows NT and 2000 server Installing applications, running services, etc.

Lotus Notes: Administration, LotusScript programmingAIX user creation, load balancing, setting cron jobs, etc.

Hardware build and setup of PC: systems, Workstation configuration

TCP/IP applications: (telnet, ftp, etc.) and protocols

Programming: Fortran, Pascal, Assembler, Rexx, C, C++, scripting languages, Basic HTML, APL

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