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Enterprise Architect/engineer (consultant) Resume

Glendale, CaliforniA


  • Senior technology leader with over 15 years of progressive experience in project management, architecture and analysis of client information with a focus on Cloud, Infrastructure, WinTel and NOC support.
  • A business - focused Systems and DevOps expert with experience in digital strategy consulting with private and public sector leaders to simplify business complexities, design future state IT solutions, create change and transformation strategies, and prepare implementation plans to deliver and drive adoption of enterprise content.
  • Lead and drive rapid brainstorming sessions to quickly assess current state complexities in business, data, application, and strategy to identify architectural challenges and automation opportunities for future state IT solutions.


Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure Architect, Linux System Administration (RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu), Docker EE, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, BitBucket, GitHub, Palo Alto VM-Series Firewalls, Confidential AVS, Confidential IOS, Confidential, Confidential MDS, TCP/IP and BGP, VMware vSphere virtualization, vRealize Automation, vCloud Automation, vCAC, VUM, VMware NSX, VMware Orchestrator, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), ECX (Equinix Cloud Exchange), MegaPath MRC/Virtual Cross Connect, VPN, SSO, AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS), AWS Fargate, HTTP, SaaS, IaaS, CloudFoundry, VMware Horizon View, Windows server administration, Microsoft SCCM, Windows Automation and Orchestration, Python, PowerShell scripting, NetApp and EMC storage arrays, Mac and Windows operating systems.


Confidential, Glendale, California

Enterprise Architect/Engineer (Consultant)


  • Responsible for application and network architectures, implementation, and documentation of new AWS, Azure, and VMware on-premises infrastructure PaaS and IaaS models.
  • Lead architect in design and implementation of CICD workflows to integrate DevOps team into enterprise infrastructure featuring Terraform, Chef, and BitBucket repositories.
  • Performed logical configurations on new on-premises deployments of vSphere ESXi hosts and vCenter, Confidential switches, Brocade SAN switches, and EMC Unity SAN storage arrays
  • Lead architect and engineer for migration efforts to move critical applications from legacy infrastructure to AWS and VMware vSphere on-premises environments. Responsible for establishing well architected frameworks that can support applications with elasticity and efficiency.
  • Responsible for design documentation, as well as as-built/runbook documents for all implemented environments
  • Introduced VMware NSX infrastructure with Guest Introspection to allow latest TrendMicro Deep Security Malware protection.

Confidential, Santa Monica, California

Sr. Cloud Architect


  • Short-term project to ‘dockerize’ applications and migrate existing AWS organizations and resources into CICD workflows utilizing Bitbucket, Docker, AWS ECS and other micro-services into well-architected framworks.
  • Responsible for design, implementation, and logical configuration of new AWS IAM roles and users, VPC’s, ALB’s. ECS Clusters, ECS Task Definitions, ECS Services, CloudFormation templates, and Terraform configuration files.
  • Lead AWS Direct Connect migration utilizing Equinix Cloud Exchange
  • Responsible for docker image building of nginx, php, and silverstripe containers, along with the migration of existing AWS infrastructure into microservice cloud environments.
  • Utilized CloudFormation (and Terraform) extensively on new cloud deployments in new AWS regions. Used Bitbucket Pipelines to build docker images that push to ECR (aws repo) and leverage python scripting to update task and service definitions.
  • Responsible for all SaaS and API frontend designs and implementations (AWS Lamda)
  • Worked extensively with dev teams to understand application and service requirements, developed test-plans and support code to assist with CICD culture change.
  • Lead implementation and support Skype, and completed technical design, runbook, and as-built documentation.
  • Responsible for cloud comparisons and infrastructure platform SME. Ran existing dev infrastructures in Azure, GCP, and AWS to compare performance, deployment and migration complexity, as well as cost.

Confidential, Torrance, California

Enterprise Architect


  • Implement, secure, scale and troubleshoot a global, multi-cloud network layer for Honda’s cloud platforms and products.
  • Create runbooks and “Infrastructure as Code” recipes to build scalable, fault-tolerant, and resilient networks for product and operations teams. Maintain greater than 99.9% availability.
  • Responsible for design, implementation, and logical configuration of new open systems compute stacks for On-Premises Cloud solution featuring Confidential NetApp/FlexPod architecture, along with VMware vSphere 6 environments.
  • Lead architect for upgrading existing Confidential Compute, Confidential switches, Confidential MDS SAN directors, as well as NetApp AFF storage array configurations and ONTAP 8.3.2+ along with expanding FlexPod and Wintel environments across multiple datacenters
  • Utilized scripting (PowerShell, VMware PowerCLI) extensively on new cloud deployments and other implementations.
  • Lead implementation and support WebEx, and completed technical design, runbook, and as-built documentation.
  • Architected, procured, and implemented new Confidential domains to refresh and expand existing compute and network resources in existing primary datacenter, as well as end to end solution for new Disaster Recovery datacenter utilizing VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Configured new Confidential 6296 Fabric Interconnects, 2208 Fabric Extenders, 5108 chassis, B200 Series M4 Blades, Confidential Manager logical configurations including policies, service profiles, implementing VPC’s, configuring VLANS, vSANs, etc.
  • Implemented new VMware vSphere environments from ground up, including Platform Service Controllers, vCenters, VUMs, Site Recovery Managers (SRM), vRealize Ops Managers and nodes, and underlying Windows Server components including Server 2012 R2 and SQL 2012 R2.
  • Lead design and implementation of new VMware vRealize Automation environment, along with configuration of workflows and orchestration for applications such as SAP HANA, SQL Server Clustering, Sumitomo, etc.
  • Lead architect for all SaaS and IaaS models, implementations, upgrades, and support.
  • Responsible for expansion and configuration of VMware Horizon View VDI environment along with DR solution supporting over 2,000 desktops.

Confidential, Los Angeles, California

Senior Consultant


  • Responsible for logical configuration, design, implementation, and steady state support of Molina Healthcare’s VCE vBLOCK environments. Responsible for remediating existing vBlock Confidential Compute, Confidential Networking, Confidential MDS SAN directors, as well as EMC storage array configuration and firmware compatibility along with expanding vBLOCK environments across multiple datacenters
  • Lead implementation and support WebEx, and completed logical configurations surveys.
  • Configured Confidential domains to expand compute resources in existing vBLOCKs, configured Confidential switches to support additional Fabric Interconnects, along with Confidential MDS switchport configurations and VSANs for new zoning requirements
  • Configured new Confidential 6248/6296 Fabric Interconnects, 2208 Fabric Extenders, 5108 chassis, B200 Series M4 Blades, along with adding Fabric Interconnects to distribution, implementing VPC’s, configuring VLANS, vSANs, etc.
  • Integrated and deployed new VMware vSphere 5 environments utilizing SRM and VCE Vision solutions
  • Responsible for Active Directory integration and additional domain trusts for authentication of entire vBLOCK infrastructure stack including Confidential, EMC VMAX/VNX, and VMware Identity Services.
  • Provided detailed technical “As-Built” documentation for vBLOCK (via CRG) along with technical runbooks for all vBLOCK components for end-to-end troubleshooting through the virtualization stack.
  • Active participant in webex/whiteboard sessions to assist implementation strategies to steady-state teams
  • Performed Confidential MDS switchport and zoning configurations

Confidential, Rosemead, California

Enterprise Architect (WWT Consultant)


  • Lead Architect for design, build, and support model of SCE’s FlexPod environments. Responsible for expanding Confidential Compute, Confidential Networking, and NetApp storage component resources, along with building new FlexPod infrastructures across multiple datacenters
  • Lead design workshops, WebEx, and logical configurations surveys. Provided robust design that follows best practice and provides the reliability and flexibility the client desires.
  • Configured Confidential Management Domains, built service profiles, updated firmware, and deployed 6248/6296 Fabric Interconnects according to Confidential Multi-tenancy Best Practices
  • Procured, installed, and configured new Confidential 5548/5596/2248 switches, Confidential 6248/6296 Fabric Interconnects, 2204 Fabric Extenders, 5108 chassis, B200 M3 Blades, along with adding switches to distribution, implementing VPC’s, configuring VLANS, vSANs, etc.
  • Procured, installed, and configured new NetApp FAS6280 Controllers and SAS shelves, along with upgrading existing FAS6280’s and implementing Clustered OnTap 8
  • Designed and implemented new VMware vSphere 5.1 environments utilizing vCloud, SRM, DRS, sDRS, AutoDeploy, SSO, and vShield technologies.
  • Migrated over 2,500 VMs and baremetal machines from HP hardware (HP C7000 and G6/G7 series blades) to Confidential Chassis and Blades (also from FC to NFS storage migrations)
  • Worked directly with SCE application developers to create a solid process of migrating their applications in a non-disruptive manner.
  • Utilized, Powershell, and VMware CLI, Excel, Confidential Director, vCAC, and SQL for scripting, data collection, and automated processes for efficient workflow
  • Provided detailed technical “As-Built” documentation along with technical runbooks for all FlexPod components and end-to-end troubleshooting
  • Hosted KT (knowledge transfer) webex/whiteboard sessions to assist workflow migration to managed service providers
  • Utilized Confidential MDS switches for FC SAN zoning and Confidential FC Channels for Confidential -SAN environments

Confidential, Long Beach, California

Enterprise Solutions Architect


  • Primary resource for design, procurement, and implementation of datacenter, enterprise storage, and compute services responsible for powering the Port of Long Beach Automated Port Facility (Middle Harbor Resource Project ‘MHRP’) and lead technical resource for design, implementation, and functionality of compute and storage resources within Pier E and F at the Port of Long Beach
  • Designed, built, configured, datacenter consisting of over 150 VMware ESXi 5.5 servers, 500+ virtual machines, three (3) EMC VNX 5700 fully-populated SAN enclosures, four (4) Confidential 7000 series core switches, and over 1000+ network devices ranging from Confidential 5k series for FCoE, to Confidential IE 3000 switches in-field. Introduced 10Gb FCoE converged networking utilizing Intel X540 interfaces
  • Procured, installed, and configured EMC VNX 5700 Block SAN enclosures utilizing FAST VP, FAST CACHE, SAN Copy, and replication functionality over FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet)
  • Introduced SAN storage Best Practices- Tiered storage (EFD, 15k, 7k drives) based on performance requirements and I/O benchmarking
  • Introduced VMware vSphere 5.5 Enterprise utilizing features such as vCloud Director, automation, and native FCoE functionality
  • Utilized VMware Orchestrator, vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), Windows Powershell, and VMware CLI for scripting and automated processes for efficient workflow
  • Provided detailed technical documentation for all datacenter services including compute, storage, networking, and troubleshooting processes
  • Introduced VMware and Oracle RAC Best Practices to ensure compliance and functionality throughout the development, staging, and implementation into production processes
  • Implemented and supported SQL 2012 and Oracle RAC VM’s, along with Windows Server 2012 and RHEL 6.5 virtual machines
  • Managed strict procurements within budget scopes, provided technical infrastructure and collaborative information to the Port of Long Beach, Reyes Construction, and DynaElectric respectively

Confidential, Glendora, California

Enterprise Solutions Architect


  • Technical resource and lead for design, planning, and implementation of VMware infrastructure upgrade from a small ESX 4 Essentials rollout to a large-scale, ESXi 5.1 Enterprise Plus datacenter with DR site for critical services
  • Designed, built, configured, and implemented datacenter consisting of over DR site in Duwamish, WA from ground up utilizing VMware SRM technology, HP C7000 chassis and blades, and Dell Compellent Fiber-channel SAN storage
  • Implemented, configured, and administered Dell Compellent Storage arrays and controllers for vSphere SAN over fiber channel. Upgraded existing controllers and Storage Center from 32-bit 4GB to 64-bit 6GB architecture
  • Performed over 1,500+ P2V’s from bare-metal OS installs into vSphere 5
  • Introduced SAN storage Best Practices- Tiered storage based on performance requirements
  • Implemented and supported HP C7000 chassis with BL470 G7 blades
  • Implemented and supported VMware vCenter 5 and vShield 5 (vShield App, Endpoint)
  • Implemented VMware vCOPS Suite and created custom widgets tailored for CalPortland

Confidential, Elsegundo, California

Senior Systems Engineer


  • Technical lead for design, planning, and implementing VCE vBLOCK infrastructure from ground up with VCE enginners in new data center build.
  • Lead VCE vBLOCK implementation and data center migration from Equinix (LA3) to Switch/InterNAP datacenter in Las Vegas (LV7)
  • Worked directly with VMware dev team on cutting-edge cloud-based hypervisor implementations
  • Implemented and supported Citrix Netscaler SDX 11500 (Load-Balancing and SSL offloading)
  • Implemented and supported Confidential 1000v and EMC PowerPath into VMware environment
  • Implemented and supported VMware vCenter 5 and vShield 5 (vShield App, Endpoint)
  • Implemented cloud infrastructure based on vCloud Director for end-user service portals, along with vCOPS (vCenter Operations Manager) vChargeback
  • Implemented and supported NTP, rDNS, syslog, TACACS+, Confidential ACS, Splunk, and RSA servers/services
  • Installed, configured, provisioned, administered, and supported EMC solutions such as VMAX, CX-4, and implemented Powerpath (5.4SP2) on ESXi hypervisors
  • Migrated users from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010
  • Extensively utilized Confidential Manager, performed troubleshooting and maintenance on Confidential B200 series blades and 5100 series chassis
  • P2V’d over 200 legacy baremetal servers into vSphere infrastructure
  • Decommissioned existing legacy Dell blades and CX-3/CX-4 storage by utilizing vMotion and Confidential MDS hardware
  • Deployed LDAPS and CA services
  • Implemented, administered, and supported EMC solutions such as VMAX, ATMOS, AVAMAR, FAST VP, and PowerPath

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