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Electronics Technician Resume

Long Island City, NY


Confidential, Long Island City, NY

Electronics Technician

  • Reinstall/Repair computer operating system
  • Hardware and software Diagnostics.
  • Specialize in apple Mobile device repairs.
  • Certified in Samsung repair.
  • Use Google, Galaxy Diagnostics to run system checks on samsung and google phones.
  • Repair macbooks from motherboards to screens
  • Data backup.
  • Manage Inventory (deliveries and shipments)
  • Organize parts for repair needs.
  • Handle store operation
  • Demonstrate repairs to customers upon pickup

Confidential, Bay Parkway, NY

ARA Computer tech

  • Install Operating systems.
  • Hardware and software Diagnostics.
  • Specialize in apple Mobile device repairs.
  • Data backup.
  • Organize parts for repair needs
  • Demonstrate final product to clients

Confidential, Howard Beach, NY

Bank Teller

  • Greeted and Thanked Customers as the enter and leave branch.
  • Kept Deposit, Transferred and payment slips replenished.
  • Insure a great customer service.
  • Answer phone calls from customer or staff
  • Try my utmost best to resolve complaints or issues over the phone rather than having the customers coming in.
  • Perform end of day routine of searching the branch for customer informations and shredding.
  • Help customer use ATM and other services that chase offer.
  • Resolve account problems that does not require a banker.
  • Keep the bank platform organized.
  • Manage and handle cash.
  • Load and perform ATM settlements.
  • Perform Transactions at the teller window.
  • Collect and fulfill Night Drop transactions.
  • Receive and count Large amount of cash.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.

Confidential, Huntington, NY

Mechanic Assistance

  • Diagnose OBD II Codes and fix check engine lights.
  • Perform Oil changes/ Brake Changes.
  • Initiate Tune - up
  • Implement Engine Timing
  • Rebuild and situate Engine into automobiles
  • Rebuild and Install gearbox, Transmissions.
  • Upgrading engine with performance modifications.

Confidential, NY

Construction Helper

  • Laid out and check delivery items to ensure accuracy of items received
  • Ensure customer satisfaction upon completion of work.
  • Gutted interior of homes.
  • Reframed rooms from ground up.
  • Professionally installed kitchen tiles and appliances.
  • Measure and cut sheetrock for installations.
  • Dry sand and patch Broken walls with sheetrock compound.
  • Re-do sewer system.
  • Clean and copper cut copper fittings for plumbing installation.
  • Apply varnish to wood floors.
  • Painted walls and ceilings.
  • Cut tiles for kitchen and bathroom installations.


Ability to work as a team to accomplish task.

Willing to learn and accomplish deeds.

Ability to setup a network system with server.

Ability to install and setup up surveillance camera

Quick thinker creating solutions.

Have a working understand using windows XP - Windows 10.

Advance knowledge of Repairing electronics (computers, Phones/mobile devices etc).

Knowledge in soldering and re-wiring of appliances.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Works including Excel.

Treat customers like there family.

Ability to drive standard transmission automobiles.

Performing modification to car engines.

Creating circuits and installing solar panels

Repairing computer

Watching and analyzing DIY on youtube.

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