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Data Center System Engineer Resume

Portland, OR



Operating Systems: Linux Red Hat, Novell Netware, UNIX, SCO UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Advanced Server/ Server/Professional, Windows 2003 Enterprise/Data Center, Windows 2003 R2, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Enterprise (32 & 64 - bit), Window 2008, Windows 2008 R2

Microsoft Applications: Active Directory Services, Exchange Server 2003, Internet Explorer, Internet Information Services (IIS), IP SEC, Cluster Services, CRM 3.0, FTP, Network Analyzer, Office Professional 2003, 2007 & 2010, MOM 2000 & 2005, Network Load Balancing, Project, SCCM, SharePoint 2003, SMS, SQL Server 7, 2000, & 2005, Visio, Visual Studio 2003 & 2005, WSUS

VERTITAS Applications: NetBackup, NetBackup DLO, Network Storage Executive, Volume Manager

Virtualization Applications: VMware, VMware vCenter Server (ESXi 4.1.0, 5.0.0 & 5.1.0), Virtual PC, Virtual Server, VDI, SUN/Oracle Virtual Box

Other Applications: Adobe Acrobat Professional, Attachmate Net Wizard, C360 CRM, Crystal Report, DOT.net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 , Great Plains, McAfee Anti-Virus, McAfee Enterprise VirsusScan, MPEG2,Norton Anti-Virus, PeopleSoft, SAP R3, ScriptLogic Password Reset Tool, Secure Cut FTP, Silverlight 3, Wowza Media Server 3.0.3

Imaging Tools: Altiris, Image X, Intrinsic Swimage Encore, Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit (MDT) 2008 & 2010, Norton Ghost, SCCM OSD

Help Desk Applications: REMEDY, Service Center, Track-it

Financial Software:

Advanced Financial Systems (AFS) Modules: Image Depot, Internet Positive Pay, Teller Vision, Signature Cards, ATM, Image Vision, Positive Pay, Fraud, General Ledger, Returns, Dream

M&I (Metavante) Modules: Bankers Insight and PC Teller

Other Applications: PCI Document Management, TREEV Document Management

Enterprise FAX Solutions: Right Fax, FACSys, Castelle Fax, Brooktrout, Gamma Link

Mass Storage Devices: ADIC Scalar 100 Tape Library, DOT Hill SAN, EMC CLARiiON, HP MLS 2024 Tape Library, HP MSA 500, HP MSA 1000 fiber channel 4TB SAN, Xiotech Magnitude 3D, NetApp, SCSI and iSCSI mass storage devices

Gateway Solutions: BARR System, IBM SAA, Microsoft SNA, Novell SAA

Terminal Servers: Citrix, Citrix MetaFrame, Microsoft Terminal Servers, WinFrame, Wyse Thin Clients

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, WINS, IPX/SPX, LDAP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, OLAP, Frame Relay X25, RTMP, RTSP, RTP, HDS

Certificate Servers: Root, Self-signed, Symantec, CA Certificates

Firewalls: CheckPoint, Cisco PIX, ISA 2004, Proxy Server, SonicWall

Routers: Cisco Routers, Ascend Routers, Motorola Multi-Protocol Routers, Newport Systems LAN2LAN Routers

Switches: Cabletron MMAC+ Switches, Cisco Switches, HP Managed Switches

Wireless Devices: RFID Active and Passive, Video Cameras, Access Points

Emulations: 3270, Attachmate Extra, Hummingbird, Net Manage NS Elite


Confidential, Portland, OR

Data Center System Engineer


  • Patched over 3000 stand-alone and virtual servers in manual mode and automated mode using WSUS and SCCM.
  • Worked with Security personnel to obtain a spreadsheet of security/vulnerabilities that require updating and distribute the list to system engineers.
  • Configured VMware virtual servers by creating and removing snapshots prior to and after patching.
  • Generated change requests and submit to the Global Change Management Group for approval.
  • Worked with the on-line banking Project Manager ensuring that all Q2 servers are patch compliant.
  • Created and updated VMware templates for used by other systems engineers to build new servers.

Confidential, Hillsboro, OR

Information Management Senior Specialist


  • Developed, deployed, and maintained zero touch or light touch virtual and standard images for client’s Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Novell environments using Swimage Encore, MDT or SCCM OSD.
  • Build and maintained client SCCM Distribution Point (DP) servers.
  • Created client foundation desktop images using Image X and MS WAIK tools in a virtual environment.
  • Generated and maintained client project archival documentation.
  • Packaged and incorporated applications, drivers, and patches into the client’s Swimage Encore, MDT, or SCCM OSD images.
  • Tracked, recorded, and submitted reports on time spent on client imaging project.
  • Provided Swimage Encore demonstrations and set up pilot programs for clients at the request of the sales team.
  • Assisted new Imagers with the development, implementation, and maintenance of images using Swimage Encore, MDT or SCCM OSD.
  • Researched, tested, and presented new or related image-based technology to the Architect team for review and analysis.
  • Kept project team members informed of significant items requiring review and/or immediate action that could affect the project.
  • Participated in interviewing and hiring of new Client Engineering staff personnel.
  • Performed the duties of the Client Engineering Director in his absence.

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Lead Enterprise Systems Administrator


  • Backup and restored Redmond campus data center and remote facilities systems to ADIC Scalar 100 and HP MLS 2024 tape libraries using VERITAS Net Backup and Symantec Backup Exec.
  • Revised the data backup systems and off-site storage procedures, and developed and maintained backup logs.
  • Generated and provided documentation to meet Sarbanes - Oxley (SOX) compliance and auditors requirements.
  • Assisted with the development of procedures and archival documentation for VMC and its clients’ networks, and verified the accuracy and completeness of existing documentation.
  • Provided system administration by assigning or modify user rights, resetting users’ passwords, and deleting mid-level management staff and user email accounts.
  • Installed, configured, integrated, and assisted with maintenance of AMD and Intel-based servers, and HP MSA 500 mass storage devices for the Redmond data center.
  • Reengineered the Redmond data center to accommodate the installation of additional racks, network servers, and related equipment.
  • Integrated and configured 4 MS CRM 3.0 and 2 C360 CRM servers with SQL, IIS, and Exchange to meet developer’s specifications.
  • Installed and configured a Secure Cut FTP server for integration into the Montreal, Canada data center.
  • Assisted with setting up a disaster recovery site for the Redmond data center in Toronto, Canada.
  • Provided technical support for both domestic and international VMC offices, call centers, and data centers.
  • Used the appropriate troubleshooting tools to resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Provided 24/7 support coverage for all corporate servers and participated in an on-call rotational schedule.


System Engineer


  • Provided technical support for developers, testers and over 2500 domestic and international users for the following groups: CRM, CRM Live, Office Live, Small Business Accounting, Point of Sales, and MSN.
  • Integrated, configured, and maintained the following HP/Compaq and Dell equipment in several production and performance test labs and 5 data centers: 2500+ multi-processor servers, 50 fiber and SCSI mass storage devices, and 500 workstations.
  • Monitored and patched servers in the data center, production, and performance test labs using MOM and WSUS.
  • Monitored layer 3 and layer 4 Cisco switches using What’s Up Pro Gold.
  • Used Altiris and other imaging applications to configure servers to meet developer and tester specifications.
  • Generated multiple virtual servers images consisting of SQL servers, web servers, Exchange sever, and Windows 2003/R2 servers as domain controllers with Active Directory services with one-way and two-way trusts within a multiple-forest environment to meet testing, development, performance, and INT groups’ specifications.
  • Integrated and configured over 350 CRM servers and virtual servers to meet CRM and CRM Live testers and developers specifications.
  • Reengineered the test and production labs to accommodate the installation of additional racks, network servers, and related equipment.
  • Worked with HP and Dell Enterprise technical support staff to resolve hardware issues related to new equipment releases.


Lab Test Engineer


  • Generated and revised Virtual Server images, which consisted of a front-end Windows 2003 server with IIS and a back-end Windows 2003 server with SQL 2000, to meet requirements specified for dissemination to the Redmond Campus data centers within a controlled environment.
  • Involved in the researching and testing of WSUS on the AP Group’s network infrastructure.
  • Implemented MOM 2005 with SQL Server 2000 across multiple data center servers located on the Redmond campus.
  • Installed anti-virus software, security, and IPAK patches on Virtual Server images.
  • Developed a project plan and placed into production 2 Windows 2003 domain controllers with Active Directory services creating a trust within an inter-forest environment between 2 secure VLANs on the NISD domain.
  • Developed and revised software imaging, implementation, and patching procedures.
  • Generated virtual server images for comparison tests using VMware and Virtual Server software
  • Researched and compiled information regarding new technology products related to servers, workstations and related equipment for management to review.


Lab Engineer


  • Integrated, configured and maintained 200 multi-processor servers, 6 iSCSI and fiber channel mass storage devices, 32 ISA 2004 firewall servers, 3 SharePoint 2003 servers, multiple Virtual PCs and Virtual Servers, an Exchange 2003 server, 3 Microsoft Media Servers, a HP MSA 1000 fiber channel 4TB SAN, and related equipment in the Platform Adoption Lab data center mixed platform environment.
  • Integrated, configured and maintained128 single-processor servers in 32 secured performance test labs.
  • Configured 500 Intel and ADM systems as either workstations, servers or both, as well as related equipment using Altiris with client software images in Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003 environments in accordance with client’s specifications for scheduled events.
  • Created and installed several virtual servers to meet client’s testing specifications using VMware.
  • Assisted clients with issues during testing of their proprietary and pre-released equipment and software.
  • Set up an internal RFID system consisting of 12 readers with 2 antennas each for testing and demonstrations.
  • Removed, relocated and installed data lines, fiber optic cables, and D-Link and HP managed switches.
  • Developed and revised diagrams of the networks, data ports, and electrical outlets for the Platform Adoption Lab data center, secured performance test labs and conference rooms.


Server Performance Group Tester


  • Preformed OS performance and stress tests on Windows 2003 Enterprise/Data Center and Longhorn using SQL 2000, SAP R/3 4.x, and TPC-C with various architectures on high-end multi-processor enterprise servers and mass storage devices within multiple parameters using an in-house automated testing program.
  • Used Navisphere to setup and configure EMC CLARiiON SANs including the installation LP9802 HBAs using fiber optic cables for each tower put into production and configuring each LUN for the appropriate RAID type.
  • Used VERITAS Volume Manager to setup and configure SCSI mass storage devices including the installation of LSI Mega RAID cards with SCSI cables for each external JBOD enclosure put into production and configuring each LUN for the appropriate RAID type.
  • Installed and ran MSCS and NLB on Windows 2003 Enterprise/Data Center servers with 4 or more nodes per cluster to manage SAP and SQL databases.
  • Installed and set up Xiotech Magnitude 3D storage units in rack enclosures.
  • Installed, configured, and ran SQL Server 2000 and SAP R/3 4.x using GUI and command line.
  • Removed and installed fiber optic cables in the data center.
  • Configured and installed remote KVMs for use within the Enterprise Server Performance Group.
  • Installed Terminal Server on all network servers and accessed applications via remote desktop clients.
  • Developed, maintained, and ensured the accuracy of the network servers and data ports diagrams for the data center.

Confidential, Boerne, TX

AFS Consultant


  • Participated in pre-conversion and post conversion of the existing M&I system to a Fidelity system.
  • Functioned as the AFS System Administrator by setting up new users’ profiles, assigning or modify user rights; modifying existing sort patterns, and resolving ATM issues using STAR systems between the bank and credit card service companies.
  • Interfaced with AFS Tier 3 support technicians and programmers to troubleshoot and revise custom software modules.
  • Functioned as the SQL Administrator for the bank’s SQL 2000 system, which included creating new user profiles, assigning or modifying user rights, rebuilding or modifying the existing databases, and backing up the databases.
  • Assisted technical support staff with setting up trust relations for SQL 2000 users between the legacy system and Windows 2000 Active Directory services.
  • Wrote and revised automation batch files, executable programs, and script files for transmission of files between the bank and third party service bureaus.
  • Worked with the Item Processing staff to resolve research, adjustments, and exceptions issues
  • Assisted the IT staff with the development of internal network and software documentation, user forms, and procedures.
  • Trained staff in preparation for the transfer AFS administration functions.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Senior Systems Engineer


  • Functioned as the Project Manager for the following projects, which included researching hardware and software requirements, determining associated costs, presenting compiled information for approval, creating a project time-line, submitting paperwork for acquisition of hardware and software, and scheduling outside vendors:
  • SNA Host Server: Implemented 4 SNA Host Communication Server Gateways in two phases to connect the corporate offices and 55 branches to a central mainframe via NS Elite SNA 3270 emulation. Phase I consisted of installing, configuring and integrating 2 Windows NT SNA servers with multiple PUs allowing for up to 254 LUs per PU; the installation of the SNA Client on each workstation; setting up a host printer at each location; scheduling hardware and software rollouts; and maintained project documentation for use in Phase II.
  • Disaster Recovery Branch Capture: Coordinated the installation, configuration and dissemination of workstations, source NDP units and proprietary software for the 12 remote branches; created an alpha numeric naming convention for each site; and standardized hardware and software.
  • Special Projects: Completed the following:
  • WAUSAU Conversion: Converted the original 4 branches and Item Processing Center from the existing WAUSAU system to an AFS system with M&I as the service provider.
  • Novell SAA Gateway Conversion: Converted the existing Novell SAA gateway and dialup modem layout to a centralized gateway using TCP/IP, upgraded the Novell 3.12 servers to Novell 4.1x, and reconfigured the existing routers and workstations.
  • Item Processing/Data Center Server Conversion: Converted the existing 35 Windows NT 4 servers to Windows 2000 domain servers with Active Directory Services, setup trust relations between the servers, incorporated the existing domain controller into the new tree, established and setup group policies, created and modified user accounts, and established the protocols for setting up new trees and users.
  • Data Transfer to Kaye-Smith for Statement Processing: Wrote, implemented, and maintained the program batch files designed to transfer financial data automatically from an M&I off-site mainframe to an Item Processing/Data Center Windows NT 4 server via VPN to Kaye-Smith’s UNIX server for processing of bank statements.
  • Wenatchee Disaster Recovery Site: Integrated and configured 8 Windows NT servers, 15 workstations, and a sorter into the bank’s network system, and coordinated with a third-party vendor for the installation and testing of telecommunications equipment.
  • Disaster Recovery CD: Created and disseminated a bootable Disaster Recover CD with written instructions to approximately 40 branches to allow them to automatically restore, rename and change the workstations 3 digit identification number generate a system board firmware upgrade for each system.
  • Participated in the pre and post conversion of acquired saving and loan and commercial banks as a member acquisition team by visiting acquired branches to determine what equipment and software was being used; and the best method to use to transfer and integrate data files from legacy systems (i.e., PCI, Onbase, PegaSystems 3.x, and Vector 4) to the bank’s Metavante/M&I and AFS systems to ensure minimal loss of data working with loan department personnel to ensure the compatibility of their systems the with bank’s CLC software and installing the CLC software on workstations, if required integrating checking and saving accounts, and commercial, residential, and personal loan data files ensuring that duplicate account numbers were addressed coordinating the transference of acquired banks’ customer accounts into bank’s accounts with ACH transferring financial data files optical storage devices to storage media used by the bank coordinating the integration of acquired ATMs into the bank’s ATM system, and ensuring that modems/routers/data lines were in place prior to the final conversion interfacing with telecommunications staff to integrate communications systems installing software applications and/or upgrades on acquired branches workstations
  • Worked with facilities personnel and vendors to set up the new Tukwila Item Processing/Data Center by coordinating the installation and testing of sorters, printers, and workstations; data and voice lines; routers and telecommunication equipment; and halogen fire suppressant system.
  • Supervised and trained technical support staff, and participated in the hiring process.
  • Developed and revised user instructions, internal user forms, archival documentation, network diagrams, and disaster recovery plans.
  • Interfaced with vendors and manufacturers to obtain costs and procure equipment and software.
  • Generated and provided required documentation to FDIC auditors during annual audits.
  • Used the appropriate troubleshooting tools to resolve hardware and software issues to ensure 24/7 operations.
  • Installed and maintained the Customer Service and Loan departments ACH and Fed Line systems.
  • Setup and installed network and communication analyzers to monitor the security of the network.
  • Supported the original 5 ATM system linked via Memotec modems to Accel, VISA, PLUS, Interlink, and The Exchange.
  • Installed, relocated, and removed data/voice lines in the Seattle corporate offices, Tukwila Item Processing/Data Center and Wenatchee Disaster Recovery Site.
  • Provided technical support for the Tukwila Item Processing/Data Center, which included functioning as the system administrator by setting up profiles for new users, assigning or modify user rights, backing up and restoring critical financial data and operation files, and burning CDs and DVDs for data storage working with the Item Processing staff to resolve research, adjustments, and exceptions issues training data entry operators assigned to monitor and transmit nightly work to service provider working with commercial customers to setup and establish on-line banking connections configuring, integrating, and maintaining an AFS Fraud Suite server with filters, 4 CAR servers with a Manager Server, 2 DOT Hill SAN systems, 3 IIS servers, and an Internet Positive Pay web server installing and replacing boards into existing Cisco routers designing Internet and Intranet pages for Internet Positive Pay web server using HTML and JAVA
  • Configured, integrated, and maintained over 70 network servers which consisted of the following server types: BARR, eTreev, Exchange 5.5, Novell 4.11, Novell SAA, Seagate Network Storage Executive Backup, SQL 7 & 2000, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows SNA.
  • Integrated, configured and maintained an Image Vision server and workstations for both the Tukwila Item Process/Data Center and Wenatchee Disaster Recovery Site, and verified sorter communications between each other internally and between sites; and with the ICU, SCU, and ICS.

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