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Iam Consultant Resume

Bingham Farms, MI


Identity Management: IBM Security Identity Manager, Oracle Waveset and RSA IGL (Aveksa)

Database Software: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DB2

Operating Systems: Linux (Debian and RedHat based), Unix, and Windows

Programming Languages: Javascript, C++, Delphi, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, C# and Visual Basic

Server Administration: Apache, NFS, NTP, OpenVPN, Rsync, Samba, and VSFTP

Software Development Packages: Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, Eclipse, GNU, IntelliJ IDEA


Confidential, Bingham Farms, MI

IAM Consultant

  • Made enhancements to the corporate password reset application for LDAP and ACF2 user id’s. Enhancements were made for performance, to remove creation of legacy id’s, add support for the Daimler provided user id, and security fixes.
  • Made enhancements to the onboarding web application for creating new LDAP and ACF2 user id’s. Enhancements were to make creation of mainframe accounts optional, disable generation of legacy id’s and allow use of the Daimler provided user id, and many enhancements to the user interface and associated style sheets.
  • Updated java application that syncs Daimler provided user data from a csv feed to the local MBFS LDAP. Updates included significant performance improvements, disabling legacy id generation, and new rules for suspending and deleting users from LDAP.
  • Worked on implementation of RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle by meeting with application teams to determine provisioning requirements as well as providing support to the RSA engineers building out the environment.
  • Built POC environment for authenticating Subversion repositories via Active Directory group membership across several domains at Daimler.
  • Wrote java utility to analyze group memberships in LDAP and find and remove any uniqueMember attributes where the DN no longer existed in the directory.
  • Developed POC RSA IGL Java Node to append data to a Sharepoint site via the REST interface.
  • Developed bulk load utility for the CA LDAP interface to create ACF2 accounts in support of activities to migrate users off their legacy Chrysler id to their Daimler uid.
  • Developed migration utilities to extract dataset and resource rules from the CA LDAP interface for ACF2 and to migrate the rules to the new Daimler uid based accounts.
  • Wrote AFX Java connector for RSA IGL (Aveksa) to provision to customized LDAP environment.
  • Wrote AFX Java connector for RSA IGL (Aveksa) to provision ACF2 accounts via the CA LDAP interface.
  • Created fulfillment workflows in RSA IGL (Aveksa) for the custom ACF2 connector and for applications that use stock REST and SOAP connectors.
  • Created custom schema for identity store in Red Hat Directory Server 10.2.
  • Configured identity collection in RSA IGL (Aveksa) to use Red Hat Directory Server 10.2 as the new identity store as a replacement for the existing file based identity feed.
  • Set up collections, naming policy, account templates, and a custom provisioning workflow in RSA IGL (Aveks) to provision new accounts and groups for admin accounts in Active Directory.

Confidential, Bingham Farms, MI

IBM Security Identity Manager Consultant

  • Assisted with installing and configuring the ISIM environment including DB2 and Tivoli Directory Server installation, configuration, deployment documentation, and the middleware configuration for ISIM in development, qa and production environments.
  • Installed Tivoli Directory Integrator
  • Documented installation and configuration of the AD Agent for the Active Directory adapter.
  • Extended ISIM schema. Wrote LDIF files to create custom objectclasses for users and service accounts.
  • Created approval workflows for the custom objectclasses using RFI forms that support manager, role owner, and VP approval for roles, allow those approvals to be forwarded to an alternate approver, allow commenting during the approval process, and detect and notify Information Security when an additional role request will add a duplicate entitlement to a user.
  • Implemented workflows for user and privileged recertifications, as well as conversion, transfer, and reactivation recertifications.
  • Wrote Java code to extract data from the ISIM database to report on user and privileged recertifications.
  • Assisted with workflows for a custom adapter to implement RFI based work orders. Built in a bypass to these work orders so bulk loads of users will not have work orders created during initial user load.
  • Extended the schema, forms, and TDI code for the custom adapter to support dumping provisioning information to a file as an alternative to the manual work orders.
  • Extended approval workflows to add manager approvals for changes to display name. Changes to display name update Active Directory using the ISIM adapter.
  • Set up the ISAM - ESSO adapter and configured the necessary service, adoption policy, reconciliation schedule, and provisioning policies. Also enabled the related workflow extensions and made the necessary TDI configuration changes.
  • Profiled web and desktop applications in AccessStudio for deployment into the ISAM-ESSO environment
  • Assisted with implementing pam ldap authentication for Solaris, AIX, and Linux systems.
  • Wrote upstart scripts for starting and stopping the TDI dispatcher.
  • Worked on bug fixes for HR data feed TDI assembly line.
  • Assist ISIM support personnel as needed troubleshooting issues and implementing bug fixes.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to add new Unix/Linux systems to Active Directory for pam ldap.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to perform data analysis on SharePoint site and user membership data to determine an owner for each site.
  • Wrote Java and PowerShell code to provision new Active Directory accounts, Exchange mailboxes, and create home drives for the new accounts
  • Wrote Java code to detect employee to contractor and contractor to employee conversions, as well as transfers to another department.
  • Wrote PowerShell code to move home directories to a new location when an employee transfers has been detected.
  • Wrote PowerShell code to disable Exchange mailboxes when a user is disabled and to attach/enable the mailbox if the user is enabled again.

Confidential, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Database Consultant

  • Provide MySQL database design and implementation.
  • Write conversion scripts using C# and Perl to populate database from XML source files.
  • Write scripts to look up and import demographic data from Rapleaf into the customer database.
  • Provide support for the CentOS based servers and ensure uptime and security of the systems.
  • Write scripts for implementing the web portion of a web and text message based opt-in system.

Confidential, Southfield, MI

Catia Hardware Support at Chrysler LLC

  • Imaged Windows systems using Chrysler provided image.
  • Imaged IBM Unix systems using sysback.
  • Imaged HP Unix systems from Ignite server.
  • Imaged SGI Unix systems using direct disk to disk copy.
  • Backed up and restored user data manually and using backup scripts.
  • Loaded user required applications.
  • Swapped out systems that were coming off lease.
  • Used crossover cables to transfer large amounts of user data.
  • Assisted users in moving their systems and connecting to the network.
  • Provided hardware troubleshooting and support via the Chrysler trouble ticket system.
  • Placed service calls with multiple hardware vendors for defective or damaged hardware.
  • Assisted with, and was point person for Unix to Windows migration process.
  • Assisted with documentation for the Unix to Windows swap process.
  • Assisted with documentation for the Unix to Linux swap process.
  • Assisted with delivery and setup of systems to supplier and manufacturing sites.
  • Updated DNS entries for Unix workstations.

IT Consultant

Confidential, Lansing, MI

  • Windows 2000 OS installation and support.
  • Installed and configured RedHat 9 Linux servers.
  • Developed web pages using JSP/Java Servlets.
  • Installed and configured Apache and Tomcat servers.
  • Provided custom compiled installs of Apache to include support for php.
  • Installed and configured the VSFTP ftp server.
  • Installed Great Plains client.
  • Set up OpenVPN for Redhat and Windows servers.
  • Edited perl and shell scripts for server daemons.
  • Installed and configured Big Brother system and network monitor.
  • Installed and configured bind DNS server.
  • Set up several samba shares between Windows 2000 and RedHat servers.
  • Set up nightly tar.gz backups for several of the RedHat servers using cron jobs.
  • Wrote JSP pages to interface with a in-house server daemon and a MS SQL database.
  • Worked with a team of developers to create a web inventory system for use with wireless PocketPC barcode scanners using JDBC, JSP/Servlets and Ant build scripts.
  • Set up database replication, via slony, between two RedHat 9 servers running Postgres.
  • Used cvs, and later subversion for version control on the JSP/Java development projects.

Confidential, Clare County, MI


  • Provided hardware and software installation and support for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows XP systems.

Confidential, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Helpdesk Technician

  • Installed, configured, and provided support for Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP systems for campus computer labs and faculty.
  • Installed and configured the Netware client.
  • Used Ghost drive image software for backup and system restores of individual systems, and multicast imaging for the campus labs.
  • Provided phone support for faculty and students.
  • Provided troubleshooting and repair on PC hardware for the campus labs and faculty computers.
  • Worked on a network configuration center at the beginning of semesters to help students connect their computers to the campus network.

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