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Sr Systems Engineer Resume

Fayetteville, GA


  • I’ve worked at some great companies in several separate business sectors including financial, technology, and retail.
  • While working at these companies I’ve consistently been selected and I’ve volunteered to bring in new technologies.
  • I have a wide breadth of knowledge that I’m able to tap into while working on these projects.
  • I have an extensive amount of experience in several UNIX and Linux operating systems including AIX, RedHat, and SUSE.
  • I’ve worked with clustering including RedHat Clustering, Veritas Cluster Services, HACMP, SUSE HA for SAP.
  • I’m very proficient in scripting with PERL, KSH, and BASH.


Sr Systems Engineer

Confidential, Fayetteville, GA


  • Perform some “basis” tasks including Transports (with and without CHARM) and troubleshooting issues.
  • Completed the build - out of SAP HANA, sandbox, Dev, QA, and Prod environments. This includes the hardware ( Confidential Power), OS (AIX 7.1 & SuSE Linux), SAP installs (ECC, GRC, GW, Solutions Manager, HANA, and Web Dispatcher), filesystems, backups, batch jobs, and replication.
  • Utilize HANA Studio daily to monitor and configure backups as well as to monitor the overall health of HANA.
  • Managed upgrade of Informatica environment from AIX 5.3 to AIX7.1 and Confidential Power 5 to Confidential Power hardware.
  • Implemented Pure Storage flash storage in two datacenters with replication. This is being implemented to displace older Confidential XIV storage in VMWare.
  • Implemented Confidential V7000 Confidential Storage for RMAN backups, this provides the capability of replicating between datacenters and reducing the amount of time required to duplicate environments quickly.
  • Manage and maintain Confidential SVC environments. This includes adding storage, modifying the layout of storage to better align with internal efforts, upgrading, and monitoring.
  • Manage SAN switches.
  • Use Control-M enterprise scheduler to centralize the management of batch runs, administrative jobs and backups including Control-M for SAP.
  • Implemented EMC Isilon to replace aging file storage in Confidential .
  • Upgraded 12 PeopleSoft servers with Oracle RAC from RedHat 5.4 to RedHat 6.4 and converted them from using ASMLIB to UDEV for maintaining persistence and permissions.

Systems Programmer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Utilized my extensive UNIX and Linux knowledge to create TPM automation packages that are used to install operating systems, create filesystems, create users, edit files, set parameters, install software including NetBackup clients, BigFix, Altiris, TPM agent, ITM agent, etc. on AIX, RHEL, and SUSE .
  • Using TPM to automate the build of pSeries (P5, P6, and P7) LPARs while maintaining naming standards across multiple VIO servers.
  • Utilize the Eclipse APDE environment to develop workflows, create tcdrivers and update tcdrivers using jython, perl, bash, ksh, and the proprietary workflow language of TPM.
  • Created an enterprise wide self-service process that allows users to reset their UNIX and Linux passwords. This process has eliminated 800 incident tickets per month.
  • Created a process that will be used to certify future releases of OS versions to what has been built in TPM.
  • This will ensure that all future installations of RHEL and AIX are standardized and tested.
  • Expanding the role of TPM to make it more of a “Self-Service” tool that can be distributed to different parts of the organization.
  • As part of this effort packages are being requested and built for different groups within Confidential .
  • As a second part of this effort the groups are trained on how to use TPM to deploy their products. This has helped expand the role of TPM in the organization.

Senior Systems Engineer

Confidential, Orlando, FL/Atlanta, GA


  • Increased the number of RedHat servers within the company from 2 to 230, moving our hardware dependencies from very expensive hardware (HP Superdomes and Confidential Midrange servers) to commodity Intel and AMD hardware.
  • Virtualized a large portion of the Linux servers using VMWARE to further reduce the cost of hardware.Utilized tools like Kickstart and some custom scripts to assist with this growth while maintaining standards across all installations. Have been a key player in changing the way people within the company feel about Linux. They no longer look at it as an okay solution for something small but it has become the first choice for almost everything, big or small.
  • Worked on many open source applications (asterisk, spacewalk, twiki, nagios).
  • Worked on several Oracle applications (RAC, ASM, OCFS2, Beehive, Oracle Email Archival) as the System Engineer. This entailed many things that included, tuning system parameters, setting up UDEV on AS4 and AS5 servers to create ASM and OCFS2 disks, monitoring and documenting.
  • Managed the Linux clusters that housed more that 100 Oracle databases, including 3 RAC clusters.
  • Manage all of the SAN storage allocations for each of the databases running on Linux, from the smallest (20GB) to the largest (4.6TB).

Lead Systems Engineer

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL


  • Served as the lead engineer, designer, PERL scripter, consultant, backup administrator, tester and documenter for a project that was being converted from AS400 to SuSE on pSeries.

UNIX Systems Administrator

Confidential, Montgomery, AL


  • Primary AIX engineer responsible for the Regions eBanking AIX environment. This environment was consistently number one in performance and response time on www.gomez.com (an e-banking performance index site)
  • Responsible for:
  • Thirteen production AIX servers (P4 and P5), three QA environments and one DR environment. All of these environments were WebSphere and DB2 on AIX 5.2 and 5.3.
  • Building and changing entire QA environments (starting at the web layer (WebSpehere’s Loadbalancer, WebSphere’s Content Based Router, caching proxy and IHS), the app layer (WebSphere on AIX), to the database (DB2 on AIX using ESS800 for storage) based on the requirements given to me by the Application Developer group.
  • The security of the environment. There are several standards that have to be passed when the systems get audited each year (federal requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley, and internal).
  • Defined the backup standards to ensure that the environment could be recovered and to meet federal requirements on the retention of data.
  • Monitoring the production environment (WebSphere, DB2, IHS and WebSphere edge load balancer). I wrote several PERL scripts that monitored parts of the WebSphere environment and issued alerts.

UNIX Systems Administrator

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA


  • Moved to Confidential as part of an outsourcing agreement with Confidential . Still performed the same functions as I did at Confidential but with Confidential requirements added.
  • Converted Confidential Canada’s largest environment from Tru64 to RedHat AS.
  • Wrote and tested the procedures for Confidential Canada’s disaster recovery for their UNIX environment.
  • Upgraded all of the AIX servers in Confidential Canada from 4.1 to 4.3.
  • On two separate occasions, I recovered the UNIX environment in Sterling Forest.
  • Supported a business unit within Confidential that ran everything on 3 E10K domains, 2 small SUN boxes and 2 AIX servers (running OCS, for mainframe connectivity). With the E10K being de-commissioned within a year, converted the environment to a SUN 4800, 2 SUN 880s and kept the AIX machines.

NetView for AIX Administrator

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL


  • Configured and customized NetView from start-up.
  • Customized maps to be a symbolic representation of a corporate network that contained Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, Frame Relay, T1s, T3s, Cisco Routers and Bay Network hubs.
  • Customized monitoring software, with PERL scripts, to page administrators when network or system problems were detected.
  • Certified AIX System Administrator V4.

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