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Network Commissioning & Integration Engineer Iv Resume

Plano, TX


  • Resourceful Telecommunications Engineer seeking to leverage 15 years of experience deploying, configuring, testing, and integrating data network devices coupled with my knowledge in LAN, WAN and SD - WAN implementation.


  • Wireless Technologies Project Management Technical Infrastructure Team Training & Development
  • Network Operations & Reliability Fault Management Initiatives Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
  • Systems Test/Analysis Process Improvements Relationship Management Team Building & Leadership
  • Transport Network


Confidential, Plano, TX

Network Commissioning & Integration Engineer IV

  • Perform commissioning, integration & migration of cell sites for Sprint Field Techs on 3G &4G LTE platforms using EXCEL to update the migrations
  • Conduct moderately-complex and detailed engineering, analytical, functional and mathematical simulation analysis for the Commissioning team.
  • Provide guidance to customers on integrating, commissioning and providing onsite support during network cross over for new markets.
  • Assist other Engineering teams with onsite and remote commissioning of CDMA/LTE RAN equipment.
  • Provided project management for 3G &4G LTE, VoLTE, configure 1900/800 radio equipment, support Field Techs with unlocking cell sites. running ATP reports & updating in Stacks
  • Utilize Wireless Network and Mobile Interworking (Core, BSC, RAN, or IP) network elements using Cisco ISE, LSM GUI & UNIX. Gather and analyze data from multiple sources.
  • Perform 3G and 4G Pre-Health Checks prior to cell site commissioning, integration, and testing, as well as Post-Checks for Sprint Site Acceptance.
  • Prepare spreadsheets, charts, graphs and tables of information, and share with junior Engineers
  • Plan and prioritize multiple work assignments.
  • Troubleshoot and identify network issues by analyzing packet captures and Syslog files to determine root cause/analysis of EPC issues related to MME, SGW, PGW, and DRA & PCRF.
  • Adept in developing and maintaining excellent working relationships with multiple levels within the company and with external contacts.
  • Ability to solve problems involving highly diverse conditions requiring creativity to search for solutions in solving the issue/problem.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Network Operations Engineer

  • Responsible for troubleshooting and repairs, working with peer departments, vendors and business associates to optimize operations on networks.
  • Provided detection of system or network events for customer monitored equipment, diagnosed, troubleshoot, and repair of equipment, monitored and responded to network alarms.
  • Supported field activity for project installations/upgrades and maintenance, establish and maintained escalated communications with the technical support teams and field operations on maintenance issues.
  • Provided connectivity to various hardware configurations such as routers, switches, modems, distribution panels, and other telecom hardware.
  • Responsibilities included Installation, maintenance, support and troubleshooting of Telecommunications equipment, support of networks, monitoring and testing.
  • Troubleshoot and repair data circuits from DS0 to OC-48 and install or repair various types of network hardware from Cisco routers to multiplexers, utilizing various types of test equipment (t-berds, cerjac and digital lightwave). Creating trouble tickets (Service Center/ SC), involving other support teams if necessary, keeping the customer informed on the status and expected repair time.
  • Monitored Core network/service equipment for outages and performance issues.
  • Acted as second level support and primary point of contact for Core customers in the NOC.
  • Responsible for trouble ticket management, (create, resolve, escalate and manage process through resolution of issues.
  • Performed equipment checks routinely in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Identified and isolated root cause of faults for network, servers, and applications in conjunction with the infrastructure, applications and network security issues.
  • Monitored all mission-critical backend environmental issues and determined fixes and resolutions.
  • Instrumental in investigating and reviewing operating conditions to seek out potential customer impacting issues before occurring.
  • Validated change management of pre and post maintenance activity.
  • Performed alarm verifications and troubleshoot all critical alarms on network elements.
  • Established Operations Bridge and communication to required parties for high-risk network events and restoration efforts.
  • Composed and sends outage notifications, alerting and informing a wide audience (including managers) of high-risk network events and major customer-impacting incidents.

Confidential, Little Rock, AR

Transport Engineer II

  • Enforced Wind-stream Network Quality standards during validation and review of the procedural documents to ensure accuracy in network augmentations, upgrades, and other network maintenances.
  • Performed detailed equipment engineering for Windstream network augmentations.
  • Developed applicable specifications required for installation crew to properly install, test, turn-up, inventory, and configuration of equipment.
  • Deployed Metro-Ethernet over dark-fiber network using Ciena 6500 packet optical platform and DWDM, ROADM in Little Rock, AR and Greenville, SC.
  • Managed dark-fiber transport equipment capital budget and purchase orders.
  • Created Layer 0-2 Visio diagrams for DF cell sites access rings.
  • Managed transport equipment installation vendor for MTSO and Cell.
  • Created and ran SASI script tool for modeling DF network in Granite.
  • Created MOPs and scripts for test/turn-up of G.8032, 10GE rings and create cell site EVPL, EVCs. Coordinated VLAN migrations from EBH provider to Windstream Metro-Ethernet over DF network.
  • Assisted network operations with troubleshooting and resolving network issues.
  • Defined, engineered, and resolved network capacity requirements for Windstream clients, Intelligent Edge, long haul, and metro transport network utilizing high capacity next generation light-wave and wave division multiplexing (WDM) technologies.
  • Defined cable requirements, create cable running lists, and ordering of all cables.
  • Developed Bill of Material and place orders for network equipment, rack, and hardware requirements.
  • Ordered all spares required based on sparing plan or directed by capacity management.
  • Managed, input, and update central Network Inventory Database (i.e. ICON, Nautilus,) to reflect new builds, adds, and decommissions of equipment.
  • Experienced installing, testing, provisioning and turn-up of SONET, WDM and Ethernet equipment in an optical fiber network adhering to engineered design and best practices.
  • Experienced installing and maintaining DWDMs, backbone and management routers, IP switches, as well as all optical and digital infrastructure.
  • Utilized network management systems such as CTC/CTM, NetSmart, Planet Operate (Blue Planet), and Fujitsu FLASHWAVE - NetSmart 1500.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suites and drawing complex system diagrams using CAD-based software
  • Hands-on experience in Installation and Testing of Transport technologies: Ciena, Nortel, Fujitsu, Cisco, Confidential SONET and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), PON, NGPON2, FiOS and FTTP equipment platforms.
  • Troubleshoot, managed and analyzed root-cause problems with DWDM, ROADM, and cross- ponders from various vendors like Cisco, Cyan, Infinera, Adtran, Calix, ALU, BTI, Telllabs, and Ciena.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Customer Technical Advocate/Engineer

  • Served as Regional Advocate, build trust, created synergies, and gained partnership with the Western Region Network Operations/Deployment Team
  • Assisted the Network Deployment team in the integration of new CDMA sites and migration of legacy CDMA sites of the RAN equipment into the existing network.
  • Assisted in development, revisions and execution of: scripts, MOPs and ECNs.
  • Worked with customers on a day-to-day basis to resolve customer network issues.
  • Instrumental in performing updates to remedy ticketing systems.
  • Assisted with installations issues on site and remotely.
  • Managed and assist with tasks and processes related to Sev1 & Sev2 issues for all carriers.
  • Assisted in determining customer network issues; proactively identifying issues and updating team leads, management and engineering teams as necessary.
  • Analyzed and execute automation test scripts based upon the carrier requirements and ensure compliance of test cases with the carrier.
  • Provisioned and Commissioned CDMA RAN equipment with parameters provided by RF Engineering.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues between the core network and cell-site routers and their configuration.
  • Additional responsibilities included, running reports, tracking escalations issues and other key performance indicator concerns.
  • Reviewed technical training materials and provide updates/modifications as deemed necessary.
  • Provided assistance and knowledge sharing with NOC/NTAC engineers to enhance training.
  • Generated customer mandatory network reports to assist in providing network stability information.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Network Integration & Commissioning Engineer

  • Completed project within time and budgetary constraints by effectively managing workload and team members.
  • Performed routine tasks by using MS office tools such as excel. Improved skill level of other C&I Engineers by conducting training sessions.
  • Leveraged technical expertise and consistently resolving complicated network issues related to post processing LTE (850 MHz) and 3G (800 MHz) drive tests for the Detroit market.
  • Succeeded in identifying drop call and access failures by conducting root-cause analysis and through utilization of EDAT.
  • Enhanced company’s profitability through efficiency, quality, and performance optimization.
  • Steered the process of execution and amalgamation of a 3rd party hardware platform, while adhering to 3GPP standards.
  • Designed and developed client circuit cutovers and network migrations, resulting in contributing towards 100% success of the Core Network Engineering and Marketing teams.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Network Support Engineer

  • Supported the TAC Tier II Mobility NOC National Platform and utilize remedy AOTS to open, update, monitor and close existing trouble tickets after the problem is resolved.
  • Troubleshoot network problems, identify the root cause of the problem and find viable solutions to resolve the problem in a timely manner.
  • Monitored the Nortel Passport ATM network, replace defective cards, and work with the associated MTSO techs on getting the faulty CP, FP line cards replaced while the customers network equipment is brought back into service quickly without any major impact or disruption.
  • Monitored the Alcatel network for CA, TX, and MOKA. Troubleshoot both the 7670 and 7470 ATM nodes using the 5620 Network Manager to replace cards and perform traffic balancing on the network.
  • Monitored and supported the Cisco Texan 2000 Network, comprised of REV1 and REV2 nodes and replace AXSM or FRSM type cards.
  • Performed surveillance and support the Cisco 6400 network using “PUTTY” system for checking all VCC on the network, along with calling out or dispatching technicians and replacing cards.
  • Authored a detailed Activity Network Morning Reports that goes out to all corresponding Managers.
  • Responsible for remote monitoring & maintenance of the wire-line and mobility network integrity.
  • Performed scheduled maintenance, implementation, integration of SW/HW updates and trouble ticket management.
  • Developed and implemented SLA’s and MOP’s for the COT/NOC. Developed RCA report format for upper management.
  • Worked with internal and external groups to provide necessary support & assistance.
  • Configured & implement scan points, alarm priority in Netcool.
  • Performed pro-active network element status, health checks during normal surveillance activities.
  • Adhered to procedures to directly access certain network elements, isolate specific trouble conditions.
  • Instrumental in performing corrective & restorative measures on critical network problems.
  • Provided technical support, training and guidance to less experienced technicians and engineers.
  • Equipment monitored included: ATM network, WCDMA, Lucent 5ESS, Lucent ECP, AP, OMP, Nortel 15K/7K Passport, BTS, BSC’s, BR’s, GPS, Voice Mail systems (Lucent AnyPath and Octel), HP HLR & Comverse platforms, Cisco, Edge, Riverstone, & Juniper.
  • Transport equipment included: SONET, Titan 5500, and 532L & Alcatel 1, 7470ESE, 7670RSP, 7705SAR, 7750/7710-SR, Tellabs 5500, 8600/8860. Use of Remedy, VTAG and EBTA.
  • Performed AMA searches and followed CALEA procedures; use of NetAnalyst, PPM, FAM, ProComm, Excel, Access & CiscoWorks,
  • Performed equipment adds & circuit builds using Granite.
  • Provided support during cutovers and regrooms.
  • Performed test and turn-up of new circuits and system backups.
  • Diagnosed large-scale networking problem events.
  • Delivered simple, sustainable and repeatable solutions and processes.
  • Partnered with our broader Technical Operations Organization to reduce operational burden, managed resolution of problems and escalates as required.
  • Communicated critical problems or issues to upper management in a timely manner.
  • Researched and recommended alternative actions for problem resolution with minimal direction.
  • Analyzed trends, provided predictive, proactive root cause analysis and cost to prevent future network problems.
  • Worked with NOC teams and related Operations Personnel to troubleshoot and resolve general core mobility network issues, as well as customer support teams to resolve enterprise-level data user problems.

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