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Senior Software Test Engineer Resume

Piscataway, NJ


  • 20 years of Software QA and Test Experience
  • Experience in OAM Platform testing for Telecom Charging product used by wireless network operators
  • Experience in testing prepaid wireless pricing/billing entity
  • Experience in Functional and Feature testing of Radio Access Network
  • Expertise in System Validation including Regression and Release Acceptance testing
  • Proficient in writing test cases, test reports and test plan documents
  • Experience in Test Automation (used Java based test automation language)
  • Extensive experience in working with System Engineers, Developers and Product Management teams.
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile methodologies
  • Scrum Master coordinating onshore and offshore development teams
  • Good understanding of Database Management Systems - Skillful with Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Basic Understanding of Finance, Economics and Marketing through academia
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Team player with excellent communication and inter-personal skills


Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Senior Software Test Engineer

  • Performed Sanity, Feature, Integration, Backward Compatibility and Regression Testing to verify and certify applications hosted on Management Server, including CLIs, applications, API Interface and GUI testing
  • Designed, implemented and executed test scenarios for full coverage of the new functionality/application
  • Developed Automated Testcases using JCAT/Eclipse test environment
  • Debugged Test Faillures and Opened TRs (Trouble Report) for issues found to ensure timely fixes for verification and delivery within the scheduled release
  • Reviewed and Validated End-User Documentation for Installation, Upgrade, Backups, CLi and GUI
  • Actively participated in Sprint planning to give test perspective for User Stories
  • Scrum Master for Agile Development teams (onshore & offshore)
  • Tracked status of User Stories and Issues to achieve the Sprint goals (JIRA and Mingle)
  • Provided Demos and Training to bring offshore teammates onboard with Automation process and procedure
  • Provided End of Sprint Demos to product owners
  • Above and Beyond Award ( Confidential ) - Recognized and Awarded by Management for excellent project work that resulted in exceptional contributions to the company’s success
  • EStar Points ( Confidential ) - Recognized and Awarded several times by peers and management for being a Team player and achieving goals with quality and integrity

Software Test Engineer


  • Performed Platform level testing to validate the NGEE applications using Agile methodology
  • Executed Functional testing which included Sanity, Feature, Integration and Regression Testing
  • Exposed to testing Cassandra database used for Fault Management and Alarms storage
  • Automation of Testcases for Regression using JCAT/Eclipse test environment
  • Tracked User Stories and Issues using multiple tracking tools such as Rally and Mingle
  • Attended daily scrums to report work status and discuss issues to find a timely resolution
  • Provided End of Sprint Demos to product owners

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Software Test Engineer

  • Performed feature testing of prepaid wireless (GSM/CDMA) services’ billing/pricing
  • Reviewed service requirements (and specs) and design documents to write test cases that provide complete test coverage for development test cycle (MUT) and the product (PT) test cycle
  • Used Telcordia tools (simulators) to execute the test cases during test cycles
  • Automated test cases and prepared for automated regression
  • Performed stability traffic testing at the end of feature test phase
  • Developed debugging skills for service level code (service code is written in a proprietary meta language)
  • Responsible for lab cluster ownership and management (IBM Unix based cluster/blades hardware) during a test phase
  • Used knowledge of telecom protocols, such as TCAP, SS7, CAMEL, ETSI CORE INAP, IS41 (WIN), IS826 & IS771, CDMA, Diameter and GSM

Confidential, Whippany, NJ

Software Test Engineer

  • Performed feature testing of several software features involving air interface protocol in wireless technologies
  • Executed performance testing to measure data throughput rate using PC based tool CAIT (CDMA Air Interface Testing)
  • Wrote release test plans (RTP) for the features
  • As lead tester for the features, coordinated testing with testers at offshore site in China
  • Created detailed test cases and stored them in the Test Management System (TMS)
  • Participated in document reviews of test plans and provided feedback
  • Planned lab resources for the features and worked closely with lab support teams
  • Sent daily lab logs with the test results and provided weekly status of testing in project meetings
  • Created Change Requests (CR) for problems found during testing using Clearcase and Sablime
  • Worked closely with developers to debug the problems found

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Member of Scientific Staff

  • Developed solid understanding of CDMA IS-95 Air Interface standard between a mobile station and a base station, and CDMA call processing which includes mobile handoffs
  • Designed, developed and executed test plans for Nortel Network’s CDMA wireless base stations
  • Tested end-to-end software upgrade and rollback of CDMA base station and used various debug tools to troubleshoot the failure of processes
  • Partnered with the software designers to ensure timely fix of the problems encountered during the testing process
  • Gold Pride Award ( Confidential ) - Recognized and Awarded for finishing the Phase#1 of a project ahead of the set deadline, which resulted in savings of a week’s worth of manpower and resources.
  • Developed Unix shell scripts to automate product documentation database and its maintenance on HP 10-20 system that resulted in a 50% decline of service tickets generation
  • Supported customers with various system administration functions to ensure quality service
  • Worked as liaison between IT and customer to resolve problems and ensure proper functioning
  • Maintained web pages for Tools Development to track changes and keep current information


Tools: Support & System Analyst (co-op), Carrier Network Documentation Group 9

Operating Systems: Unix/Linux, Windows, MAC

Languages: C, C++, Java, PL/SQL

Script Languages: Unix Shell programming

Web Technologies: HTML, MS FrontPage, CSS, XML, Java Script

Web App Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBOSSDatabases Oracle, MS Access, Cassandra, MY SQL

Test Tools: ClearCase, Sablime, CAIT, QXDM, Eclipse, JCAT, TestNG, Jmeter, Selenium

Build Tools: Jenkins, Maven

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