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Security Engineer Resume


  • An network engineer & Information Security Leader with demonstrated success driving proactive security initiatives in a variety of organizations while participating in the development of progressive security architecture and security policy framework solutions in direct support of business objectives.
  • Track record of improving risk resiliency through secure architecture design, information risk management, business requirements development, and security policy lifecycle management. Demonstrated competency in designing and implementing Confidential security programs that promote awareness, decrease risk, and enhance the overall business.
  • Outstanding leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrated track record of success coordinating and directing all aspects of project - based security efforts, including initiating and delivering security components and enhancements to meet a wide range of needs
  • Utilizes, manages and administers network & security related functions and solutions including, but not limited to, router, switch, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, incident response systems, threat management systems, two-factor authentication systems, antivirus and malware analysis systems, secure email gateway appliances, web filtering proxy solutions, security information and event management ( Confidential ) platforms, data loss prevention systems, vulnerability detection and network penetration test, content filtering and identity and access management systems. hands on Experience of vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing using various tools like nikto, Nmap, OWASP zap proxy, Nessus, Kali Linux, and Acunetix.
  • Having hands on experience in backtrack 2,3, and kali 1,2 and strong knowledge in Linux OS distribution redhat Ubuntu centos and debian 7 it’s my prefer
  • Captured and inspected network packets using Wireshark.
  • Knowledge in Windows/Linux operating system configuration, utilities and programming.
  • Good Knowledge on network and security technologies such as firewalls TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, IDS/IPS, VPN network, Routing, switching.
  • Extensive knowledge of TCP/IP networking, Good understanding on OSI model and data travelling procedure between the layers.
  • Having hand on experience in installing and configuring NETASQ IPSIPS/ FIREWALL as well as managing all application’s function and integrating with active directly throw ALDP protocol.
  • Established and maintain IPSec-based connectivity with external vendors Supported remote access solutions (Cisco ASA, SSL VPN)
  • Daily tweaking and maintenance of network systems.
  • Troubleshoot Network anomalies and issues
  • Oversee and Maintain day-to-day network operations.• Install and configure new and existing network equipment; including Routers, Firewalls, Switches, and Wireless Access Points.
  • Wire/ wireless LAN/ WAN layout design (Microsoft Visio).
  • Mange and configure Avaya ipoffice VoIP telephone system


  • Implementing and emerging new technologies.
  • Application administration.
  • System and network upgrading.
  • Multiple operating systems of windows.
  • User training and support.
  • Collect and analyze security requirements from internal customers; reconcile and remediate any conflicts with information security policies and standards.
  • Design and test security solutions utilizing existing products in the security engineering portfolio: firewalls, proxy servers, intrusion detection/prevention, data loss prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, vulnerability scanning, security information and event management.
  • Implement security solutions, or work with vendor partners to implement solutions per the organization’s change management process and procedures
  • Provide operational oversight of vendor’s performance in managing security solutions.
  • Manage work requests (Service Now) related to security incidents and security engineering services; works with users, IT support staff and vendor partners to troubleshoot and resolve problems associated with security products and related processes.
  • Develop and maintain documentation of the design, implementation and operation of security products and processes Work with vendor partners to monitor security products for evidence of unauthorized activities or violation of the organization’s security policies, standard, procedures; reports incidents and violations to management.
  • Develop and collect metrics that measure the volume and trends of work activities and events within the security operations capability; provides regular reports to management Problem identification, analysis and Network connectivity issues.
  • System integration/ migration.



Security engineer


  • Create, maintain, and update VMware virtual servers V SPHER 4 & ESXI4
  • VSPHER management, install, v Center configuration and install
  • Crate and install guest machine, install vmare tools, configure ESX security and storage .
  • Performed cross platform audits of Active Directory (AD) objects and user permissions.
  • Developed organizational units in Active Directory (AD) and managed group policies.
  • Created and maintained email addresses and distribution lists in MS Exchange, work in outlook 2007, 2010 .2013.
  • Compiled data to assist technical writers with IT new hire manuals and prepared data to report to testers for system enhancement
  • Experience in ISR integrated service router 1800 series -3600-7200.
  • Install Cisco IDS for LAN and DMZ and manage it to provide report to the security administrator.
  • Routing Protocol (BGP4, OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP, IS-IS)
  • Redistribution of EIGRP with RIPv2 & Redistribution of EIGRP with OSPF.
  • Implemented traffic filters using Standard and Extended access-lists, Distribute-Lists, and Route Maps.
  • Implementation of, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP.
  • Manage and configure different type of server (DNS, DHCP, and RAUDIS).
  • Manage and configuring active directory (user, group, service and protocols).
  • IP Address Planning, Subnetting in FLSM & VLSM.
  • Configuration of Cisco & Juniper Routers and Switches.
  • Configuring, Verifying & Troubleshoot the WAN Protocols like HDLC, PPP (Both PAP & CHAP) & FRAME RELAY.
  • Configuring, Verifying & Troubleshoot Standard ACL & Extended ACL.
  • Switching concepts like: VLAN, Trunking & STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)
  • Maintained and repaired of all network systems including firewalls, router, switches and wireless access points.
  • Worked on PIX Cisco firewall, configured and connected all corporate branches via VPN.
  • Having hands on experience in Configure Pix to Pix,ASA to ASA, and Router to Router VPN this may be any type
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN, (DMVPN), Easy VPN, GRE tunneling, standard IP Security (IPsec) and the new Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GET-VPN).
  • Mange and configure f5 big ip traffic manger .
  • F5 license configure, add host, pools, static and dynamic load balance, HA and FA .
  • Access Control system installation and maintenance.
  • RMA requests from vendors, Issuance and repair forms interventions
  • Configured cisco firewall IPS feature.
  • Managed and configured SNOR IDS to estimate the threads and did new mitigations.
  • Prepared IT Weekly/monthly Operation report to the Head of Unit.
  • Mange and configure the antivirus server kaspersky and getaway antivirus eset32 antivirus.
  • Configure and troubleshoot Avaya VoIP telephone.
  • Install and configuration & maintained Windows XP - Vista Business Microsoft Windows server 2003, 2008 and 2012server, Exchange Server.


IT Support specialist


  • Conducted testing based on manual external and internal penetration testing.
  • Involved in the meetings with clients and peers to set prober design and the budget estimations .
  • Preparation of security testing checklist to the company.
  • Preparation of risk registry for the various projects in the client
  • HP Confidential system installations, configurations. ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) its has full architected for the breadth, depth, and speed of Big Data collection that organizations demand to improve their security posture, by Confidential i can create very good data base for both network admin and information security officer Administered, maintained, and operated existing security solutions such as Arbor Networks for DDOS attacks, HP ArcSight for event correlation, Integrated multiple data feeds from local network devices and forwarded into HP ArcSight ESM via HP ArcSight Logger and HP ArcSight Connector.
  • Vulnerability scanner, assessment and penetration test reports.
  • Gather all requirements for application security review conduct security scans, perform manual penetration tests and assign tasks to team members.
  • Gather more details to assess by using Nmap, Nessus, Google dorks, DirBuster.
  • Performed Security Evaluations, Penetration Testing and auditing of applications based on OWASP top 10 like XSS, SQL injection, CSRF
  • Did regular testing reviews and fixed major bugs without side effects
  • Involved in bug fixing during the System testing, Joint System testing and User acceptance testing
  • Installed and configured AVAYA boxes, Cisco 3600 Gateway, and PIX firewall.
  • Maintain multiple servers (Windows), ensuring system uptime, stability and security.
  • Install new LAN/WLAN at customer sites.
  • Day-to-day end user support.
  • Remote configuration of IP based cameras, NVRs and access control devices.
  • Surveillance system installation.
  • Security assessment for web-application, network assessment.

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