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Machine Learning Engineer Resume

El Segundo, CA


Software Architect designs and develops data analytics and prediction model by applying statistical and machine learning against big data set using Scala, Python and R language. Data Scientist skilled in Apache Spark, Hadoop, Hive.


  • 10+ years of back - end software design, hands-on-coding in Java SE Confidential Systems
  • RDBMS Database schema design, writing stored procedures and SQL queries
  • Design and implement RESTful data microservice for Confidential & Confidential
  • 2+ years of Data Analysis, Machine Learning using Python, R and SQL.
  • Distributed computing using Hadoop and Spark
  • Machine learning using Apache Spark and Scikit-learn
  • Data scraping, wrangling, and transforming using Pandas and PySpark
  • Design Interactive Notebook using Jupyter Notebook


Machine Learning Engineer

Confidential, El Segundo, CA


  • Develop java based RESTful microservice for Confidential & Confidential CMLP (Common Machine Learning Platform) using 2-week sprint
  • Develop datasource management microservice supporting Cassandra, MongoDB, Hive, Apache Spark, MySQL, JDBC data source configuration
  • The microservice is automatically deployed using Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes

Independent Machine Learning Consultant



  • Business understanding, and requirements gathering by meeting cross-function team to design minimum viable product using lean methodology.
  • Designed multiple proof of concepts for large enterprise in Apache Spark ML API, by writing Machine Learning code consisting of various supervised and unsupervised algorithms in Scala, python and R programming language
  • Developed a Sentiment Analysis Model of Twitter feed for multiple customer marketing event hashtag in batch mode using R language.
  • Designed and Developed Machine learning model from the free-form text from thousands of customer surveys and technical support notes to provide strategic insight.
  • Designed and Developed NLP Program in Python to categorize the Free-form Text Documents into different Topics using LDA - Latent Dirichlet allocation algorithm to generate trending topics over a period.
  • Designed and developed data pipeline using Apache Spark for data exploration, data cleaning and data preparation from the raw customer data to cleansed dataset.
  • Developed Data Visualization of the high frequency words in each cluster of the text documents machine learning model, using pyLDAvis package.

IoT Software Architect

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA


  • Design the architecture for Confidential Messaging Platform for IoT Sensor network.
  • Collecting Sensor information from multiple data source in Publish Subscribe middleware using MQQT protocol and distributed to the clients based on their subscription to the topic.
  • Deploy multiple Linux based Java Applications on Amazon Cloud and IBM Softlayer cloud service
  • Evaluate and beta test IBM MessageSight solution.
  • Prepared request for project proposal for Singapore Public Transit Bus arrival time Prediction System using SAP Hana platform

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Designed and developed Java 1.4 based integrated network element - routers, switches and ATM switches discovery and configuration application
  • Designed and developed database access module using JDBC to connect to back-end java server application
  • Designed and worked on Single Number Reach Voice over IP application feature for Confidential Unified Call Manager. Incoming call to Work IP phone number is distributed to multiple phone numbers - work, mobile, home etc.
  • Designed and developed of back-end for the Dial via Office module in Confidential ( Confidential Manager) using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Refer Feature.
  • Mobile phone associated with IP phone can make outgoing call by routing the call over IP network.
  • Lead Engineer and Architect for the designing and developing several releases of the core Java based Confidential Call Manager Attendant Console. A client-server Java Application that has a Java swing-based Incoming Call console window with integrated Enterprise Directory and back-end Java JTAPI application that routes the incoming call based on different call routing algorithm like Round Robin, Priority Queue etc. Attendants log into the console and answer the VoIP calls and transfers the call by looking up telephone number using integrated directory.
  • Designed and verified relational database schema, stored procedures, database triggers and SQL queries for Confidential Confidential Manager configuration database

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, Fremont, CA


  • Designed and developed Confidential (User Registration Tool) application to manage user registration to VLAN across Windows and Novell Netware installation.
  • Confidential associates users to the specific network resources they are authorized to use by dynamically assigning them to their appropriate VLAN, independent of their network port connection.
  • After the acquisition by Confidential, Confidential application was added to Confidential Works 2000 family of Network Management products.
  • Designed and developed Java 1.2 based Survey Caster application that digitized the survey creation and survey administration and survey response analysis that replaced paper-based 10 -page Annual survey sent out to 100, 000 Confidential personnel by the Confidential .
  • Apache Hadoop, Big Data and Data Science
  • Machine Learning with Spark ML Libraries
  • Amazon Introduction to AWS
  • A Course on TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning Fundamentals

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