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Senior Architect Resume

Louisville, CO


  • Systems engineer with multi - faceted background and experience in several areas of the telecom and IP wireless industry including Wireless IP, and video network and requirement planning, systems engineering, technology evolution, product development and standards activities.
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in design of Wireless, and Multimedia applications, including access networks, core networks and other components of the ecosystem.
  • Excellent interfacing and persuasion skills with customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Strong background and experience in strategic planning, market analysis, and competitive analysis of emerging technologies.
  • US Citizen and holder of four patents in Wireless and IPTV areas
  • Effective people and project management skills. Additional areas of expertise include:
  • Video Transport -Multimedia Communications - Wireless Networks - Interoperability Testing Broadband Internet Access - Contract Negotiations - Program Management - Product Strategy Research - Standards Development - Exploratory Development - Requirements Analysis and Development - Technical Reviews and Presentation - System Architecture Design


Confidential, Louisville, CO

Senior Architect

  • Organized and chaired the MSO Wi-Fi technical team calls to understand and capture the MSO requirements and scenarios for deployment of Wi-Fi networks; can potentially provide automatic authentication and seamless roaming with 3G and 4G networks.
  • Partnered with technical experts to develop some initial technical solutions to meet a subset of the MSO requirements
  • Presented solutions to the MSOs for feedback, and partnered with the Wi-Fi gateway and CMTS vendors to understand their perspective on implementation complexity of the proposed requirements and solutions.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Network Architect

  • Produced technical reports and presentations for a “triple play” (Voice, data, and video) project on “video over DSL” in the areas of H.264 equipment, Video-aware traffic management in access and Microsoft IPTV interoperability analysis, IPTV standards etc., which led to the development of comprehensive architecture and system design for the technology developed.
  • Researched additional topics including architecture of fast channel change alternatives, MPEG2 TS overhead analysis, etc.
  • Filed two US patent applications related to IPTV, one in the area of remote access to IPTV and distributed PVR, and another in the area of intelligent IPTV program switching.
  • Met with key customers (AT&T Labs), IPTV ecosystem vendors, (e.g. encoders, middleware, RG, STB etc.),
  • Presented proposals to key clients, and vendors to encourage them to make the necessary changes in their equipment to support video-aware traffic management.

External Affairs Director/Senior Manager


  • Developed industrial and research collaborations and for winning an $8M advanced technology research contract from NIST-ATP in the area of Video over DSL to enable phone companies to compete with cable companies to deliver video services to homes.
  • Worked in a business development role to identify, formulate, review, prepare, and submit research contracts for submission to government agencies such as US Department of Commerce, DARPA etc.
  • Managed an external research budget for research projects in the area of routers, optical networks, soft switches, unified communications, presence, and SIP based rich media collaboration software, etc., to negotiate deliverables and IP rights, and to organize quarterly project reviews with our research partners and several research teams.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Senior Manager

  • Carried out collaborative research, new technology analyses, planning, and program management activities related to Cellular and Wireless Networks, and for High Speed Internet Access systems (i.e., DSL, Cable modems, Wireless DSL, and Metro optical Access systems).
  • Negotiated contracts dealing with IPR rights, and other deliverables with about 50 organizations and followed through to ensure that contractual commitments are met.
  • Chaired and organized the Wireless Forum (a three day conference), and a Broadband Access Workshop on an annual basis to highlight the key technical challenges faced by the industry.

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