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Architect - Storage & Backup Resume

Sterling, VA


  • Technically strong storage professional with over 16+ years of experience in design, implementation and management of storage infrastructure, utilizing best practices and documented processes to maintain a highly available and high performance storage environment
  • Extensive experience in the areas of Hitachi HDS, Storage/EMC Storage, Pure Storage, Unix and Windows system, Design and Implementation of Storage and San Fabric, Remote and On - site IT Operations Management, Infrastructure Management and IT and Pre-Sales Support Services.
  • Experience in data migration between arrays as well as in tiered storage environments using EMC SRDF, Hitachi True copy, HUR, and Virtualization.
  • Strong understanding of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity concepts including Data Replication.
  • Demonstrated ability to foster a culture of constant innovation and growth among team members by acting as a mentor and trainer to help apply technical/solution knowledge to qualify opportunities and product value
  • Conducted Gap analyses of client’s SAN and provide them the Detailed Service Improvement plan.
  • Day to day storage provisioning, administration and troubleshooting
  • Storage /SAN Capacity planning, Performance and Project management.
  • Cisco /Brocade Switch management and administration.
  • Implementation of VMware ESXi /vSphere environment for Windows &Linux virtual machines
  • Using ViPR SRM (EMC), Managing Our Environment for Performance, capacity, configuration analyzing.
  • Hands on experience with Veritas NetBackup master, media and client installation, configuration administration and troubleshooting.


Hitachi AMS, USP, USP: V, VSP, VSP G series, HCP G10,HUS, EMC Clarion, VMAX/VNX, Unity,XtreamIO

Pure Storage: M70, M50, M20

Netapp: FAS8020, Sun Enterprise, Midrange servers and works station, Cisco MDS /Brocade San switches,VMware ESXi., Rubrik 4.2, Veritas NetBackup, EMC SMC/Unisphere, Vplex 4.0,ViPR SRM- 4.0 and Hitachi HDvM (HCS)/ SNM, EMC SRDF, Open replicator, TimeFinder. Solution enabler, Hitachi True copy, Universal Replication, Shadow Image, Virtualization using HUVM, Hitachi Tier Manager within Array ( HTnM ), Windows, Solaris, Unix/Linux


Architect - Storage & Backup

Confidential, Sterling, VA


  • Data Migration between arrays, Host migration. In Hitachi, True Copy, Universal replication.
  • Storage Vitalization between AMS to VSP, EMC to Hitachi Using Hitachi Universal Volume Manager.
  • Pure Storage, Capacity planning, Host integration, snapshots, replication.
  • Managing multivendor storage under ViPR SRM for performance report, capacity managements of our SAN AND NAS environments.
  • Managing EMC VNX/VMAX file and block storage, XtreamIO flash storage administration. VPLEX administration.
  • Creating LUN, Pool, Allocation, FastVP, Binding pool, Host & Host group Management.
  • Performance management. LUN migration, Masking view, Mapping, Masking.
  • Create, Cutover and commit operation using NDM. For migration of VMAX to VMAX3
  • Planning and implementation of Backup and Storage projects.
  • Installation & configuration Backup software - NetBackup, Comvault. Networker.
  • Client & Server administration of NetBackup, Comvault. Networker
  • Managing, Administration, Redhat Linux /Solaris Servers
  • Post implementation support.
  • Rubrik 4.2 backup solution - start from POC to implementation - around 1.5PB data.


Senior System Engineer - Storage


  • Solution design for new project VSP G1000, HNAS 4100, AMS 2300.
  • Handled end to end project till closer of new implementation projects.
  • In VMAX / VNX, Creating and configuring Storage Groups, Creating and configuring Storage pool. Creating LUN s and META LUN s using Unisphere SW.
  • Assigning Host to Storage Group. Registering the Host HBA s.
  • Daily operation of using HCS Creating Pool, Raid group, LUN (Thick and Thin), Volume extension.
  • Involved in Host/Lun migration from FAS8020 to HNAS 4100 using Universal migration
  • Administration on VMAX, VNX and Isilon Storage.
  • LUN migration from One DP pool to another DP pool, within or another subsystem.
  • Configuring and working on True Copy (TC) and HUR (Universal Replication)
  • Responsible for Performing Project works related to Storage Level Migration.
  • SAN Administration of a complex multi PB (peta byte) storage environment consists of EMC Symmetric VMAX/Hitachi USP, USP - V, VSP storage arrays including file system configuration in AIX, Solaris and Linux servers/clusters
  • Storage allocation to new build and existing UNIX, Windows servers/clusters and VMware ESX environment using auto provisioning on V-max using SYMCLI/SMC. Tasks include creation of tdev, binding tdev to thin pools, creation of initiator/storage/port groups and creating masking view.
  • Expansion of Concatenation/Stripe Volume in VMAX.
  • Netapp Ontap administration FAS8020 cluster mode.
  • DP pool management, like creating LDEV, expanding, and migrating.
  • Configuration and management of Cisco Fabric environment. Tasks include creation of device alias, zones, adding zones to zoneset and activating zoneset.
  • Created data dev, thin pools, tdev, Meta volumes using Unisphere and Symcli
  • Responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving routine issues like one-path-down, hosts not seeing storage, HBA failures, and zoning/masking/storage allocation and performance issues.
  • Implementation of FAST, Virtual and Thin Provisioning on VMAX storage array
  • Administration of RHEL/ Solaris servers.
  • Involved in Data Center assessment for migration from one location to another location
  • Migrated 800 Servers from USP to VSP storage for one of the Onshore Customer.
  • As per CISCO standard firmware upgraded for almost 800+ switches.
  • Complete ownership of project starting from POC to Implementation.
  • A migration of many hosts from USP to VSP or EMC to VSP storages as and then required.


Senior Customer Support Engineer


  • Rack and stack installation of AMS 2000 series, VSP G1000.
  • Hitachi Microcode up gradation.
  • Universal, True, Shadow copy creation and operation,
  • LUN creation and publishing according to the hosts/servers
  • Has worked extensively on Hitachi Universal Replicator, True Copy allocations, setting up Horcm Files and troubleshooting for the mission critical BCP services in Bank
  • Strong expertise in Hitachi USPv/VSP/AMS Administrative tasks like Mapping, Masking, Zoning, Configuring True Copy, Shadow image, Universal Replicator, Configuring Horcm Files, Split /Re-Sync Replication from GUI/CLI.
  • Failed Hardware replacement (HDD, Battery)
  • Legato Backup, Configuration and Administration.
  • Restoration of data using Legato Networker.
  • Networker Client installation as and then required.
  • Sun Solaris, Platform and Storage Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Sun 20 storage administration.
  • Firmware, Patch and Package administrator,
  • Sun server’s maintenance and support
  • Solaris Volume Manager Installation and configuration
  • Sun Cluster Installation and configuration
  • Knowledge of Disk Partitioning, Format & Mounting File System
  • Knowledge of ALOM, RSC & configuring SC
  • Hardware diagnosis, up gradation, Troubleshooting and Verification procedures
  • Installation and Configuration of ZONES
  • Hands on experience on Entry level and Midrange servers
  • Rack mounting, installing and configuring new servers
  • User, CPU, memory and File system administration


Team Lead


  • Responsible for Server support and Monitoring (24/7)
  • Monitoring and Managing the Servers, Critical File systems, Process, Patches, and Cluster.
  • Root Password management for all SUN serevers. (24 Servers)
  • Monitoring Application, Database, Web, Server at DC and DR sites,
  • Monitoring Cluster in Both Application and Database Server.
  • Maintenance of Hardware (Sun Hardware E6800, SF V890, V240, 480R, Sun Blade 100 and Ultra 10)
  • Monitoring Storage Hitachi 9990 V, T3 and 6100
  • Back Up and Restoration Using EBS Software (Sun StoreDge SL 500)
  • Users and Groups administration (Creating, Deleting, Blocking)
  • ROOT, USER, ATM Backup in regular scheduled time
  • To bring Down and Up the Database and Application before and after Backup
  • Firmware, Patch and Package Administrator.
  • Handling the team (6 Members)
  • Installation and configuration of Win2000 & XP as per standards.
  • Configuring & Maintaining Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Installing remote control tool like Carbon Copy and VNC
  • Major Software calls will close through remotely using Carbon Copy or VNC
  • Responsible for configuration of Remote Printers using HP Jet admin through TCP/IP.
  • Responsible for taking Backups on Tapes.
  • Actively involved in Troubleshooting of User related activities.
  • Carry out regular maintenance to ensure equipment is working correctly and efficiently.
  • Installing Safe boot for Laptop, which gives More Security to Data.
  • Installing and Servicing of LaserJet, Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer
  • Legato up gradation done 7.3 to 7.4 on Solaris.
  • Implemented the SUDO in all the servers
  • Installed SF 890 Server and Brought in to the Production.
  • Actively involved in Implementation of Hitachi Storage 9990V, this is three ways Replication for Data Centre, Disaster recover Site and Near Line Site.
  • DR DRILL to be performed in regular interval of time, as per instruction from RBI.
  • OS Migration from Solaris 9 to 10 and Patch Installation
  • Server Migration from SF 00
  • SUN Cluster 3.2 Setup done for two nodes Cluster


Customer Support Engineer


  • Installation & configuration Windows 2000/XP
  • Troubleshooting, Technical support, Customer support activities
  • Desktop support for Win 2000/XP
  • Installation and Service of Printronix, Dot matrix printers ( Confidential, HP, Epson) Laser and Inkjet printers.
  • Improving the business of Annual Maintenances Contracts.
  • Monitoring Preventive maintenance regularly.
  • Attending the calls with respect to the customer request, whenever they need.
  • Selling the consumables, printers and promoting the company business

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