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Network Ops. Engineer Resume


An astute IT Engineer with vast experience in enterprise solutions and deployment. Proven ability to strive for excellence and precision consistently, towards attaining professional distinction, through adoption of leading technologies to attain business goals.


ROUTING & SWITCHING: Cisco Switches | Cisco Routers | Protocols - EIGRP; OSPF; BGP; HSRP; VRRP; GLBP; VLAN; VTP; STP; Ether-Channel | ACLS- Dynamic; Extended; Timed; Standard | IP Protocols | Advanced Routing Technologies | MPLS VPN | IPV4 and IPV6 | IP Troubleshooting

NETWORK ARCHITECTURE: Enterprise Network Design, Management and Implementation

SOFTWARES: Host based cloud services- Hyper V; VMWare; WinSCP; Putty SSH Client; VNC; TeamViewer | Linux OS | Cisco iOS | MS SCOM | SA Vision Live Maps | Rancid | Iris | Cape Probes | Jira | Wireshark

STORAGE: Windows iSCSI | Virtual SAN | Starwind | FreeNAS

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Oracle 10g | MS SQL SERVER 2012 | MySQL | Microsoft Access

HARDWARE: Ruckus SCG WLAN Controller | Ruckus SCG APs | Benu xMEG Gateway | Infoblox | NetScout nGenius Server | Windows Server 2012 | Cisco Prime | Cisco WLAN Controllers

OTHERS: Expert knowledge of servers, networks, and client operating systems | Deep Packet Inspection | Broad knowledge of ICT and associated disciplines





  • Troubleshooting, configuring, and resolving network issues, both remotely and onsite across routed and switched networks.
  • Planning the optimization of Servers and Network appliance deployment at branches, towards proactive monitoring.
  • Directing and controlling the activities of design, analysis, planning, and implementation of network components by providing proactive support to help desk in resolving network issues timeously.
  • Identifying network problems and overseeing resolution of problems through calls and ticket logs by the help desk.
  • Overseeing the development and evaluation of network performance criteria and measurement methods.
  • Monitoring the N.O.C (Network Operations Centre) dashboards, to ensure optimal network and business critical applications and link performance optimization, with the aid of network monitoring tools.
  • Link utilization monitoring and Capacity planning
  • IP based traffic monitoring.
  • IP based Application monitoring
  • Management and coordination of the NOC team.
  • Management and monitoring of Transit links, Peer links, and NNIs
  • Appropriate recommendation, management and deployment of sophisticated NOC technologies, to aid proactive monitoring of end to end IT infrastructure.
  • Deployment of innovative solutions towards monitoring of salient network issues across multiple client sites nationally.
  • Point of contact for execs, partners and peers about network performance and service availability
  • Incident, Problem and Change Management
  • Risk management
  • Implementing data backup at scheduled intervals, taking into consideration efficient disaster recovery means through a roll-back option.
  • Planning, design, installation, and maintenance of networks in support of information systems such as voice, video (IP based cameras used for remote monitoring) and data.
  • Delivery of periodic network reports to CIO and other Execs, to aid planning.

Technical Environment: Ruckus APs | Ruckus SCG| Rancid | Infoblox | Benu xMEG Gateway | Iris | Jira | Cape Probes | Cisco Routers & Switches | Cisco APs | Cisco Prime |




  • Implemented the model build of National MPLS network upon SAVision, for clientele.
  • Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the Network Operations Centres' principal monitoring software- NetScout, MS SCOM and SAVision live maps.
  • Application support, management, deployment and trouble shooting.
  • IP networks optimization - NetScout nG1.
  • Routine administration and configuration of MS SCOM to determine business critical applications KPI’s.
  • Involved in the routine administration of MS SCOM (Microsoft Systems Centre Operations Manager) for organization’s infrastructure and network application monitoring.
  • Involved in the planning and roll out of the Network Operations Centre as per National IT infrastructure, for surveillance of business critical applications.
  • Implementation, configuration and administration of NetScout nG1 platform to aid business-critical application monitoring.
  • Assisting network users to identify issues and proffer effective and efficient solutions through problem identification, analysis and resolving.
  • Usage of MS SCOM to improve network applications visibility and overall end user experience, which has led to a reduction in the NOC’s MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution)
  • Managing the planning, development, and installation of network systems by evaluating current and future business requirements of devices incorporated within the organization’s network which includes Cisco Routers and Switches and the NetScout nGenius servers which runs on Linux operating system.
  • Ensuring all software and hardware products are compatible with network integration, through periodic update of the Cisco switches’ and routers’ iOS, maintenance of Microsoft SCOM, SCCM modules, and SAVision Live-Maps.
  • Managing the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the organization’s local and wide area network system.
  • Directing and controlling the activities of design, analysis, planning, and implementation of network components by providing proactive support to help desk in resolving network issues timeously.
  • Managing the testing and analysis of all components of network facilities to ensure operational status.
  • Driving the planning, design, implementation, organization, and operation of the data communications network.
  • Representing and working with the NOC manager to achieve stakeholders’ objectives.

Technical Environment: NetScout nGenius Server | MS SCOM | SA Vison LiveMaps | Iris | Windows Server




  • Usage of Linux scripts to administer the NetScout nGenius server operating system for upgrades and backups.
  • Network application and performance monitoring upon NetScout nGenius Server to maintain a stable network environment through an effective and efficient bandwidth and link utilization.
  • Building dashboard and metrics to measure monitoring and response efficiency
  • Developing and maintaining monitoring scripts and programs that continuously improve monitoring effectiveness and uptime.
  • Usage of the NetScout network monitoring software to optimize network performance, and hence determine where attention is needed proactively rather than reactively.
  • Analysis of monitoring alerts and react as required based on the documented procedures.
  • Collating data and identifying metrics and KPIs to monitor and improve the efficiency of the NetScout environment.
  • Working closely with regional NetScout technical representatives to resolve issues timeously.

Technical Environment: NetScout nGenius Server




  • facilitation on professional s in Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle.
  • Researching, consulting, analysing and evaluating ICT systems needs
  • Configuring, verifying and troubleshooting across switched and routed networks. f enterprise client’s system administrators in Information and Communication technology solutions. f clients in Electronic Document Management systems (Docpoint) f clients in Human Resource Information systems software (WebHr & OrangeHrm)
  • Installing, maintaining, and supporting the organization's information technology systems.
  • Freelance ICT consultancy services. f staff on usage of ICT gadgets.
  • Physical repairs of computers and general ICT gadgets
  • Technical processes documentation
  • Ethernet cabling projects
  • Installation of wired and unwired access points.
  • Installations of ISP modem software
  • Provision of on-site and offsite technical support to systems users
  • Assisting clients maintain vendor relationships

Technical Environment: Cisco iOS | Oracle 10g | MS SQL | Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint | Microsoft Word | MS Publisher | Microsoft Access | MS Projec

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