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Technical Support Iv Resume


  • Accomplished IT professional of over 20 years of demonstrable superior computer network engineering and customer service satisfaction and successes. Leadership ability in meeting project deadlines within the budget; full dedication and willingness to take on new challenges and increase responsibilities, with full commitment to ethical, integrity, excellence and established standard.


Microsoft Windows Servers O/S, Novell NetWare Servers O/S, DOS, Mac;

Microsoft Windows Workstations O/S, Mobile O/S.

Interactive Intelligence Client I3; Enterprise Communication Center Application; Active Directory; Adobe; ARCServe; BindView; ccMail; Lotus; Exchange 5.5/2003; GroupWise; Heat and Remedy ticketing system; Norton Ghost utility; VMWare - Virtualization; Clustering; SAN Storage Area Network; NAS Network Attached Storage; Failover; Redundancy; Microsoft Office Suites; XP/ 97/2000/2003/2007 ; Novell NetWare OS, GroupWise, NDS, NDPS, PPP/SLIP, Print services, and ZENwork; ConsoleOne; Teleconference; Videoconference; Web conferencing; ARCServe; Netbackup; Norton Utilities; PCAnywhere; Peregrine Service Center 4.1.2; Sametime 3,6,7; Instant Messaging; Windows Remote Assistance; Tivoli; VPN; and Remote Secure Connections; RSA Secure ID; Wireshark; Packet Tracer; Citrix Client; Interactive Intelligence, Cloud Storage.


Dell PowerEdge Rack and Tower servers, Latitude; Dell desktops and laptops; Compaq Proliant servers, workstations, laptops; HP servers, workstations; Gateway, laptops; Toshiba; Acer workstations and laptops; IBM Mainframe; Adic Scalar 2000 tape backup system; HP Servers; Dell, Canon, Printers; Toshiba network and local printers, scanners and faxes; Nortel; Linksys; Cisco; CSU/DSU modems; T1, DSL lines; Multiple cisco routers, switches, hubs; patch panels; cabling; PC hardware, network, video, sound cards; cables, memories, hard drives, SCSI, EIDE, IDE; Cell phone and Blackberry.



Technical Support IV

  • Support the USPTO call center’s Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) application
  • Upgraded the Enterprise Call Center applications from 2.4 to 3.0
  • Operated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at USPTO
  • Record Interactive Voice Messages (standard and urgent) for USPTO-IVR System
  • Responsible for IVR changes for emergency and inclement government office closures
  • Support, monitor and maintain the Interactive Intelligence Data/Voice Application
  • Respond to alarms, alerts or problems identified by tools or clients
  • Implemented pre-defined trouble-shooting procedures, scripts and escalate to vendors if needed
  • Create ECC Interactive System Users from Windows Active Directory Users in the Domain
  • Assign Interactive Intelligence Clients users and groups’ rights, privileges and policies
  • Conduct daily systems checks to ensure system performance; correct and alert as needed
  • Currently working on upgrading the ECC System to 2016 R3.


Network Administrator

  • Supervisor - Technology LAN Support and Service desk
  • Worked at DHS Data Center with hundreds of servers in a mix network environment
  • Troubleshoot and correct various technical problems via Tivoli remote control software
  • Provided IT training, assistance and support to Technicians and Users
  • Managed, administered, and created Netware and Active Directory users, groups and security accounts in Novell, Microsoft Windows, Mainframe, Remedy etc.
  • Managed network alerts from the operation group. Rebooted and reconfigured servers as needed
  • Cover the customers help desk telephone line to handle customer’s technical issues, Supported Microsoft Windows Workstations, Printers and Peripherals
  • Ensure proper functioning of Microsoft Office, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus notes, Ccmail, Web mail, Blackberry, ensure secure connection of all remote clients
  • Manage, Installed and configured network servers, VMWare Virtualization MS Windows, Novell OS
  • Provided daily support for system and field engineers and technicians
  • Prepared Daily DHS Datacenter Computer Network/Activities Report to the commissioner.


Service Desk/Tech Support

  • Responded to users’ calls, e-mails, voice-mails or other contacts to the Service Desk; resolved problems by visiting or over the phone if possible
  • Use the AOC’s trouble tracking system (Heat) to document all activities, record service request from AOC staff, review service request histories as a part of each trouble-shooting task and document all resolutions of service calls and adequately documentation in a timely manner
  • Ensure proper and secure connection of all remote and roving clients
  • Assist other Desk Technicians and AOC service providers with task specific to their objectives
  • Provided accessible, courteous, quality and responsive tiers I and II Computer Help Desk support to all AOC staff and their representatives
  • Setup and supported both internal and external conferences and teleconferences for AOC staffs
  • Monitor VM - Virtual Servers, created Active Directory Users and Netware accounts and objects
  • Received and updated computer hardware and software and peripheral inventory as necessary
  • Provided backup to other Help Desk team members, technicians and engineers as needed.


System Analyst

  • Troubleshot and corrected client’s computers technical problems over the phone
  • Covered the customers help desk telephone line to handle customer’s technical issues
  • Troubleshoot and correct client’s computers technical problems over the phone
  • Responsible for installing and configuring hardware, software and all other computer related applications
  • Support all Microsoft Office products and custom applications at the Bureau
  • Support Novell, Windows and UNIX combined network
  • Created network and Active Directory users and assigned file rights to files and directories
  • Ensure safe and continuous network and Internet connectivity of users
  • Maintained safe and virus free operation of all network and mobile computers
  • Installed and ensured continuous running of the Lotus notes mail system and continuous running of database applications
  • Installed and configured computer hardware, software and applications
  • Created network objects and assigned appropriate rights/permissions
  • Liaison and provided oversight between the regional and field offices and headquarters support staff, and vendors and equipment suppliers.


Desktop Support

  • Created Active Directory users and groups, assigned rights and privileges on the network
  • Troubleshot and corrected network computers on critical security and vulnerability issues
  • Migrated clients workstations to Windows XP from Windows 98 and 2000
  • Provided desk side support for onsite users on various computer issues
  • Resolved software, hardware, and other technical problems over the telephone
  • Supported National Science Foundation custom applications (Electronic Jacket and others)
  • Ensured consistent network connectivity from the server level back to the desktop
  • Provided technical support for regularly scheduled national conferences and workshops.


Senior Network Comm. Specialist

  • Upgraded users from Windows 98 to 2000, and from Novell 4.x to Novell 5.x client
  • Installed and configured Window 2000 and Novell 5.11 Network Servers
  • Installed and configured Windows 2000 and XP Operating System desktops
  • Performed full system restoration and deleted and missing files from the back up servers
  • Tracked and audited network security using the Blue Lance auditing tool
  • Monitored and optimized all system performance and identified potential problems
  • Responsible for Server Backups using Veritas Netback-up and ARCServe
  • Managed DNS, Active Directory, NDS files and rights, firewall and backups
  • Patched and installed Software on Windows and Novell Servers
  • Configured network settings and protocols in TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NETBEUI
  • Supported all network hardware, software and applications
  • Authored operating procedures manual for configuration and installation of applications
  • Managed the branch research and developmental laboratory
  • Liaison between the department and computer hardware and software vendors.


Software Engineer

  • Ran compatibility test of software applications in a Windows2000 environment
  • Worked with developers and engineers on functionalities of software
  • Created and updated installation procedural manuals and configurations for computer technicians
  • Maintained optimum performance level of all desktop applications at NASA
  • Upgraded NASA HQ desktops and laptops from Windows95 and McIntosh to Windows 2000
  • Supported all network applications on both apple and windows application
  • Advised and coordinated the implementation of new software and applications
  • Performed several technical and non-technical duties to support clients as needed.
  • Designed and implemented the test lab for production equipment to meet specification
  • Installed and configured Windows 2000 & NT 4.0, and Novell 5.1 & 4.11 servers
  • Hardened and Installed patches and software on servers
  • Managed Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Windows ME and Windows workstations and laptops
  • Ensure full integration of medical equipment with network computers
  • Managed Microsoft Systems Management Servers and Hospital Severs at satellite locations
  • Ensure optimum performance of all network equipment including servers, workstations etc.
  • Supported ENPS (Electronics News Production System) in a hybrid environment
  • Managed Novell, Microsoft NT4, and Exchange Servers
  • Performed regular network maintenance and supported News, Broadcasters, Program producers
  • Integrated broadcasting equipment with computer network
  • Provided technical support for custom applications for news production.


Computer Network Manager

  • Installed Novell NetWare 4.11, 5.1 and Windows NT 4.0 servers and all Windows workstations
  • Designed, installed, managed, and monitored internet connectivity, firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Border Manager, E-mail (Mercury Pegasus Mail), Virus Protection and effective daily system backup (Arc Serve and Veritas Backup Exec)
  • Established LAN to WAN through VPN (IP Tunneling)
  • Installed and maintained digital circuits and network equipment including Cisco Routers, Switches, CSU/DSU, cable/DSL modems, T-1
  • Designed and implemented the NDS, created users, assigned rights, and security
  • Incorporated Windows NT Server into the network assigned file rights
  • Conducted regular training classes for the user community
  • Responsible for supervising and hiring information technology personnel.

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