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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Reston, VA


  • Highly skilled telecommunication engineer with over 8 plus years’ experience. Thoroughly proficient in all aspects of installing, maintaining, designing and monitoring telecommunications system for GSM transmission.
  • Analyzing and acquired knowledge about rich global experience in providing strategic telecom solutions and implementing standard monitoring tools and developing various alerting tools in network.
  • Working with project management by making technical presentations, answering technical questions and managing customer trial through mail, phone and on - site visits. Actively taken a role to ensure that all sales target is achieved in the territory.
  • Detail-oriented troubleshooter who takes pride in coming up with optimally effective solutions that account for all aspects and ramifications. Friendly and professional, builds great rapport with team members and management alike.
  • Analysis and make requirements of network elements and installation, prepare Low level design documents as per the MNO’s High-level design.
  • Design and facilitate test plans and test cases based on business requirements and functional specifications.
  • Drafting product documents for any new product/product feature introduced in the data space with technical understanding and coordinating with the development team to develop the same.
  • Deep familiarity with digital and analog equipment and LTE charging protocol aDiameter/Radius.
  • Implementation of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP for Default Gateway Redundancy.
  • Experience in testing cisco routers and switches in laboratory and deploy them on site production.
  • Expert level knowledge on OSI model and TCP/IP protocol suite.
  • Worked on Network Topologies and Configurations, Routers, Frame Relay, Token Ring, ATM, Bridges, Switches, Hubs and Repeaters.



Soft Switches/Pbx: Free switch, ShoreTel, Jira, Call Center Solution System, Cisco unified

Operating Systems: Cisco IOS, Windows, VMware, Linux, UNIX, MySQL

Software: MS Project, MS Visio, MS Office, Wireshark, stinga


Confidential, Reston, VA

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Monitoring switch and data network elements and responding to network alarms and events.
  • Communicating technical information and issue status to customer service centers, technical support organizations and management teams.
  • Generating, managing and updating problem-tracking tickets, flash notifications and escalations.
  • Providing timely and accurate network information to management and other groups during network events and major outages.
  • IP NOC system matter expert and escalation point for routing (ISIS, OSPF, BGP) tag switching (MPLS, LDP), peering, and core traffic engineering.
  • Encourages efforts to re-engineer work processes and eliminate non-essential or redundant activities using improvement experiments; proposes and helps team evaluate results and help propagate changes using modern engineering design methods
  • Provided configuration and management support for client’s backbone MPLS (L2VPN/L3VPN) network which included devices like Cisco Integrated Service Router 3900, 2800, 2900, 2800, 1900; Cisco Catalyst Switch 4500, 6500, 3650, 3750.
  • Worked with multiple technical teams of service providers to troubleshoot and resolve issues of optical cables like T1, DS3, OC12, E1 and DSL technologies.
  • Performed failover testing when required and re-route the traffic using route map, access list provide uninterrupted and low latency service.
  • Provided timely updates to customers prioritizing the severity of the issue (Sev-1, Sev-2, Sev-3) and within the scope of ITIL standard SLA.
  • Co-ordinated installation of hardware and software by others including outside vendors.
  • Managed internal audit process to ensure compliance with all Operation Center processes.
  • Assisted team to update documents like Microsoft office Visio, Excel, Word.
  • Customer facing escalation and system matter expert for enterprise services and network overlay (VOIP, IPVPN).


Signaling Engineer/Network operation center Engineer


  • Handling major Mobile Virtual Network Operator projects, Network planning, involving installation process, implementing appropriate technology and various services as per service Level Agreements (SLA) with various Mobile Network Operator (MNO).
  • Worked in GSM SS7 networks and installation and testing with various network supporting elements (HLR, SMSC, MTP, SCCP, ISUP,MAP,SCP) and responsibilities for end to end VOIP interconnections with SIP protocols for various codec’s (G729,PCMA,PCMU).
  • Expertise in SS7 protocols in TDM and IP, ISDN, SIP Protocol, RTP - Call Flow Analysis.
  • Configuring SAGAM Multiplexers with STM-1 fiber or direct ISDN links and check cross connections through DXC. (VC12 or VC4).
  • Patching ISDN links with ACUlab prosody PCI/PCIe cards with our internal switch to achieve DAC functionality to sending and receiving calls and test CIC’s in E1.
  • Configuring ISDN/E1’s from MUX and extracting voice and signaling links as per requirements. Activate Dialogic card/Host based link sets in ISUP/MAP and implement MTP routing and configure links and log files for monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Configuring STP (7200 VXR series) and activate SIGTRAN/SS7 links and link sets, implementing global title translation (GTT) information’s with MNO’s Gateway.
  • Handling GPRS configuration with Diameter / Radius protocol depends up on various MNO’s designing.
  • Configuring VLAN, prepare Access list for allowing signaling and media IP’s, creating Channel - Group with E1’s timeslots and creating SS7 links in STP (Cisco router 7200, 2800 series).
  • Configuring international SCCP links and Implement our GT’s routed via through that SCCP carrier for international SMS routing.
  • Configure Shortel switches, ECC, E1 and implement IVR changes.
  • Configure VOIP Gateway Cisco-AS5400 to implementing Dial peer for inbound and outbound traffic, configuring backup route and fail over process
  • Configuring Logging server (UNIX) with STP’s to capture and save logs for troubleshooting.
  • Requirements Analysis, Test Case development, and System testing of VoIP components to identify compliance, performance, and stability issues
  • Testing SIP, VoIP elements, Trunking solutions and troubleshooting issues capture the SIP, RTP using the Wire shark network Analyser.
  • Working knowledge on various systems engineering, network management tool like PRTG, Oasis.


Network Operations Center Engineer


  • Experience in 4G/LTE Technical Support, Implementation, Solution Design and implement 3GPP Specifications. Knowledge in RAN, EPC and eNodes.
  • Configuring SDH (STM-1) circuits in MUX and make cross connection with ISDN cards to connecting ISDN links from patch panel, configuring E1’s from MUX, and doing loop test, on STM-1
  • Configuring ISUP and MAP with Dialogic Card, to activate links and link sets. And monitor alarms and clearing alarms on links.
  • Monitoring network performances and ensuring efficient ACD, ASR and minimal downtime in scheduled activities and troubleshooting SS7 and VOIP traffic.
  • Worked in GSM SS7 networks and installation and testing with various network supporting elements and responsibilities for end to end VOIP interconnections with SIP protocols for various codec’s (G729, PCMA, PCMU).
  • Troubleshoot call flow issues throughout the network flow from on-net to off-net calls Configure VOIP Gateway Cisco-AS5400 to implementing Dial peer for inbound and outbound traffic, configuring backup route and fail over process
  • Analysis and implementing Network planning, installing network devices, monitoring, testing and troubleshooting, technical supporting, engineering, and activating signaling links, SIP interconnections, configure ITP/STP, creating VLANs, configure RTP in voice gateway.
  • Configuring and monitoring SCP for CAMEL supported MNO’s, troubleshooting issues and taking packet traces through wire shark tool /packet analyzer.
  • Maintaining our internal PBX, Skype System (free switch based), Shoretel and configuring switchboard, conferences bridge numbers, group extensions, individual extensions mapped with our corresponding GSM mobile numbers.
  • Trixbox Call Manager (Used for Customer Service) configuration, adding line, creating queues for each product, adding agents to queue, configuring IP phones for agents to receive calls based on queue. Server running in asterisk and user adding in GUI

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