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Lead Device Engineer Resume

Dallas, TX


Confidential , Dallas TX

Lead Device Engineer

  • Lead Device Engineer for Uplink products
  • Review, correct, and update schematics for new devices
  • Update schematics for existing products
  • Review and correct PCB layouts for new devices
  • System design for new IoT products
  • C based applications using MQTT and CBOR on WP75xx and WP76xx modules
  • Update existing C based software for corrections and new features on existing products
  • Update firmware over the air updates with cellular based modems and FTP for existing products
  • JIRA tracking system to monitor system defects
  • Costing and Bill of materials review and updates for new and existing products
  • Scheduling - creating, updating schedules for team members and contractors utilizing Agile methodology
  • Software documentation
  • Application development of offender monitoring devices utilizing WP76xx modules

Confidential, Plano, TX

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Reviewing & editing Customer Function Specifications , Software Requirement Specifications in DOORS and Word
  • Embedded application design for medical devices using STMicro, NXP, Freescale, Microchip, and Atmel processors
  • Embedded device driver design: EEPROM, stepper motors, leak detectors, tilt sensors, RFID, NVRAM
  • Power On Self Tests and Built In Self Tests for insulin delivery device
  • Application design and implementation for cell plate counter device
  • Application design and implementation for home dialysis machine (state machines, CAN bus implementation, sensor interface)
  • Hardware verification for new hardware, implementing new drivers and hardware unit tests in software
  • Updated Qt based CANbus application to simulate hardware
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux on BeagleBone devices for application development and use

Confidential, Carrollton, TX

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Reviewing and editing Customer Function Specifications , Software Requirement Specifications
  • Embedded application design for medical device
  • Configuration of Ubuntu based linux distribution for application and driver development using virtual machine (cross-compilation)
  • Embedded device driver design: camera, stepper motors, DC motors, RFID
  • Bash shell scripting for test setup and execution
  • Python scripting for d-bus, BlueZ implementations for Bluetooth
  • Linux BSP design and verification, LTIB
  • Embedded C software design on Atmel, Microchip, ST Micro, Freescale processors
  • Atmel NIOS software design and coding
  • CVS and Subversion repository maintenance schematic review and design
  • Requirement specifications
  • Created and reviewed engineering test plans
  • Labview application development iOS application development

Confidential, Carrollton, TX

Software Engineer

  • Reviewing and editing Customer Function Specifications
  • Reviewing and editing Software Requirement Specifications
  • Supporting sustaining engineering efforts
  • Member of R&D Engineering staff developing new features
  • Embedded C software design on ARM9
  • Embedded device driver design
  • Embedded bootloader design
  • BSP design and verification
  • Embedded filesystems
  • Embedded filesystem design and maintenance
  • Embedded C software design on Atmel (ATmega2560)
  • IAR Embedded Workbench 4.41 and 5.x, Jlink USB debugger
  • CVS and Subversion repository maintenance schematic review and design
  • Created and reviewed engineering test plans

Confidential, Irving TX


  • Schematic capture and printed circuit board layout
  • Software test documentation, test cases, test reports, UML diagrams
  • Wireless audio application development for Chipcon CC2430/CC2431 in C, assembly
  • Audio pre-amp and amplifier circuits for microphones and speakers
  • Application development utilizing Bluetooth for device to access Bluetooth equipped cell phone for hands-free dialing in C
  • Telephony circuits to attach device to standard telephone line (POTS), DTMF generation and detection
  • Zigbee network application with Atmel Atmega2560 in C and assembly
  • Device driver development for LCD, real time clock, OneWire devices, GPS, serial flash interface, Zigbee modules for Atmel microcontrollers in C
  • RF Test boards for antenna evaluation for both GPS and Zigbee
  • Embedded Java development - device drivers and applications
  • Project Manager for multiple projects
  • Characterization and testing of GPS units based on accuracy and power consumption for battery operated application
  • Bluetooth device/system integration

Confidential, Frisco TX

Software Engineer

  • * Device driver development for FPGA - based PCI Express development board under Fedora Core 4 and 5, FSMLabs RTLinux (real-time) in C
  • * Driver integration for Fibre Channel HBA under Solaris 8 and Fedora Core 4, 5 and RTLinux
  • * Driver integration for Mellanox Infiniband HCA under Fedora Core 4, 5 and RT Linux
  • * Driver integration for OpenFabrics OFED 1.0 and 1.1(rc) under Linux for Mellanox Infiniband HCA
  • * Operation systems evaluation for production readiness
  • * Wrote test plans, test descriptions, and user's guides for device drivers for other developers
  • * Board diagnostics programs and utilities to exercise all major systems of system in C
  • * Driver evaluation and integration for PLX Technology's device driver for PLX PCI Express switches
  • * System performance measurement and tuning for RAID 0,1,5, and 10 subsystems with SATA and SCSI drives

Confidential, Fort Worth TX

Sr. Software Engineer

  • * Device driver development for Champ AV - II and AV-IV Quad processor board under Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS
  • * Developed Gigabit Ethernet driver for Champ AV-IV board with INTEGRITY RTOS
  • * Developed VME driver for Champ AV-IV board with INTEGRITY RTOS
  • * BSP verification, corrections and rolling out updates to Software Team in C
  • * Wrote test plans and test descriptions for device drivers
  • * Participated in structured code reviews
  • * Modified INTEGRITY 4.09b StarGen StarFabric driver to work under INTEGRITY 5.x
  • * Responsible for integrating IPLITE TCP/IP stack into BSP
  • * Responsible for creating Doxygen templates and keybinding files
  • * Verification of in-circuit emulators and debuggers from Green Hills and WindRiver
  • * Requirements matrices and requirement flow-down using DOORS
  • * Configuration management using CVS and Subversion
  • * Customer point-of-contact for final stage issues
  • * Software support of Systems/Hardware Acceptance test
  • * Scripting in REXX for test procedures

Confidential, Richardson TX

Hardware Staff

  • Design of node expandable and addressable Ethernet based network using a distributed architecture
  • *Design of network hub / router in programmable logic using Altera s MAX+plus II and Quartus software packages
  • *Hardware design of remote nodes in network, utilizing Motorola s ColdFire processor family
  • *Design of reduced functionality remote notes for specialized functions using the Motorola HC11 family to maintain network hardware consistency
  • *Memory design of network, including schematic capture, specification, mapping, testing, and verification
  • *Wrote boot code for remote nodes in the network, responsible for the initialization of network nodes as well as the programmable logic initialization and programming in assembly
  • *Evaluated C compiler suites for suitability for use in design environment, focusing on learning cycle, performance, and accuracy
  • *Responsible for procurement of evaluation boards for use in processor design stages
  • *Wrote several programs for network demonstration in C
  • *Technical lead for southern branch of split design team
  • *Responsible for coordination of the engineering teams across states
  • *Responsible for technical coordination of external consultants and design teams
  • *Created and corrected technical documentation covering technical aspects of the network, network operations, remote node specification and operation, and feature card specification and operation
  • *Evaluated Linux for suitability in design environment, as well as gcc patches specifically for ColdFire family of processors
  • *Supported sustaining engineering efforts of existing products, including software fixes and enhancements in both C and assembly
  • *Supported cost reduction efforts in existing products
  • *Responsible for specification and verification of components during component replacement

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