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Hardware Test Engineer Resume



  • Seeking a position as an Electronics Engineer in the Technology field where I can utilize my skills and experiences.


Hardware test engineer

Confidential, CA

  • Bring up and test telecom hardware system (Serdes, DDR4L, I2C).
  • Analyze and investigate switches, power modules, temperature sensors
  • Run traffics in SFPs, XFPs using Spirent traffic generators on GPONs system.
  • Using Tektronix, Agilent high end equipment to measure clock, data and eye diagram specific to CPU, Qumran, and DDR4L.
  • Verify signal integrity using high end oscilloscope and network analyzer, spectrum or power meter.

Independent contractor

Confidential, CA

  • Debug, fix electronics systems (vending machine, electronics doors, sensors on customer’s site.
  • Setup network printers and install network systems and wireless security systems in many sites
  • Installation of cash register, printers for POS (Banks, Shopping center, Hospital)
  • Full installation of cables, IP phones, Printers, Scanners and Network setup
  • Racks installation, setup, test with cables, certification and management in data center
  • POS, Pinpad installation, printer with cash register configuration
  • Troubleshoot, debug, investigation of network and telecommunication related problem
  • Setup, repaired, fixed high - end laser printers and scanners
  • Installed electrical, electronic parts and hardware in housings or assemblies using soldering equipment and hand tools.
  • Network Cut over for ATT, Verizon, Sprint in many sites
  • Fiber optic splice, test and installation in network room
  • Installation of wireless AP (access point), camera in many locations.
  • Project support in all California and some out of state.

Confidential, Belmont, CA

Hardware Engineer

  • Bring up high speed systems, test debug and rework.
  • Full chassis assembly, with modules and run all functional tests
  • Adjusted and replaced defective circuit and electronic components, using hand tools and soldering irons
  • Assembled, Setup and install chassis in network racks and run all scripts for future use
  • Modification of hardware and make recommendations for better performance
  • Used Jira to report modules and chassis status for progress
  • Inspected, updated firmware version of all programs installed
  • Using CAD, allegro to design and update layout and mechanical design
  • PCB design and layout
  • Rework repair and troubleshoot PCB board
  • Hardware debug, test and rework pcb memory module

Confidential, San Jose,CA

Hardware Test Engineer ()

  • Hardware debug, testing switches (NC24, 72, 96)
  • Bring up switches systems and routers
  • Rework pcba and take measurement in systems
  • Hardware debug, test and rework memory module
  • Setup networks and VLans on different types of switches
  • View and use mentor graphic to design and export to allegro and vis-versa
  • Rework repair and troubleshoot PCB board


Engineering Hardware and debug support

  • Hardware debug, test and rework memory module
  • Fine pitch rework and eco support
  • Experienced using high end thermal chamber and mechanical testing
  • Supported Wireless and tablet teams for bring up and testing
  • Tested and debug wireless devices using scripts in windows and linux environment
  • Tested 1Ghz, 10Ghz nic cards in linux setting using traffic generator to monitor data
  • Built and fix different types of electronics modules supporting server base station
  • Worked closely investigating thermal issues related to server base station
  • Eco upgrade and firmware load in many settings
  • Bring up and testing SoCs, server boards, windows tablets and many other systems
  • Tested and troubleshoot WLAN Physical layer (PHY)
  • Used Matlab, Zemax. Matcad
  • PCB design and layout

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