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Network Architect Resume


  • Over 14 years of IT experience.
  • Involved in implementation, design and operation of, DHCP servers in Linux and Windows environments.
  • Huge team player where always pushes peers to achieve their best.
  • Configuration and implementation of DNS, Wins services in different Windows versions.
  • IPv6 Routing
  • MPLS switching
  • F5 Load - balancing
  • Complex Network Design
  • Expert knowledge in implementing Confidential
  • Expert knowledge in configuration and implementation of routing protocols RIPv1 and RIPv2.
  • Expert knowledge in configuration, implementation, and tuning of EIGRP routing protocol.
  • Expert knowledge configuring, tuning, deploying OSPF routing protocol with NSSA, Stub, and totally stub environments.
  • Excellent knowledge of BGP and its implementations and security features related to it.
  • Good knowledge of IS-IS routing protocol and design implementations.
  • Expert knowledge of Frame-Relay technology and its implementation considerations.
  • Expert & working knowledge of TCP/IP protocol stack and its implementations variations.
  • Worked in environments where VLSM, CIDR implementations were required.
  • Very good knowledge of WAN technologies such as DSL, ADSL, ISDN, T1, DWDM, CWDM, and SONET.
  • Expert in Designing & Deploying Network projects following Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize methodology.
  • Excellent knowledge of load-balancing technologies such as HRSP, VRRP, and GLBP.
  • Excellent knowledge of ASA 5500 and 5500-X series
  • Excellent knowledge of Multicasting protocols such as PIM protocol.
  • Excellent knowledge of Wireless communications using Cisco controllers, WLC and AP’s.
  • Worked on Vulnerability assessment using well-known tools such Nessus, ISS - Security scanner, Nmap, Superscan.
  • Worked with Checkpoint Firewalls, and Web-sense content filtering applications.
  • Good working Knowledge on deploying Asterisk voice gateway server and implementing VoIP phones using SIP protocol.
  • Very good knowledge of Network monitoring tools such as Wireshark (Linux and windows), Tcpdump, Iptraf, ethtool, ettercap, etherape, NTOP, and MRTG.
  • Excellent knowledge of Policing and Traffic shaping techniques.
  • Good knowledge of SAN storage, DAS, NAS and design methodologies involved.
  • Configured and implemented various servers such as Dell, Sun, and HP Proliant.
  • Expertise in Linux environment with network monitoring tools.
  • Expertise in Linux based firewalls.


Operating System: Windows NT/98/2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Linux Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, and Slackware.

Security Knowledge: SSH, VPN, Iptables, vulnerability scanners such as Nmap, Amap, ISS security scanner, NeXpose. Sniffers such as ettercap, etherape, Dsniff, tcpdump, and wireshark. Nikto, Kismet, Air-crack package.

Packages: MS-Office, and MS - Visio.

Cisco Codes: IOS, NX-OS, IOS-XE

Cisco Nexus Switches: Nexus 7k, 5k and 2k

Cisco IOSXE: 4500-X

Switches: IOS: 2950, 3550, 3560, 3750, 4000, 4500 series, 6500 series, 6800 series

HP blade swtiches 3120, and 3120: X

Routers: GSR, ASR9k, NCS6k, 6500,Nexus 9k, Nexus 7k, 4500, 2900 series, 3900,3800,2800,2600, 2600XM, 1800

Virtual Router: CSR1000v, IOS-XRv

Virtual firewall: ASAv

Firewall: PIX, ASA5500, and ASA5500-X Series

Wireless: WLC 4400, 5500

Fibre channel: MDS 9509

Cisco UC: CUCM 8.0 - 10.5; UCCX ranging from 7 - 10.5, Unity 8 - 10.5



Network Architect


  • Executed a network infrastructure migration which included about twelve sites
  • Developed implementation plan to minimize downtime
  • Developed implementation plan to minimize impact
  • Troubleshoot M-BGP designs
  • Worked with Cisco ISR’s 4431 and 4451 platform
  • Worked with Nexus 7K’s, 5K’s.
  • Worked with site-to-site VPN between remote sites and headquarter
  • Troubleshoot Firewall related issues on ASA’s
  • Implemented Cisco Meraki between sites
  • Migrated CUCM from version 7 to 10.5
  • Migrated Unity from version 8 to 10.5


Lead Network Engineer


  • Work directly with 80+ financial partners to mitigate any possible impact during migration
  • Constantly review and analyze configurations for partners migrations
  • Provide LLD/HLD for each migration
  • Work on Nexus 7k, 9k, on Zebulon DC
  • Provide guidance to mitigate any possible issues on for migrations
  • Lead the Network migration for Confidential & Confidential and its affiliated businesses
  • Developed implementation plan to minimize impact during deployment
  • Heavily working on Cat 6500 and its flavors
  • Working on 7200 & 3900 routers along with MPLS networks
  • Working on complex routing designs for Confidential & Confidential and its client affiliated infrastructures
  • Troubleshooting M-BGP designs
  • Implemented and provided support with complex routing with OSPF and vrf’s
  • Implemented and provided support with F5 load-balancers which spanned a multitude of projects and requirements
  • Working on new storage project with Nexus switches 7K, 5K, and 2k’s.
  • Worked with key stake holders to accelerate the migration process of Confidential & Confidential and its affiliated partners


Sr. Implementation engineer


  • Led the Network engineers about configuring ISR’s 4330 routers
  • Configured PfR v3 for Ralph Lauren’s network
  • Implemented Nexus 7k (7018)
  • Implemented Cisco ASA 5500 Series
  • Configured complex routing with MPLS- BGP and VRF’s
  • Implemented DMVPN phase 3 with BGP and IPsec
  • Troubleshoot many issues related to DMVPN
  • Troubleshoot many issues related to IPsec
  • Troubleshoot many issues related to Routing
  • Troubleshoot many issues related to Switching
  • Acted as a subject matter expert during the project

Confidential, RTP

Customer Support Engineer


  • Troubleshoot Service-Provider-based routers; XR12000, CRS, and ASR9k
  • Troubleshoot large scale Multicast topologies
  • Troubleshoot large-scale routing topologies
  • Support IOS-XR based large scale customer infrastructures across the globe
  • Provide solutions that meet client’s expectations
  • Provide RCA’s based upon client’s request
  • Troubleshoot advanced routing designs with BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS
  • Implemented and troubleshoot L2MPLS-VPN
  • Implemented and troubleshoot L3MPLS-VPN

Confidential, New Jersey, NJ

Network Analyst


  • Huge team player where pushes teammates to their best, always looking to improve overall knowledge within the team.
  • Network Design
  • Designed a DMVPN with MPLS to be used on the Internet-edge site of the infrastructure.
  • Developed a proposal to redesign the private WAN with advanced features such as BGP Route-Reflection, PfR and Enhanced Object Tracking.
  • Being SME for Security, Unified Communications, Routing and Switching.
  • Configuring and maintaining virtual instances of IOS-XRv for testing purposes.
  • Developed various supporting documentations to be shared among teammates and co-workers in different groups.
  • Implemented dynamic routing within Confidential ’s private WAN infrastructure. This project used open standards routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF. This project involved Confidential ’s
  • Improved network recovery from 30 seconds to sub-second with RSTP, which prevented servers from shutting down and impacting the business.
  • Responsible for engineering infrastructure layers L1 through L4, which include high-availability networks using protocols such HSRP.
  • Implemented a test-bed for next-generation IP protocol, IPv6, for scalability purposes with network devices and wide-range of applications.
  • Developed a PoC (Proof of Concept) solution for home-based users in order to provide a better control over data and VoIP traffic.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot a wide-range of Cisco switches such as Catalyst 6500, 4500, 4500-X, 3750,3550,2960, HP Blade switches, Confidential blade switches, Cisco Nexus 7k L3, Nexus 5k and Cisco FEX (Fabric Extender) 2k series.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot a wide-range of Cisco routers such as 6500,4500,2900 series, 3900,3800,2800,2600,1800,800 series
  • Maintain and troubleshoot Cisco CSR1000v routers
  • Maintain and troubleshoot WLAN infrastructure with WCS and redundant WLC’s and several access points.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot VoIP infrastructure with redundant CUCM’s and UCCX’s servers, which includes several hundreds of CIPC’s, CUPC’s, Jabber, for both PC and MAC’s.
  • Design a QoS classification and markings within Confidential head-quarters infrastructure
  • Fixed QoS configuration among Confidential ’s private WAN infrastructure
  • Maintain and troubleshoot a remote access infrastructure which includes two ASA’s 5500 series with complex configurations to support Confidential staff, volunteers, and contractors.
  • Migrated Contact Center express server from Windows (v7) to Linux (10.5)
  • Upgraded Call Managers, Unified Unity, and Unified Presence servers.
  • Maintaining the Confidential LAN/WAN, which includes maintenance of network hardware and software, Internet connectivity, building wiring, wireless networking and telephone closets.
  • Supporting voice and video conferencing systems (Cisco VCS, VCS-Expressway, CTP and TMS, and Tandberg)
  • Providing network support for off-site meetings as required.
  • Understanding and assisting with the support of network wired and wireless services.
  • Evaluating and troubleshooting network problems
  • Evaluating and recommending new and emerging technologies and how they may benefit the Confidential .
  • Providing input to facilitate development of network strategies, philosophy, direction, planning, etc.
  • Leading network projects, which include installation of network hardware/software, configuration and design.
  • Providing guidance, work direction and information to other technical teams.
  • Recommending and providing guidance for improving the availability, scalability, performance and management of Confidential Business Systems and services.
  • Implemented RADIUS within Confidential routers, switches, fabric switches, and ASA’s.
  • Created MS Visio drawings to clarify design topologies for management and technical staff.

Confidential, New York, NY

Network Engineer


  • Responsible for engineering infrastructure layers L1 through L4, which include high-availability networks using protocols such as HSRP.
  • Redesigned IP address scheme, which included VLSM and CIDR methods to increase better usage and faster routing through summarization.
  • Migration of Juniper Firewalls, Cisco Switches 2950, 2960 including VLANs, trunk, switch security configurations. Maintenance of HSRP redundancy protocol between firewalls. Implemented RSTP (802.1w) between Cisco Switches for fast redundancy at switching level for various layers, load-balanced VLAN traffic inside trunk link for better performance.
  • Implemented sub-netting and IPv6 for scalability purposes.
  • Implementation of DMVPN using Cisco routers 3945 and 2911. Applied hub and spoke topology to maximize VPN connectivity between clients.
  • Implemented HSRP between Cisco ISR routers 3945 and 2911 providing maximum availability.
  • Created new IP address scheme, provided maximum usage of IP address.
  • Technical support for any issues.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Network Engineer / System Administration


  • Implemented and configured Cisco 6503 series as distribution and core layer throughout the office and interconnecting different segments in LAN environment.
  • Maintenance of Cisco routers (2800, 1800 series) and switches (2900 series) in NJ office as well remotely maintenance for India office
  • Deployment and maintenance of DMZ networks.
  • Deployed a wired network design removing all wireless Ap’s and providing a stable network environment with Data and Voice traffic.
  • Implemented various VLANs for VoIP traffic, data traffic and application traffic.
  • Designed and implemented load-balance techniques for different levels of routing and switching ranging from layers 1 through 7.
  • Created MS Visio drawings to clarify design topologies for management and technical staff.
  • Re-arranged office subnet mapping which improved scalability for IPv6 implementations.
  • Implemented HSRP for load-balance between Firewalls making the network 99.9 % up during any outage.
  • Worked directly in implementation of different checkpoint firewalls throughout company offices.
  • Redesigned IP address range within company in which included VLSM and CIDR implementation in routers.
  • Maintenance of 100+ computers (Linux/Windows), WLAN deployment in the office includes cabling, position of WLAN AP’s, maintenance of LDAP database (with India office), Oracle, Sybase servers and maintenance of Astaro Security Gateway FW’s.
  • Implementation of Asterisk phone system in office, configuring VoIP phones, installation of PRI (ISDN) cards. Responsible for wired network in office and configuring Spanning-tree in switches and VLANs.
  • Troubleshoot T1’s lines while under congestion, which affected calls and management business.
  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Server 4/5 and configure with various other services and servers
  • Provided install/setup and configuration and technical support on multiple Red Hat services
  • Involved in documentation, process and call measurement and tracking
  • Assisted in for international new hires, technical support engineers
  • Assisted in troubleshooting, debugging and configuration of different services on Linux
  • Identified, responded to and escalated support issues to resolution
  • Support to Database migration.
  • Configuration of various Linux-based firewalls, and troubleshoot the same.
  • Experience in providing installation packages and engineering support to outside groups for project requirements
  • Installed and configured Windows (2k, 2k3, 2k8) and Linux (Astaro Firewall, RHEL 4 and 5) OS’s in servers such as Sun, HP Proliant

Confidential, NY, NJ

Cisco Consultant Engineer


  • Worked to implement new IP network addressing using VLSM and CIDR between different locations.
  • Managed TCP/IP LAN environment for the time during implementation.
  • Configured switches located in MDF’s and IDF’s locations.
  • Installed fibers with SFP adaptors providing faster data communication at Core network level between routers and switches.
  • Configured load-balance technologies in the Core of network topology with HSRP protocol.
  • Provided new network design using applications such as MS Visio.
  • Implemented Radius configuration in routers.
  • Installed and provisioned of all wired Cisco network switches 3550 per 3750G on Confidential Stores in NY, NJ, and CT area.
  • Coordinated with Confidential store manager the time to upgrade the network devices without interruption of the data network at store.
  • Coordinated with NOC if Network devices were working properly and as planned.
  • Experience designing SONET and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems.

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