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Software Engineer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • Over 30 years of system and application level software development experience.
  • My primary focus is C/C++, Python, Bash and Linux systems with additional proficiency in Java, Perl, C# and Windows.
  • In - depth knowledge of webservers, storage systems, object-oriented (OOP), multi-threaded, distributed/parallel programming, operating system internals, databases (SQL) and network protocols (TCP/IP, etc.).
  • Extensive background in mathematics and logic with versatile programming skills that can be adapted to a wide variety of development environments and new technologies.
  • Highly skilled at technical analysis, research, troubleshooting, debugging and problem solving.
  • Strong team lead, mentoring, communications, relationship building and interpersonal skills.


C/C++, Python: Bash, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Perl, Java, C#

Apache HTTP: Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Database recovery

Hitachi storage: arrays, XML, SQL, TCP/IP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Software Engineer

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

  • Helped the Confidential Server team complete the development for release 18 of the product.
  • Developed new features in C++ for the uploading and downloading of files to the cloud.
  • The work focused on the Koala addition to Confidential Server for storing files in AWS S3.
  • Some of the tasks involved maintaining tags and attributes for the files stored in the cloud.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Became familiar with the open source Apollo Auto project and code which is mainly C++.
  • This also involved working with the open source Robotic Operating system and Docker.
  • Transformed the code into a form that can be analyzed with a proprietary code analyzer.
  • Provided analysis and debugging for the code analyzer.

Technical Lead Apache

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

  • Maintained and enhanced the Oracle HTTP Server which is based on the Apache HTTP Server.
  • The programming for this position included Linux, C, C++, Python and Java.
  • Acted as a point of contact for the Apache HTTP Server community and achieved committer status.
  • Applied Apache open source product upgrades and security fixes to the Oracle HTTP Server.
  • Acted as a team lead and security point of contact for the Oracle HTTP Server project which included various process duties.

Technical Lead

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

  • Developed an adapter written in Linux shell scripts, Python and XML for backing up Oracle databases built on top of Hitachi storage subsystems.
  • Assisted in the development of an Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in for managing Hitachi storage subsystems utilizing XML, PL/SQL, Python and C++.

CONA Contractor

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

  • Critiqued high level architectural design documents related to next generation network development.
  • Developed a multi-threaded concept demonstration program in Java which included a GUI driver communicating over TCP/IP with three test servers on Linux with various disk drive and database configurations.

Senior Programmer

Confidential, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Enhanced the PRO/JCL product which utilizes C/C++, XML, TCP/IP and Agile development on Windows to manage mainframe jobs, verify/reformat control statements and simulate file systems.
  • Took ownership of various components of PRO/JCL including utility command validation, control statement reformatting and symbolic substitution, implementing enhancements and fixes.
  • Enabled faster customer problem resolution by developing a heuristic error analyzer to generate easier to understand and more detailed messages concerning errors in their control statements.
  • Created utilities that automated upgrades of information files between product releases to increase the customers’ ease of use and reduce the possibility of errors occurring during upgrades.
  • Implemented a new product component to validate DB2 utility statements in response to a high level of demand from customers which resulted in a significant increase in their productivity.
  • Developed features with a yacc compiler for the metaparm language which was used in PRO/JCL as an extension to the regular expressions that are used in UNIX, Java, Perl and Python to provide initial parsing and validation of a variety of command and scripting languages.
  • Wrote a set of APIs to provide the user with access to system level functions while running command validation and maintenance on a remote machine.
  • Provided expertise and mentoring to other developers, second level support and quality assurance teams in a variety of subjects, such as Perl scripts, object-oriented programming, web development and network protocols (TCP/IP, FTP, SNMP, etc.).
  • Expanded knowledge, skill and expertise in system level programming, text processing, command parsing and code generation to a wide variety of additional applications, such as the development of compilers, web browsers, CGI programs, form validation scripts, enterprise systems, network tools, web servers, device drivers, virtualization, storage management and database search engines.

Software Engineer


  • Architected and implemented the first release of XPEDITER/CICS, an interactive debugger which facilitated the efficient development of applications running in a CICS environment.
  • Developed a CICS environment simulator to use as a test bed for the XPEDITER/CICS product line.
  • Reduced the testing and debugging time of programs of online systems by 80% through designing and implementing a product which utilized SVC screening technology and other system level hooks to interactively test and debug CICS programs.
  • Designed and implemented a new version of the code simulator component of XPEDITER. This enhanced version decreased the average simulation time by 90%, improving overall performance.
  • Designed and implemented a new product to interactively test and debug SQL statements within an application program.
  • Key team member in the development of XPEDITER/2, running on Windows, utilizing client/server technology to debug application programs running in a mainframe environment.
  • Developed and maintained a Windows product which utilized C/C++, MFC, Win32, TCP/IP and SNMP technology to monitor network traffic, enabling network performance improvements.
  • Analyzed network data packets to design and implement support for SQL specific protocols.
  • Developed additional methods for calculating transaction response times in network traffic.
  • Analyzed and resolved a wide variety of problems involving multi-threading and bottlenecks, enhancing product performance and customer satisfaction.

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