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Independent Electronics Design Consultant Resume

Hollywood, MD


  • 25 Years of electronic, electrical and electro - mechanical design & firmware/software programming
  • Electrical/Electric/Electro Mechanical Systems Integration and Trouble-shooting
  • Analog/Digital/Power/Embedded Electronic & PCB Design and Trouble-Shooting
  • Design of SMPS including Buck/Boost/SEPIC/Flyback w/isolation & other topologies
  • High Current/Voltage/Power Electronic Design & PCB Layout
  • Embedded Systems Programming (8, 16 and 32 bit processors in Assembly and C)
  • Linux/Unix/Real-Time including UDP, TCP/IP Sockets, Threads, CANbus, Serial
  • Documentation, Technical Writing - Contracts and Proposals - Project Management
  • Cross-Discipline and Multi-Discipline Research and Development
  • Integration of Electro-Mechanical-Hydraulic and Closed Loop Control Systems
  • Mixed Signal, High-Current & High-Speed Mechanical PCB Layout
  • Project Management & Creation of Human Capital through Mentoring
  • Success through Excellent Communication & Time Management with Prioritization
  • See end of this document for a description of medical device experience...



Independent Electronics Design Consultant

  • Performing contract and project assignments for various small and some large multinational organizations in Texas, Arizona, Maryland, Florida, etc...
  • Projects include medical, industrial/commercial, oil-filed/down-hole-tool and ‘prosumer’ product design and development.
  • All projects include an electronic and/or electro-mechanical element (i.e. PCB) and most often an embedded system “SoC” (System on Chip) and mixed-signal power electronics. Some designs requirements include Li-Po or Li-Ion charging & protection circuits, ultra-low-power embedded and electronic design with multi-year stand-by battery life, or high-efficiency motor control.
  • Design services vary from project to project which may include any or all of the following: Electronic Design, Schematic Capture, Footprint Design, 3D Model Design (Solidworks), Mechanical Design (AutoCAD & Solidworks), PCB Layout, Firmware (for many different micro-controllers), Manufacturing (from Hand-Assembled SMT/Through-Hole to Fully Automated SMT Pick & Place w/Reflow, etc.), PCB/Board Bring-up, Firmware Programming, Trouble-Shooting and Debugging.
  • Experience with Analog Electronic Design, Power Electronics including High-Voltage (2000+ Volts) and High-Current (200+ Amps), Mixed-Signal Design and PCB Layout making use of custom to exotic PCB Stack-Ups and copper thicknesses from ¼ Oz through 30 Oz and high-speed ceramic substrates.
  • Experience with FPGA Hardware Design and High-Speed PCB Layout, including
  • USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 (recently USB 3.1)
  • GigaBit Ethernet, Phy, MII RMII, GMII, PCIe 2.0, DDR2 SDRAM
  • Notable Designs and Consulting Include:
  • BLDC stabilized antenna gimbal with DO-160G lighting protection and RF filtering for an aviation application with low-temperature and low-atmospheric pressure requirements; using Holt AR INC 429 & RS-422 Drivers
  • Experimental Aircraft Avionics using CANbus (AR INC 825 CAN)
  • High-voltage/high-speed pulse circuit, high-speed ADC, FPGA & DPS coupled with an impedance controlled PCB stack-up and layout that targets applications where TDR (time delay reflectometer) is the basis for sensing and determining liquid and solid content
  • Video Camera w/LCD battery powered Laryngoscopy Medical Product trouble-shooting & solution design, architectural design and manufacturing consulting (Medical Device).
  • Medical Electrical Safety Testing, Test Plans & Electronic Design for IEC 60601-1
  • EMI/EMC trouble-shooting, re-design & resolution meeting IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition
  • On-Site Certification Testing at nationally recognized testing labs for various certifications
  • Medical Grade Isolated 1200 Watt Charging System using LiFePO4 IEC-62133 Battery
  • Photo Diode based Nuclear Medical Imaging Device with custom ASIC, design of mechanical/wire-bonding pinout and interposer
  • Nuclear Spectroscopy Sensor Re-Desgin including high voltage analog circuit with 1400+ Volt variable power supply and Photo-Multiplier variable gain circuit

Confidential - Hollywood, MD

Electronic Design Consultant

  • Performed electrical designs and automation using PLC’s while integrating proprietary embedded systems and system control theory.
  • Responsible for numerous marine electrical and electronic enclosure designs.
  • After the completion of the initial 6 month contract, focus moved to the system architecture of a modular real-time next generation ship stabilization control system. This next generation system is the basis for all future products and installations and is revolutionary in the ship stabilization industry.
  • Completed circuit design and PCB layout of an ARM Cortex-M4 DSP embedded system for Closed Loop Control of hydraulic systems and a MEMS based 9-Axis Motion Sensor Package which are two of the main components of the next generation control system.
  • Design included USB 2.0 On-the-Go Host/Device electronic design and PCB Layout. Designed system architecture which provides a modular set of electronic packages that are networked via CANbus and provide many advantages over past and competing systems. The modular system allows quick and simple customization of ship stabilization systems and faster remote troubleshooting with data collection.
  • Completed design for PCB with “pogo-pins” for automation of product testing (& QA).
  • Other designs include a high I/O count embedded system which includes a Lattice MachOX2 programmable logic device with SPI connection to an ARM processor and various power electronic components and analog signal conditioning.
  • Other responsibilities included the hiring and mentoring three electrical engineers and providing guidance for two firmware engineers.

Confidential . -Houston, TX

Electronics Design Consultant

  • Performed electronic designs for an innovative down-hole sensor and a wire line down hole tool with telemetry.
  • Both designs were completed in Altium, one of which had the most demanding size, volume and weight requirements while making use of ultra-low power features due to battery limitations.
  • Programmed all firmware and testing.

Confidential - San Diego, CA

Electronics Design & Embedded System Design Consultant

  • Confidential is a manufacturer of underwater (sub-sea) robotics.
  • Completed 400 Volt Motor Controller Hardware Design, Test Jig and documentation for an underwater thruster rated to 2000 meters depth utilizing a PBOF (Pressure Balanced Oil Filled) enclosure.
  • Hardware design completed in Altuim Designer which included a fly-back topology switch-mode power supply (implemented using Power Integration’s LinkSwitch II switch-mode AC/DC IC) and custom wound transformer (EFD-20 Ferroxcube) in addition to three electrically isolated interfaces (CAN-Bus, I2C and RS-485).
  • The motor controller was implemented with a Microchip 16-Bit DSP (using the internal PWM peripherals) and a three phase high-voltage MOSFET driver with high-side current sense.
  • Troubleshot an EMF feedback shunt (or clamp) circuit used with Confidential TLS (Tether Management System) then performed a PCB redesign and changes to the BOM (Bill of Materials).
  • Wrote system requirement documentation for IP Video over fiber for new ROV Electronics “Gen 3 Electronics” making use of a low latency H.264 encoder.

Confidential - Spring Valley, CA

Firmware & Electrical Engineer Design Consultant

  • Confidential is manufacturer of surveillance and wireless video products to the DoD, FBI, State and Local Police Departments.
  • Worked on camera control PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus) products (using Sony, Panasonic broadcast and box cameras and Fujinon lenses) to provide full resolution 30 FPS Microwave Video Systems.
  • Pan-Tilt motor controller hardware and firmware implemented using PWM driven MOSFET H-Bridges and DC geared motors or Brushed DC motors with magnetic or optical encoder feedback (closed-loop control).
  • Platforms in include Microchip 16F, 18F and 24F and Atmel devices.
  • Technologies used for integration includes: Linux and UDP/TCP/IP, SPI, I2C, RS-232/422/485, and line of sight microwave communications and CDMA/GSM cellular wireless communications (Raven Modem).
  • Performed hardware design and PCB layout for a 16-Bit embedded system which included an Ethernet interface, Ethernet Switch and switch-mode power supply.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Embedded Systems Engineer

  • Aqua Sol is a manufacturer of Swimming Pool Chemical Controllers.
  • Designed hardware/firmware for an integrated ReFlex network telemetry system using the Inilex (Advantra) Barran 200 device.
  • Analog system included a hardware design using isolated instrumentation OP-Amps and A/D conversion for ORP (Chlorine) and pH measurement, in addition to a 16-bit Microchip Embedded Processor.
  • System integration included a Linux WCTP server configured to communicate with Skytel ReFLEX Paging Network provider.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Electronic & Firmware Engineer

  • Confidential is a manufacturer of GPS and Satellite Communication’s marine products for Raymarine.
  • Performed Embedded Systems programming and hardware design using Altuim Designer.
  • Primary function: writing boot code for Freescale’s (Motorola) Coldfire Processor (MCF5485) and verlilog for the Altera MAX II FPGA.
  • Modify/enhance bootloader for device firmware updating including authentication via private/public key encryption for firmware updating over the satellite network
  • Created Linux distribution based on LTIB (Linux Target Image Builder). Performed hardware design including the discovery of hardware issues prior to printing the PCB and the design and troubleshooting of multiple isolated DC/DC Switching Power Supplies.
  • Used MathWork’s Matlab for various simulations including to develop PWM PID Loops for antenna control, Digital Filter Design and other model related simulations.
  • Received a heavy introduction to a various satellite communications components, antennas, LNA/LNB, Parabolic Dish Antennas and platforms used in the wireless/satellite communications industry including BGAN and DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcasting for Satellites).


Engineer Design & Consulting

  • Study Abroad at Technological University (Tecnol gico de Monterrey) in Monterrey Mexico through University of Houston while performing work on various projects which included firmware embedded programming and electronic hardware design for various clients in the USA.
  • Provided PLC and Machine Automation services while sourcing low cost manufacturing of cast-iron, ductile-iron, aluminum castings, heat-treating and machining. Casting services included pattern/molded machining for investment casting and sand casting methods.
  • The primary purpose of coursework was to gain access to manufactures providing processes which had become difficult to source in the USA and specifically the region of Texas.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Engineer Design & Consulting

  • Confidential is a supplier of contract electronics engineering services.
  • Designed interface and test boards for oilfield equipment.
  • Designs included RS-232 communications and interface boards with National Instruments Labview.
  • Other projects included:
  • Analog audio circuitry, using single-sided, low-power/battery operated, OP-Amp design and low noise JFET’s and DC/DC Switch-Mode power supplies using National Semiconductor’s line of IC’s.
  • Several versions of an Analog Audio/Video Multiplexer were designed using high-speed Analog Multiplexers, both buffered and un-buffered, from Analog Devices line of IC’s. Designs were captured using OrCAD and PCB layout and mechanical design was performed by Ray Luttkey of Electronic Potential, Inc.
  • Wrote design proposals, architecture layout and electronic schematics for small projects including a food and chemical grade liquid level sensor and several small embedded system solutions for test/measurement and industrial instrumentation.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Telecom & Software Engineer

  • Confidential is a manufacturer of telecommunications systems.
  • Performed hundreds of telecom equipment installations in over 35 States in the US, Guam and Canada.
  • Performed troubleshooting of difficult technical problems which included Analog POTS and digital telephone systems interfaces and VOIP integrations.
  • Developed skills and knowledge of telecommunications wiring and infrastructure.
  • Later, as a project manager, accomplishments included development of web-based database applications and telephony applications on the Linux (Debian) platform integrated with Dialogic PCI boards and VOIP applications.
  • Programming included compilation of Linux Kernel with specific device drivers and RTOS programming.
  • Various documentation packages were produced to provide best practices for other field engineers.
  • Responsible for training field engineers and working out solutions for clients with challenging installation issues.

Confidential - Baltimore, MD


  • Partner in Confidential of Baltimore, MD and lead the technical side of the organization as the Senior Security Analyst.
  • Completed two contracts which delivered “DITSCAP” Certification and Accreditation Services for the DoD JEDMICS (Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System) Program Office and the Cryptek DiamondTek Product.
  • Duties performed include:
  • Developed, documented and performed the Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) for the Cryptek DiamondTek IPSec PKI based Security Product.
  • Developed testing scripts and testing applications using Perl, Python and C/C++.
  • Used BSD Sockets for custom TCP/UDP/IP testing tools written in C/C++.
  • Performed Security Testing at Northrop Grumman IT’s facility in McLean, VA during November and December of ‘03.
  • Assisted with ST&E of JEDMICS and produced hundreds of pages of official testing documentation.
  • Participated in all phases of the final SSAA (System Security Authorization Agreement) documentation through delivery.

Confidential - Bay Saint Louis, MS

Engineer & Project Lead

  • Employed as a Senior Computer Security Engineer at their NASA Stennis Space Center.
  • Duties performed include:
  • Programmed firmware and designed Electronics, PCB layout and Mechanical Design for a MicroChip PIC based embedded system integrated with third-party bio-metric security products.
  • Programmed firmware for authentication of hardware using MD5 and SHA-1.
  • Electronics designs included RS-232 interfaces, Buck Topology DC/DC isolated Switch-Mode Power Supplies and Dallas Semiconductor's 80C51 Secure Embedded Micro-Controller with external Static RAM and ROM.
  • Wrote engineering, production and user documentation and provided technical support for the EAL-4 Common Criteria Security Certification.
  • Designed architecture for IPSec PKI TCP-IP Security Enhancement Server running RedHat Linux (later SE Linux).

Confidential - Houston, TX


  • Partner in Confidential of Houston, TX and lead the organization in respect to the software programming and architecture.
  • Consulted, designed, developed and participated in deployment of Web-Based, Multi-Tier solutions on Unix and Linux Platforms.
  • Projects included remote data collection using proprietary TCP/IP protocols, computer telephony and integration of proprietary hardware/software interfaces operating over POTS and the Internet.
  • Applications developed using C/C++ (with BSD Sockets), PHP, HTML, MySQL, DB2, Perl, BASH, SSH and SSL.

Confidential - Houston, TX 9

Engineer Design & Consulting

  • Developed RS-232 related interfacing hardware/software that provided data backup and data file organization for CNC related equipment (MAZAK) prior to manufacture developing comparable equipment and applications.
  • Hardware included custom RS-232 Switch boxes, wiring and connectors.
  • This system had huge impact by decreasing setup time for production by removing the necessity of reprogramming CNC for parts removed from the system.
  • Programmed and maintained vehicle storage tracking platform for more than 20 vehicle storage lots in Texas, during a six year period.
  • Applications were written in C with C++ classes for database access and interface.
  • Additional responsibilities included selection, purchase, installation and configuration of all hardware used to communicate with state, county and local governments, owners and lean holders, both electronically and bureaucratically as required by law. This program brought significant business automation and savings to the industry. These applications are still in use to this day.
  • Programmed and maintained similar applications for other automotive related businesses including auto-body & paint shops and automotive towing companies.
  • All applications were written in C/C++ with database access library.
  • These applications provided inventory control, material/gas usage and tool/bay tracking and ‘point of sale/invoicing for future job estimation and profitability forecasts.
  • Sold rights to all applications to Mr. Paul Yorki in December ‘99.
  • Developed hardware and software for battery powered Data Logging System to collect data from a 450 element High Energy Particle Detector to be flown in a high altitude balloon/gondola.
  • QNX OS and real-time threads were used to meet demanding data bandwidth requirements written using Watcom C/C++ - Work performed at LSU High-Energy Physics Lab
  • System designed to function in high altitude, low temperature, vibration/shock and general harsh environment for 48 Hours plus by utilizing PC/104 Embedded Architecture.

Confidential -Houston, TX

Field Engineer

  • Retrofitted, configured, and maintained assembly and C code based electronic Access Control Device for use in multi-user copier billing system. Developed electronic fixes for deficiencies in access control product line.
  • Gained experience in RS-232 and multiple communications protocols for data transfer between Data Communications Equipment (DCE) and Data Terminal Equipment (DTE).
  • Gained critical experience troubleshooting power systems, electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical systems.
  • Generated and maintained user manual and technical documentation.
  • Performed on-site preventive maintenance and service on system components and access control mechanisms.
  • Gained a very extensive background in Preventive Maintenance, Customer Service and Field Service techniques.


Automation Tech

  • Assisted with installation of custom home security and automated lighting systems, indoor and outdoor audio systems, High Fidelity AV systems and home automation devices.
  • Duties included preparation, installation, audio, coaxial and electrical wiring/termination and custom carpentry and remodeling.
  • Acquired skills using a wide array of power tools and techniques while learning about residential and commercial electrical wiring.

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