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Manager Network Control System Resume



  • Top - performing Geospatial software developer and architect who designs and implements innovative IT solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth
  • Analytical and highly technical hands-on solutions Geospatial (GIS) Software Engineer with a strong ability to engage IT teams, learn new systems, analyze data, manage large-scale technical issues, and optimize site architecture.
  • IT leader who bridges the gap between business and technology with solutions that transform technology into usable services while maintaining solution and architectural integrity.
  • Thrives on challenge and works well under pressure, with technical expertise to learn new environments quickly, locate inefficiencies in code, and provide quick solutions with project management skills that drive a quality software development process forward.
  • Over Fourteen years of Information Technology experience including extensive experience with Geographic Information Systems, Object Oriented Programming and solving GIS related problems.
  • Have strong experience in designing and developing Enterprise GIS solutions for Transportation, Government, and Telecom industries by utilizing ESRI ArcGIS Server, Arc SDE and ESRI ArcIMS.
  • Passionate about Computer Vision, Real-Time Detection and Object Recognition, Tracking, Multi-Modality Template Matching, Developed a Proof of Concept to detect critical features from images, Demo can be provided on request.
  • Have strong experience in designing and developing Enterprise GIS solutions for Railroad industry ( Confidential ).
  • Solid skills in building desktop applications that utilize Linear Referencing and
  • Solid skills in ArcObjects and creating custom ArcGIS class extensions for editing and validation using C#.
  • Solid skills in building desktop applications that utilize ArcGIS Engine Runtime.
  • Product development expertise which include development of Confidential 's CSR Map Viewer which is part of Confidential CSR 4.0 Suite.
  • Knowledge of field data collection methodologies using LiDAR Technology.
  • Experience in using libLAS opensource library for reading & writing ASPRS LAS LiDAR format (1.0/1.1/1.2).
  • Have Strong Analysis, Troubleshooting and Development skills.
  • Good Communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills.


  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Defect Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Spatial Analysis
  • System Architecture & Design
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Quality Management
  • Requirements Analysis


Computer Vision Frameworks: Open CV

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL

GIS Development: ArcObjects 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, ArcGIS Server 9.3.x/9.x,10.x, ArcIMS, ArcSDE

Web Development: AJAX,DOJO,REST,Silverlight,ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs(JavaScript)

Support/Design Tools: Crystal Report, Rational XDE for .NET, FxCop, MS Visio

Mobile Development: Arc Pad 7.X,ArcGIS Server Mobile

Web Servers: IIS, Tomcat

Programming Languages: .NET - C, C++, C# ASP. NET, VB ASP .NET, Java - Core Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets

Markup Languages: HTML/DHTML/CSS, XML/XSL

Scripting Languages: Python, VBScript, JavaScript

Configuration Management: CVS, VSS, Microsoft Team Foundation server

Software Applications: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse

Unit Testing: Nunit, Junit


Confidential, Tx

Manager Network Control System

Environment: C# .Net


  • Top-performing leader/Motivator and Project Manager with consistent promotional career track supporting a wide range of GIS Enterprise Solutions including Networking, Infrastructure Support, Data Center and Technical Support. Determine and adapt business requirements to IT solutions that support the business needs of hundreds of users both internal and external, supporting users to increase efficiency of business operations. Maintain strong vendor relationships, develop statement of work and implement strategic negotiations for improved services.
  • Managed GIS Development teams ; developed staffing plans, managed workloads,
  • Defined deliverables, hired resources, and ensured compliance with established company policies.
  • Spearheaded the GIS Framework for ArcGIS Server consolidation and migration project; improved 4000% performance and reduced maintenance efforts of entire GIS staff.
  • Championed a new, GIS web framework —provided substantial cost-savings.
  • Responsible for determining scope of enhancements, analyzing problems/opportunities, and providing recommendations to complex business and information management problems.
  • Involved in Requirement analysis for PTC intermediate data.
  • Responsible for managing GIS Development Team.
  • Responsible for Developing/managing Custom Solution for 6 internal and 6 external customers, spanning hundreds of users and around 60 custom GIS Desktop/Web Application.
  • Developed Field validation Tool, an innovative solution to validate critical assets using laptop and a high precision GPS( BNSF in process to patent this technology).
  • Developed innovative GIS Framework that resulted in reduction of number of track databases necessary to reach revenue service.
  • Developed a Proof of concept to Automatically Detect Critical Features from images using AI/ Machin Learning / Computer Vision.
  • Developed a tool(PIE Tool) using ArcObjects to create PTC intermediate data, the output of which will be utilized by other tools to create track data.
  • Used linear referencing to find route locations on a map by providing route and measure information.
  • Used linear referencing to Locating features along routes.
  • Used linear referencing to Overlaying existing route events to create new events.
  • Used linear referencing to aggregating route events.
  • Developed MapViewer to view PTC intermediate data in Google earth.
  • Developed PDF export functionality into the PIE tool to export.
  • PTC intermediate data into a pdf file.
  • Implemented a development environment for application development which involved creating/administering ArcSDE geodatabase, PTC intermediate database.
  • Developed python scripts to perform analysis of GIS data.
  • Assisted in validation tools with other team members.
  • Responsible for Developing GIS Desktop tools in .Net and Java to create intermediate data model.
  • Responsible for Creation and Maintaining of Development Enterprise GIS database and Development PTC intermediate database.
  • Developing other required validation tools.

Confidential, Mineola, NY

Senior GIS Developer

Environment: Python, GIS - ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE


  • Involved in development of ArcMap CSCL Editor Toolbar built into ArcMap to felicitate editing Of GIS Data and to provide a framework for change management.
  • Responsible for Developing ArcGIS Server geo-processing Validation Tools, the tools plays an important role in data maintenance and migration, each of these tools work on the provided version and checks for the Date validation Rules that meets the CSCL Spatial Data topology requirements.
  • Batch Validations and Cycle Comparisons were implemented using the Python scripting language and are exposed by ArcGIS Server 9.3 as a Geoprocessing service these validates Centerline and Node feature class using spatial analysis.
  • Developed password Encryption for Custom ArcMap CSCL Editor Toolbar using C# Dot Net.
  • Automated tasks using Model Builder, Python Scripts, and MS .NET C#.
  • Generated scripts using ArcToolBox.
  • Assisted the GIS Analyst with their daily tasks in order to complete the project.
  • Collaborated in the workflow to process the data from various external data sources.
  • Developing other required validation tools.

Confidential, Mineola, NY

Senior GIS Developer

Environment: Core Java, Java Mail API, JDBC, Servlets, MySQL, Open CMS


  • Responsible for enhancement/redesign of the website.
  • Designed and developed a relational database to scrape data from various state websites.
  • Implemented database triggers in MySQL trigger a email process to be executed one a New sex offender gets inserted into the database.
  • Scrapped Data from different state sites by modifying and rebuilding third party tools.
  • Developed geocoding Application using google geocoding API and Java to geocode scrapped data from different state sites will was utilized by the application to display sex offenders.
  • Developed mapping page using Google API to display the location of the offender on the map and the ability to do a buffer search from the select offender.
  • Developed Email Alert Program - once the users subscribe on the site. The system will automatically generate an email to subscribers when a new sex offender has been added to a zip code which has been associated to their email address

Confidential, Mineola, NY

Senior GIS Developer

Environment: VB Script


  • Developed CSCL Mobile application using VB Script in ArcPAD 7.1 with ability to create access point and entrance point
  • Implemented exiting capability to edit/add attributes for specific feature.
  • Implemented functionality to take picture of entrance and access point.
  • Developed Editor Toolbar to create new access points and entrance points.
  • Implemented validation rules to automatically snap features to centerline in user defined distance.

Confidential, Mineola, NY

Senior GIS Developer

Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, GIS - ArcGIS, ArcIMS and ArcSDE, MySQL


  • Involved in the strategy planning for the solutions for online property mapping by utilizing spatial and non-spatial data.
  • Designed and built central Geodatadatabase.
  • Created and implemented design for ArcIMS 9.2 Web based applications for Property Mapping System by utilizing ESRI Java Web ADF for ArcIMS Server which queries spatial database (ArcSDE) and displays maps as well as attribute data(MySQL) for the queried parcel.
  • Redesigned and redeveloped the existing html website pages to jsp and integrated it with GIS functionality by linking the page results to display spatial results on Maps.
  • Developed a process based on MySQL scripts to automate the Monthly non-spatial data loading which minimized manual interventions and brought immense benefits to client in terms of time & cost.
  • Highly skilled at interfacing with the customer and resolving their issues with a quick turnaround time.

Confidential, Mineola, NY

Senior GIS Developer

Environment: SQL Server, ArcSDE


  • Defined a process to load data from non-spatial database to a GIS Database.
  • Developed a Data Loading Package by utilizing SQL Server integration packages to automate the Monthly non-spatial data loading from Police Department’s EmergiTech system which minimized manual interventions and brought immense benefits to client in terms of time & cost.
  • Responsible for Design & Development of Web based GIS application.
  • Designed Web Pages to perform various police incent search, the result of these searches are shown on map interface.
  • Developed a web-based Map Viewer mapping module using ArcGIS Server Web ADF and C#.Net, features of the mapping module included user interface features like zoom in, zoom out and panning capabilities plus the ability to print maps at various scales.


GIS Consultant/ Senior GIS Developer

Environment: C# ASP.Net ESRI Web ADF, SQL Server


  • Responsible for creation of high level design document and low level design document using Rational XDE for .Net.
  • Responsible for Designing and implementing a GIS Framework layer will was part of Everest Framework which was utilized by CSR suite of application.
  • Responsible for designing and creating of Geo-database using ArcSDE, SQL Server, and ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Developed Map Viewer that helps call takers identify precise locations leverages existing GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities to optimize resource allocation, schedule work and monitor community trends.
  • Developed advanced landmarks searches which uses landmarks retrieved from a GIS database to let call-takers immediately pinpoint locations and match requests to exact addresses
  • Implemented Visual validation of service request location which helps dispatchers quickly plan assignments, field personnel plan the most effective routes and managers track their work team's daily activities. In other words: higher productivity.
  • Developed Geo Data Manager which validates the GIS DATA for accurate GIS repository which is critical to smooth 3-1-1(CSR) address validation, geocoding and object proximity searches.
  • Developed functionality into Geo Data Manager to import data from external sources Into Geo Data Manager’s Repository which was being utilized by the Map Viewer Application.
  • Implemented topology validation tools using ArcObjects and C#.Net which allows validating GIS data in CSR Geo-database to provide error reports and to flag data inconsistency.
  • Developed data conversion tools to import customer supplied GIS data to the CSR Geo Data table formats.
  • Developing Citizen Web Intake web application which allows citizens to create service requests over the web, query status of a previous request, Email notification of completion of request.

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