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Devops Architect Consultant Resume

Manchester, NH


15 + years technical experience that spans operations, cloud architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, development, and customer support. Work daily with AWS, chef, packer, CloudFormation, Jenkins, and lots of other tool chains specific to IaC and ci/cd. I have spent the last 8 years in DevOps within aws in many different types of platforms where I have built automation from scratch or helped design pieces of a much larger platform.


DevOps Toolset: Puppet | PuppetDB | MCollective | Terraform | Vagrant Packer | GitLab,GitHub | Consul | Vault | Libcloud | Artifactory| Confluence | Jira | Redmine | Salt | Chef | Ansible | CloudFormation

Clouds: Aws | SoftLayer | Linode

Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS) | Solaris | Windows

Monitoring Tools: Graphite | Collectd | Statsd | Grafana | Nagios | KeyNote | Gomez

Database: Mysql | postgresql | Oracle

Web Server: Apache | jetty | node.js

Server Load Balancing (SLB) and Global Server Load Balancing: Nginx | ELB | A10 | F5 | Citrix | Cisco CSS | Haproxy| Keepalived

Programming Language: Python | Ruby | Groovy | Bash

Virtual / Container Environments: Vagrant, Docker, ECS, VirtualBox, KVM, EKS (non - prod), K8’s

Platform as a service (PaaS): Minimal Beanstalk

CI/CD Servers: DeployBot | Gitlab | Jenkins | GoCD (minimal)| GitHub

Source Control: Gitlab| SVN | GitHub


Confidential, Manchester, NH

DevOps Architect Consultant


  • AWS Migration from applications hosted in multiple colo facilities in US.
  • IaC with CloudFormation for many aws accounts and environments fully integrated with Jenkins as pipelines.
  • Config automation / provisioning with chef and lots of custom cookbook/resource authoring.
  • Built ECS Docker (EC2/Fargate) platform with magneto, Redis, rds (mysql), and solr clusters with full automation tied into Jenkins pipelines.
  • Built monitoring and telemetry solutions with new relic, CloudWatch, graphite, collectd, and LogicMonitor.
  • CI/CD with Jenkins, chef, packer, docker, kitchen, inspec, and CloudFormation.
  • IaC and config automation with puppet, ansible, and terraform (vsphere).
  • Lambda, sns, DynamoDB integration for dynamic dns and dynamic cluster builds.

Confidential, Littleton, MA

Cloud Operations Manager

  • Manage a team of Sr. SRE’s, external contractors, and technical writers
  • Mentor staff and develop team skills as well as team integration with other groups.
  • Lead automation and configuration management efforts across the platform
  • Infrastructure design for the platform which involved full config automation via ansible, python, and other custom solutions in a “software defined everything” platform.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Principal Infrastructure & DevOps Architect

  • Large scale application migration of 13 physical data centers (multiple tiers) into the public cloud space. (aws, SoftLayer, linode)
  • Architect for multiple public cloud application migration planning and design (build from scratch)
  • Platform design, technical ownership, and direction to all facets of operations platform.
  • Launch enterprise monitoring and telemetry collection through collectd, statsd, graphite, CloudWatch, and new relic.
  • IaC with terraform and integration into Jenkins pipelines.
  • Config automation with puppet, mcollective, puppetdb, and salt
  • Infrastructure and network designs in both physical and public cloud sites worldwide.

Confidential, Burlington, MA

Infrastructure and Network Architect

  • Lead for large migrations of different technology stacks into the Endurance platform including all service migrations to Windows and full platform design.
  • Team lead for windows/Linux platform design and support for 800k customer base.
  • Tier3 customer facing technical issues across the platform.
  • Implement the platform’s design and architecture involving storage, network, IIS, monitoring, load balance, and DNS.
  • Development and automation for hosting platform, which involved creating platform with service provisioning and migration tools.

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