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Build And Release Engineer/devops Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Build, platform, Release Engineer and Systems Administrator over 10 years of experience specializing in UNIX systems, Middleware Infrastructure, Java EE technologies, build and configuration management, Service provisioning.
  • Effective leader, motivator and team player with excellent planning, coordination, time management, supervision and organizational skills.
  • Lead activities and interact with users through all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycles (SDLC) to assure consistent, timely and accurate delivery of business application systems per Service Level Agreements.
  • Expertise in Middleware technologies like WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache webserver including administration and performance tuning.
  • Expertise in Build & deployments using variety of tools.
  • Hands - on experience building and improving CI/CD pipelines supporting teams with different release schedules, testing needs, and code bases.
  • Strong understanding of SCM systems such as GitHub, SVN, and branching strategies.
  • Expertise in Jenkins for continuous integration (CI) for automating complete build and deployments.
  • Hands-on in Jenkins plugin management, Jenkins security, troubleshooting performance issues and creating Jenkins nodes for specific applications code analysis, test phases and deployment.
  • Configured Jenkins daily periodic backup for Jenkins Config and plugins files.
  • Experience with build systems such as Jenkins, AnthillPro.
  • Experience with deploying Java Application into web application servers like: Apache Tomcat and Nginx .
  • Proficiency with at least one scripting language preferably Python.
  • Demonstrated commitment to code quality, documentation, and test automation.
  • Extensive knowledge of Operating Systems (Unix/Linux), command line administration.
  • Familiarity with networking equipment (load balancing/firewalls).
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, with proven experience designing and implementing solutions to complex problems.
  • An efficient Professional experience in Design, Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with extensive experience in various stages of design cycle and consistent track record of superior performance, Vacuum System design, Automation controls integration, control-systems theory and applications.
  • Extensive knowledge in design and functionality of semiconductor equipment and vacuum systems.
  • Knowledge on AWS services (EC2, S3, Route53, SQS, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation).


Operating System: Window, UNIX, LINUX

Versioning Tools: SVN, GIT

Administrator of several Atlassian tool: Confluence

Virtualization: AWS

CI / CD Tools: Jenkins, AnthillPro

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Ansible

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA,

Languages: Python scripting

Web Technologies: CSS, JSP, HTML, Java Script, XML

Web/App servers: Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Auto desk inventor

RDBMS: Oracle


Build and Release Engineer/DevOps

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Participated in design, architecture, implementation, unit testing, and system testing of applications and components.
  • Work on hands-on coding, write and maintain clean, efficient, scalable, reusable and reliable code.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to design and develop web services that consumed by other teams.
  • Revise, update and refactor code to ensure best possible performance, code quality and responsiveness of applications.
  • Involved in Devops Process for building and deploying applications to the servers.
  • Do an initial round of unit testing of the applications and components developed before sending them to test by internal testing team.
  • Active role in the software testing teams, system integration testing and components developed before deploying the applications or components to production.
  • Create, update and execute tasks defined in JIRA for each release, was also involved in Sprints and planned releases with the team using JIRA and Confluence.
  • Automated build process with Continuous Integration Tool Jenkins/Hudson.
  • Managed and optimize the Continuous Delivery tools like Jenkins.
  • Installed, Configured, Administer Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool on Ec2(Linux machines).
  • Coordinate with Developers, Business Team and Project Management for Production Releases.
  • Managed all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) by building customized Build and deployment Applications.
  • Involved in periodic archiving and storage of the source code for disaster recovery.
  • Handling Version Control activities - GIT.
  • Configured various build and deployments using Jenkins pipeline concept.
  • Used GIT to manage source code developed by various platform engineers.
  • Experience writing Python scripts to automate the deployments.
  • Experience in writing Jenkins Pipeline Groovy Scripts for Continuous Integration, Used Jenkins uploading Artifacts into Nexus Repository and deployed those artifacts into servers.
  • Experience in using Maven and Ant as build tools for building deployable artifacts like JAR and WAR from the source code and code analysis using SonarQube.
  • Created and owned Build and Continuous Integration environment with Ant, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Used Maven for building the Web projects including the Webservices and created automated reports for the Builds and Test results which QA can access to accelerate the testing process.
  • Worked with JIRA for issue tracking and monitoring.
  • Working closely with Build and Release Activities.
  • Working experience with Agile methodologies like SCRUM
  • Successfully handled the complex environment with parallel development, parallel releases, Releases to Development/Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Pre-Prod and Production environments.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, and S3.
  • Familiar with managing security groups on AWS, and EC2.

Environment: Git, Jenkins, Jira, Maven, Python, AWS (EC2, S3).

Build and Release Engineer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Perform troubleshooting for complex hardware, software and infrastructure problems.
  • Basic system administration of Solaris, Linux, Red Hat, Sun Systems.
  • Support development team with setting up the infrastructure required for running their code on developer machines.
  • Maintain and support various automation tools like Maven, AnthillPro, Sun N1, and Jenkins.
  • Worked with SCM tools like Git, for branching, tagging and version management.
  • Creating branches and performing code merges for different release using version control tools for various platforms.
  • Maintain WebLogic application servers, Sun ONE Webservers for WCM and OSMP platform and Apache Tomcat application servers, Sun Webservers for OAS platform and Epiphany for IA platform using either automation tools or manually as required by developers on around 56 servers.
  • Work closely with Production Support Group (PSG) Manager on Game Plan and make sure all the steps/processes are included for the deployment on live productions servers and should be available for supporting PSG on install days if required work with Configuration Management team (CM), Release Tech Lead (RTL) to provide instructions for the CM build and deployment and Performance Test Group (PTG) for ongoing releases.
  • Work with Performance Test Group (PTG), while testing the code for performance.
  • Monitor the performance of application servers and webservers using Wily Introscope tool.
  • Provide the estimated timelines to perform the development.
  • Configured and administered WebLogic server which is later migrated to Apache tomcat.
  • Understand the requests for change and implement the changes while understanding and addressing the side effects of the proposed changes on existing.
  • Day-to-day support to development group on Digital Channel Technology build and deployment activities.
  • Familiar with managing security groups on AWS, and EC2.

Environment: Git, SVN, AnthillPro, Jenkins, Jira, Maven, Python, N1.

System Administrator/Build Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Used SVN to manage source code developed by various platform engineers.
  • Build and deployed various applications (JAR, WAR) in Jenkins.
  • Involved in identifying build errors in the system and identify the build issue and escalate it to the concerned team after careful analysis. Work and coordinate with them to get the fix in the release.
  • Worked with JIRA for issue tracking and monitoring.
  • Working closely with Build and Release Activities
  • Administration and configuration of BEA WebLogic Server 8.1.
  • Administered and monitored IBM MQSeries.
  • Performed Portal & desktop management, change management, user management and content
  • Management.
  • Installed and configured Apache webserver 2.0 in all the environments.
  • Involved in doing a performance benchmark of WebLogic server by using WebLogic admin command line properties in UNIX shell scripts.
  • Involved in working with developers to resolve bugs and performance issues.
  • Developed Startup, Shutdown scripts for WebLogic Application server.
  • Developed Crontab scripts for timely running jobs and provide server status.
  • Deployed the applications on WebLogic Clusters in various environments.
  • Removing/updating deployed applications within the application environment.
  • Configured and administered WebLogic server with Oracle9i database.
  • Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic Server instances and maintained Load balancing, high availability and Fail over for the servers.
  • Administered connection pools and data source for JDBC connections
  • Provided active support for Load/Stress Testing, troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Involved in problem determination using error logs.
  • Involved in designing infrastructure changes to meet changing needs of developers and end users.

Environment: SVN, Jenkins, AnthillPro, Jira, Maven.

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